"Egg kagome rice"

If you like eggs you can not eat "Cafe · Classe Daikanyama"

You can go from Daikanyama station to by walk in 1 minute,Cafe · Classe
TKG thingEgg KakugoIt is very delicious!

The inside of the shop is a table seat and a counter seat. There is a spacious terrace seat in the shop ~ ♪
stylish ~ Daikanyama stylish ! !

I asked forBran egg egg rice dish set(450 yen)
Brand eggs ... I already have plenty of luxury from the name.
Besides, the price is 500 yen not affordable! !

Fresh eggs have tension, and the taste is also really tasty!
I have never ate such a delicious egg-hung rice ...!
It is a must eat here.

Cafe · Classe Daikanyama
Location: Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 17-2 Daikanyama Address The Annex 101
Access: 91 m from Daikanyama station
営業時間:9:30〜21:00 ランチ営業、日曜営業

Yakiniku restaurant "Onoda shop" where you can eat the ultimate TKG "Supadamon"

It is near station which is by walk 1 minute from Nakameguro station.
But signboard is like this, so be careful not to get lost.

First of all TKG ... but not this place is a roast beef shop.
Let's eat yakiniku because it's no problem.
Recommended9 kinds of hormones(2 servings for 2 servings for 2 servings ~)

It is a type of shop that burns in the stove. The oil dripped and the fire became a little strong.

Have the best, the ultimate TKG ** spear ball(500 yen) is the emergence of.
Actually, this menu is
Almost all items are 1 item 500 yen **.
It is easy to understand, it is friendly to the wallet and it is very helpful!

Onoda Shoten
Place: Nomura, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 3-7-3 Nomura Building 1F
アクセス:東横線・日比谷線 中目黒駅 中目黒駅から66m
営業時間:18:00〜翌2:00 夜10時以降入店可、夜12時以降入店可、日曜営業

I seriously raised a ramen shop! "Wind arrival"

Shibuya station From Hachikobuchi by walk 6 minutes awayRamen style visit​ ​

Since it is an open store, you can see the process of making ramen at hand.

Famous storeMountain fireIt seems to be a ramen shop that draws the flow of.
Shioiramen(770 yen) andTamago kakugo(210 yen), firstly wait for TKG while eating ramen.
Yes, this time the main is TKG.
Small ramenEven women who can not eat like that are also safe ♪

Finally cameGrilled egg on rice
We say that half of visitors will order.
It is a miracle encounter with a barbecue.
It is too tasty.

Kaze at Shibuya branch
Place: 1-29-2 Matsushima, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Matsutake Square Building 1F
アクセス:JR各線 渋谷駅 徒歩6分 京王井の頭線 神泉駅 徒歩5分 渋谷駅を降り、文化村オーチャードホールの方向へ直進。文化村の左わきを入り、20mほど歩いた右手。 神泉駅から337m
営業時間:11:00〜23:00 ランチ営業、夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業

A delicious gourmet spot surrounding Ebisu is here ♡


Tsukiyaki specialty store in Tsukiji available for one coin "Tsukiji Tsukiji"

First of allTsukiji fish marketI am going to.
I left the Tsukiji station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and walked for 2-3 minutes, I arrived at the entrance of the Tsukiji area. The entrance is lively and the expectation rises.

Specialty store of egg yaki in Tsukiji fish marketTsukiji Tsukiji​ ​

At the shop front you can see the craftsmanship to bake three eggs at the same time through the glass! It is a must-see!

It is plump to understand even by just looking ....
It does not use chemical seasonings or umami seasoning at all, it is a simple egg yaki seasoned with soup stock taken from bonito, sugar, salt, etc.

Tamagoyaki with skewers stuck for eating while walking is sold here. that name as wellSkewer ballIt is 100 yen per bottle. The taste is "sweet" and "sweetness discreet". Daikonori is very good and it is delicious ♪

Tsukiji Tsukiji
Location: 4-10-10 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:都営大江戸線「築地市場駅」A1出口より、徒歩3分。東京メトロ日比谷線「築地駅徒歩」1番出口より、徒歩4分。 築地市場駅から289m
営業時間:[月〜日] 6:00〜15:30 日曜営業

I want to know more about Tsukiji!

"Egg prawn fried rice"

This usage is bad ...! "Delicious drinking tea wine bar"

Daikanyama station to by walk About 4 minutesDelicious drinking tea wine barIt is a shop called.
This is along the main street, but it is somewhat difficult to understand, so be careful.

The inside of the store drifts with a sense of fashion and luxury in a calm atmosphere.
Perhaps it feels high in the night (laugh)
Let's get at lunch!

The set of lunch is roughly 1,000 yen.
It is quite profitable accompanied by dumpling, sausage and meat.
Well, the main is ....

This is disgusting ...! ! How to use this egg is bad ...! !
It is decided to be delicious.
Yes, the main dishEgg soup shrimp fried riceis!
The feeling that melts in fluffyness does not accumulate.
This is the strongest cost performance for 1000 yen in all.

Delicious dim sum teahouse from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
Delicious drinking tea wine bar
Place: 11-6, Sanrakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Sanrose Daikanyama 2F
Access: 185 m from Daikanyama station
営業時間:[月〜金] 11:30〜14:30(LO) 17:00〜21:30(LO) [土・日・祝] 11:30〜21:30(LO) ランチ営業、日曜営業

Let's go to Yokohama when you want to eat Chinese food !

" parents and children bowl"

"OHANA" where you can eat the strongest fluffy eggs

Next is in the place about 10 minutes on by walk from Honkawagoe station in Saitama prefectureOhana​ ​
If you like eggs at egg dishes special shop here, you can enjoy exquisite parents and children rice bowls that will faint you.
It seems to be introduce on television and it is quite popular .

Right now, this is popularOkami parents and children DonIt is (1200 yen).
A visual that is not ashamed of the name Supreme. It is not a fuss about the fluffy place.

It is rich with chicken in it.
Since business hours are from daytime to evening sense of rare increases and I want to go further.
Let's talk to a friend in the face.

小江戸 オハナ
Place: Nakacho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 2-2
Access: 814 m from Motokawagoe station

Let's capture the Saitama date!