How, the number of visitors Japan third place! ! ! "Nagoya Port Aquarium" is perfect for dating ♡

Subway Meiko line Nagoya Minato station from the by walk is 5 minutes!
Adult / high school student charge is 2000 yen.

As soon as entering from the entrance, orca and dolphins welcome you! There is an event where white dolphins train, you can see nearby!

There are three dolphin shows a day.
As the seats are free seats, you can see it in good seats as soon as you go hurry!
Dolphins will show off a lot of techniques. Especially big jump is impressive.
You can see the swimming in the aquarium from the aquarium as well.

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium
Place: Minato-cho 1 - 3, Minato - ku, Nagoya - shi, Aichi
Access: About 7 minutes on by walk from Nagoya Port station [3]
Business hours: April 1 - July 20, 2016, September 1 - November 30/9: 30 - 17: 30, April 29 - May 8 - July 21 - August 31/9: 30-20: 00, July 18/9: 30-21: 00, December 1 - March 17/9: 30-17: 00, March 18 - March 31 Date / 9: 30 ~ 17: 30 (Admission is one hour before closing) * Opening hours may be changed

Nagoya 's boasting name zoo "Nagoya - shi Higashiyama Animal and Botanical Garden" is the second largest number of visitors in Japan! ! !

From Higashiyama Park station it is right in front of you! It's big and stands out soon!

While looking at a lot of animals healed animals will meet you ♡, relaxing It is good to To spend two people!

The opening plaza is open from 9 am to 4 pm. Here you can touch goats and guinea pigs. Feeding can be done with 50 yen! Let's heal cute animals ♪

Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical G
【business hours】
9 am - 4: 50 pm
3 minutes on by walk from Higashiyama line "Higashiyama Park" station exit 3 subway exit 3
7-minute by walk from Exit 6 on the Higashiyama Line "Hoshigaoka" Subway station
【entrance fee】
500 yen

Actually, there is "the world's largest planetarium"! "Nagoya City Science Museum"

came! The sphere in the center of the picture is the world's largest planetarium. I am going to raise the tension from now ♪

It is a planetarium where you can see the starry sky as close to real as possible! The chair also has reclining, and you can look at the starry sky while lying down, romantic atmosphere ♡

What a spot that reproduced the tornado! Children can experience in tornado! It looks like it was summoned as if it were ♪

Nagoya City Science Museum
Location: Sakae 2 - chome, Naka - ku Nagoya - shi, Aichi Prefecture 17-1 Shirakawa Park
Access: About 6 minutes on by walk from Fushimi (Aichi) station [5]
Hours: ## Hours] 9:30 am to 5:00 pm 9 (. ※ admission will be until 4:30 pm) * planetarium night between the projection and the like is not limited to this. (However, the release of the ticket will be finished at 4:30 pm.) 【Closed Monday】 Monday ※ If it is a public holiday, we will open and we will close the weekdays immediately after. 3rd Friday * If it is a public holiday, we will open and we will close the 4th Friday. New Year's Holiday (December 29th to January 3rd) Other temporary opening and closing days are available. 【About temporary closing due to strong winds】 As of 7:30 am, when any one of "storm (snow) special warning" and "storm (snow) warning" is announced in Nagoya city, it is closed all day I will. * You can not go directly to the restaurant / museum shop etc from inside the building. Please go out and get out from the entrance hall of the first floor of the science and engineering building. If you are going to re-enter, please present a ticket and enter the science hall.

Fujikyu's amusement park! Outlet is also installed "Nagashima Spurland"

"Shoot · the · shoot" is perfect for summer because it gives a splashful splash of water. The specialty is "Steel Dragon 2000"! ! The height and height of the head are Japan 1, the total length is one in the world!

The view from the Ferris wheel is the extraordinary ! The scenery of dusk was exceptional ♡ It was lit up very beautifully. I will make one lap for about 15 minutes!

Nagashima Spurland
Place: Mie Prefecture Kuwana City Nagashima Town Urayasu 333
アクセス:桑名駅前から約25分バスに乗り長島温泉下車後徒歩約3分 名鉄バスセンターから約55分バスに乗り長島温泉下車後徒歩約5分
Opening Hours: 10: 00 ~ 17: 00 * Changes may be made depending on the day of the week, season, weather etc.