Departure for Aomori ♪

Located at the northernmost tip of JapanAomori Prefecture
Let's make lots of fun memories in a place where you can feel a lot of nature!







Choose your favorite seafood and make only one bowl in the world!

Aomori fish center

It is located 5 minutes on by walk from JR Aomori stationAomori fish center
Here you can make only one bowl in the world.

I will purchase meal tickets, and bowl of rice first! I will purchase your favorite ingredients in your favorite amount at a shop with a dark blue flag ♪
To make it easier to understand prices, rest assured that there are many shops that arrange them in small amounts for donburi at each shop!

Only one bowl is completed in my own world with my favorite ingredients!
When I come to Aomori, I have to come here ♪

Transparent beauty! Cape of the northernmost tip of Japan!


I arrived at Futabaura which is the destination of this time for one hour by high speed ship from Wakinosawa ferry platform. Even if the ocean and rocky skin are beautiful all the time, I do not get tired.

Volcanic ash made from volcanic activity about 20 million years ago accumulated to form a thick tuff layer. It is thought that the original form of Buddha river was also formed at this time.

The ocean has a beautiful scenery of the emerald color.

Transparent beauty! Cape of the northernmost tip of Japan!


This is the cape at the northernmost tip of Japan 【Honmazaki

It is also a famous spot for tuna fishing. The statue of tuna has power.

Clear ocean is very beautiful. It is very cold in winter, so it is recommended to go sightseeing during spring to summer ♪