On top of the wine color bright red carpet of the morning ♪ food

Imperial Hotel

First class hotel in Ginza 【Imperial Hotel
Let's have a wonderful morning time between 7: 00 - 9: 30.

From the main lobby elevator to the 17th floor with a buffet venue.
There is a red carpet.

Staff will come and listen to coffee and tea when you get back to the seats so do not go get it!

Chef making cooking through glass. What kind of dishes will you make ♪

Atmosphere of restaurant is stylish with red wine carpet, white dishware.

Japanese food

In the cold winter morning had a tofu.

In small bowls Japanese cuisine such as hijiki, omelette, omelette etc are arranged.

Among them, this winter nice cuisineSimmered tofu
Ponzu will have onion, onions and mushrooms.

Japanese food is the menu many vegetables, well-balanced in healthy morning of diet can take a place glad to women.

Japanese food of delicious hotel.
morning is OK to have rice and miso soup after all ♪

Western food

Bread scented with butter

Bread with plenty of butter and milk.
There is a smell of freshly baked bread.

And waffles, pancakes, French types, such as toast wealth.
It is fluffy with rice cake.

Because the size of one bread is small, I can eat many pieces ♪

Imperial Hotel boasts an omelet

This is popularOmeletteis. You can see where to make omelets.

You can choose what you like from inside the omelet, onion, cheese, mushroom, ham.
Saying selfishness, ♪ I put all kinds in the omelet of this picture ♪

A warm fluffy omelet. Medium is fluffy - fluffy.

Of first-class hotel morning rice adult 3,800 yen / child (4 to 12 years old) available at 2,300 yen.

The princess's branch starts from 10 o'clock.

The Lobby Lounge

Peninsula Tokyo'sThe lobby lounge
On a late holiday, brunch slowly at the hotel.

First of all, I ask the staff for bread.
Crisp croissant. As much as you like OK OK!

Main dish egg dishes are standardOmelette
If ordered as ordinary, it is plain, but you can have a spinach and cheese topping.

If you want to start a branch slowly from 10 o'clock on morning, The Lobby Lounge at Peninsula Tokyo is recommended ♪

Continuing from Morning, afternoon tea at The Lobby Lounge (The Lobby Lounge) is also good ♪