I want to eat once! Science extraordinary peak of the University "Tokyo Institute of Technology Ookayama Campus"

First of allTokyo Institute of TechnologyA school meal.
Science extraordinary school cafeteria of the university, which is said to peak, you will care.
It is a good access as a 1-minute by walk from Ookayama station Meguro Line!

This is the main building which is the main school building of Tokyo Institute of Technology.
It is a massive schedule that gives a strong sense of depth ...!

I came to cooperative second student cafeteria.
Your daytime at the time of still a lot of student it will crowded with.
There are also men's student sometimes referred to as science!

I thought that the atmosphere of the homely school cafeteria who was blessed with a blessing did not change anywhere.

It is a meat udon!
Volume is solid, I am glad that the meat was more plenty than I thought!

Trot salmon bowl!
If you crack and eat half-egg egg on the top, you can enjoy a new taste again!
This is truly cost performance is wonderful!

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Place: Ookaka 2-chome 12-1 Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Access: Ookayama station From [front opening]by walk About 3 minutes

"Rikkyo University Ikebukuro Campus" with a popular dining hall with stylish brick building

Rikkyo UniversityAccess to Tokyo Metro C1 exit 3 minutes on by walk .
Enter from the main gate and go straight,First dining roomthere is.

It looks like a stylish building of bricks came to a foreign country.

There is also a bench on the outdoor terrace with lawn.

The menu of the school meal is very advantageous with roughly one coin!

RecommendedChef's recommendedIt is (500 yen).
It's a weekly menu so it's always fun!

Besides that, there are also some nice cutlets for men!
Everything is freshly made and delicious so it's reasonable as it is about one coin!

Rikkyo University's 1st dining room
Place: 3-34-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Rikkyo University
Access: 539 m from Kanamemachi station
営業時間:8:30〜17:30 ランチ営業

This is Japan's extraordinary peak of the cafeteria, "University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus"

I had something near the University of Tokyo and I thought that "I'm hungry ~ I have a good 飯 屋 like TOKYO Todai Something!", "I ate the school meal at the University of Tokyo I want to try! "I decided to infiltrate the University of Tokyo's Hongo campus. But here was the Yayoi campus next door campus. Let's be careful not to get lost (laugh)

The building on campus is European feeling and there is atmosphere. I feel something in history ~. I went on Saturday evening , but I can see many people who are seen as student .

Building that I have seen on TV somehow! And a little excited.
Below this is a school meal ~!
The type of school menu was very rich. Everything looks delicious! The number of seats is also large!

Here's what I chose after suffering from trouble! Set meals whose menus change every week. This week was a chicken cracker basil sauce. This is 500 yen! cost performance , and my meal is full and my stomach is full!
Let's taste delicious school meals & campus atmosphere ♪

"Waseda University Nishi-Waseda Campus" where you can eat the strongest rice in cost performance

The nearest station of the science and engineering campus is Nishi Waseda station of Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line. It is easy because it is directly connected, but it is known as walking from Takadanobaba stationBaba WalkingThere are many student going on.
I will go from the road between BIGBOX and Don Quixote!

I enter from the gate! Do not worry about anything, so please come in!

There is a robot that pulls the piano in the 63rd building. It is necessary check.

Located on the 1st floor of Building 56Science and engineering cafeteriaI came.
Recommend thisOkuma curry​ ​
What a disastrous 190 yen ...! !
It will be full of stomach.

And another, Waseda science and engineering student love itPork ball on rice​ ​
The price is 380 yen. Volume of about 1000 kcal ....
Indeed male student It is often Polytechnic campus ....
cost performance is wonderful, I'd like to ask other menus too!

For winter exclusiveHoto-style noodlesThere was also (370 yen).
I think that I will do it in advance, but it is kindness of the university side that I want to offer it cheaply! !

Waseda University Waseda Campus
Location: 1-6-1 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access: Approximately 6 minutes on by walk from Waseda (Tokyo Metro)station[3b]