Shrimp of shop that pours shrimp into shrimp "Shiba Soba Ichizan Shinjuku store"

Ebisumi (Ajiwai · Extra-thick noodle) ¥ 780
Noodles are fine noodles or thick noodles, bases can choose miso, shio, soy sauce.
In addition, the taste is divided into the feeling of saying as it is (shrimp only), moderately (shrimp + tonkotsu), ahiwai (shrimp + tonkotsu more).
If you eat a bite, the fragrance of the shrimp spreads throughout your mouth!
Some people like shrimps, others who do not. You will be surprised by the depth of its taste.

[Opening Hours] 11: 00 ~ 23: 00 (22: 45 L.O.)
【eating log】

Ranked in the eating log TOP 5000, the marvelous evaluation 3.6 over! ! "Okinomiya sea god" noodle boiling salamaramen

Oh, boiled salt salamaramen ¥ 800
The fresh fish that I purchase everyday is flavored with fire once and cooked carefully, and the taste of the fish is condensed in the oak.
Since the arriving fish is different every time, it is attractive that you can enjoy the taste of soup which changes every day.
Going to eat normally, as well as a drink filled with gentle stomach after drinking.
I have no choice but to eat this if I come to Shinjuku.

【Opening Hours】 [Monday - Saturday] 11: 00 ~ 15: 00, 16: 30 ~ 23: 30 [Sun] 11: 00 ~ 23: 00
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Shinjuku Nishiguchi old-fashioned ramen in memories yokocho is gentle taste. "Soy sauce ramen" of "Gifuya"

Ramen (average) ¥ 420
A considerable affordable price of a cup of ¥ 420.
This shop in Shinjuku West Exit Memory Yokocho where red lanterns are lit up here and there is plenty of atmosphere and it has an old-fashioned atmosphere long ago.
Very simple ramen called chicken roe-based soy sauce taste.
The nostalgic gentleness tastes spread all over the mouth a long time ago.
It is a nostalgic cup.

【Opening Hours】 [Monday - Thursday] 9: 00 ~ 1:00 [Fri · Sat] 9: 00 ~ 2:00 the next day
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It's like the title of a manga. Shinjuku's super popular ramen shop "Iso-no-Sky Shinjuku Store" hangpork soba

Hakure swine soba ¥ 800
The soup is fish pork bones, but the mouth feel is refreshing and it is very easy to eat.
Noodles are fine noodles.
Since loose pork adds an accent to the taste, you can not get tired of eating.
Soup, noodles and pork are exquisitely matched.

【Opening Hours】 11: 00 ~ 22: 30
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