Usa is pretty, but she seems to be suffering from cute! ! !

Cute white rabbit chances will welcome you when opening the door of the shop!
I'm tension raising ♡

Certainly! Rabbit is also cute, but her loveliness also makes me get hurt (laugh) I think that people will become prime when animals are in front of you, so I think that you can relax even for the first time on the date.

Of course, you can eat also rice, after the distance between two people shrinked in rabbits with rice ♡

【閉店】うさぎカフェ おひさま
場所:東京都世田谷区北沢2-18-5 北沢ビル 2F

It came out also to Diasister! Let's go to a wonderful tree house cafe ♪

daytime such is the feeling and go between!
Menu is healthy ♡ Women like this healthy ♪ I'm plentiful of vegetables! Because cooking researcher Sekiguchi is making recipes, absolutely healthy ♪ It is good for the body!
* Random Healthy Deli Plate · · · 1230 yen

Hitting and changing at night , romantic atmosphere ♡
For those who decide on the first date, the night may be the recommended one!

Les Grand-Zalbul
場所:東京都港区南麻布5-15-11 フルール・ユニヴェセール 3階 、 屋上テラス
アクセス:日比谷線 広尾駅 1番出口1分出口右方面すぐに、三崎港(寿司店)の手前路地右折。正面の茶色い建物。ツリーハウスがシンボル。 広尾駅から93m
営業時間:[月〜土] 11:00〜15:30 ランチ 15:30〜18:00 ティタイム 18:00〜22:00 ディナー LO フード21:00 ドリンク21:30 [日] 11:00〜19:00 ランチ営業通し LO フード18:00 ドリンク18:30 ※祝日前の日曜日は月〜土と同じ営業 日曜営業

Doki Doki ♡ Time slip into the city of Edo! What?

Kawagoe of Saitama is like a sightseeing spot that reproduced the city of Edo.
There is no doubt that her tension will also rise with extraordinary feel like time slip!

There is a very attractive road called confectionery store Yokocho! It is one of Kawagoe's famous spots where 22 sweets shops and sweets shops are crowded. Somewhere, the tension goes up in a downtown atmosphere that feels nostalgic!
While two people remember childhood, it is good to buy sweets!

Confectioner's Alley

Kawagoe also has a famous temple called Kawasaki Daishi. Many of the buildings are designated as important cultural properties of the country, and many valuable art objects are kept.
Among them, "Five Hundred Han" is popular . As one of Japan's three largest, it is famous, and you can enjoy a total of 538 statues with a variety of facial expressions.
Also, the autumn leaves of Kita-in is a very beautiful season around mid-November to early December. I feel that the conversation will be felt while feeling the atmosphere of Edo ♪


I will use the bridge "Suspension Bridge Effect"! What? Grab her heart with a paraglider!

Spot "Sky Angel" which is cheap and easy to fly the sky in near Chiba from Tokyo!

Well, it's time to wait. I'm obsessed (laugh)

I flew! ! There is such a wonderful superb view eye! !
I think that two people will deepen together by flying together ♡

Sky Angel