Below 3000 yen! What?

【Kanagawa Prefecture】 Fly board want to definitely go to summer

Zushi Marina leaves the west entrance from Kamakura station and takes a bus and it is convenient 10 minutes on by walk and access.
Because it is a marine resort, you can taste the atmosphere as if you are in a foreign country with a sense of quality.

One person 2950 ~ yen and cheap for reservation from Asobu!
summer is a very popular sport, so it is recommended to book early from 10 days in advance.

After accepting the reception, it is changing the clothes and wearing shoes!
It is quite pounding at this point.

At the beginning I was pulled up by a ship on my back and the person in charge was turned to the left and right! I will issue instructions.
Three points to fly!
① Legs are parallel!
② The knees will not bend!
③ The line of sight is far away!
beginners are safe because the instructor will lecture firmly.

One, I finally flew! ! ! ! !
Fly while balancing by hand! The clerk raises the buunbi. (Lol)

But when you bend your knees ,,,,,,,,! ! ! ! !

I am not afraid of falling if I get used to it. (Lol)

Do not hesitate to have a pleasure when you can fly! !
In terms of difficulty, five flights with 10 flights are successful. Friends failed 80%. Lol
Although it is a sports that is not suitable for direction, it is a recommended spot that can be easily tasted even by beginners !

Zushi Marina Main building
【Time required】
Approximately one hour from the gathering to the dissolution (1 flight 15 minutes (coaching included)) ※ Please gather at least 30 minutes before the application time.
2,950 yen

Below 10,000 yen! What?

【Chiba Prefecture】 Motor paraglider can easily fly

Next, I will introduce "motor paraglider".
If you ask paraglider, it may seem that there are some people who have a dangerous image at the first glance that is influenced by the wind, but the "Motor Paraglider" to introduce this time flies with the motor on the back carrying a safer and more stable flight I can enjoy it ♡

You can experience "Sky Angel" in Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture!
There is a reception near the Tateyama-kisarazu south inter for about an hour by car from the metropolitan area.

If it fly, since a sunny day is ideal, the weather forecast is a necessity check!

Jump off with the instructor!
There is no particular possession, you can enjoy it with ease by designating only sneakers.
In the sky photography is also free, so it is recommended to bring strings etc. on the neck so as not to drop off the smartphone etc! ! !

In the sky, the instructor will let me maneuver for a while!
The ocean and mountains overlooking from the sky are beautiful and you can experience your most extraordinary experiences.

Sky Angel
【business hours】
It is approximately 7.5km from Tateyama Expressway Kisarazu south exit.
Go from R16 to R157 and turn "Sakura Clinic" to the right.
It is 200 meters from the first right turning point and it is on the right side.
1 day Experience course ¥ 10,000 (HP discount ¥ 8,000) + insurance fee ¥ 500
Class 1 course ¥ 50,000

【Yamanashi Prefecture】 Hover board decided coolly

It is a hover board of "Hakutaka marine" in Yamanakako, one of Fuji Goko in Yamanashi Prefecture.
About 2 hours by bus from the city center. From the bus stop by walk 1 minute and the access is also convenient!

I can enjoy various kinds of water play such as banana boat, marine jet and rental board on wake board.
Of course it is OK even for beginners and groups. This is also a spot I absolutely want to visit in the summer .

New product hover board (HOVERBOARD) of ZAPATA RACING which is sent to the world from 2014 is finally landed in Japan.

A valuable experience that can only be experienced in several places in Japan yet! !
Reservation is mandatory. recommended for people who want to fly coolly coolly ♡

Hakutaka Marine
【Street address】
Yamanakako village Yamanaka 865-108 Yamanakako-gun, Minamitsuri district, Yamanashi-ken 401 0501
【Price List + Booking】
Prices are different for beginners and experienced people.
It depends on the type of board.
【Average budget】
5000 yen ~ 10000 yen
【phone number】