Shibuya Power Cafe


Shibuya Line Shibuya station 13 Exit by walk1 minute, by walk from JR Shibuya station4 minutesIt is about. It looks like an overseas cafe!

In the store various people such as meetings, workers, chatting people! The power supply of the outlet seat is also substantial, and space where it is easy for one person to enter!

Here's the cafe latteLatte artAlso cute! recommended when you want to change the atmosphere occasionally because it is stylish like an overseas cafe in appearance and inside!

Shibuya Line Shibuya station 13 Exit by walk 1 min.
400 m from Shibuya station
[business hours]
Weekdays 11: 30 ~ 25: 00 (L.O24: 00)
Friday / Saturday / Public holiday 11: 30 ~ 29: 00 (L.O 28: 00)
Sunday 11: 30 - 25: 00 (L.O24: 00)
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2.Shibuya City Lounge

The location is good 3 minutes on by walk from Shibuya station Hachiko Exit! And despite being inside LOFT, even in crowded time zonesNo waitI'll put it in! I do not think it is in LOFT very much!

It has a high ceiling, a little library, and further, at the counter seat by the windowPower supply is complete! As there are many people working, it is recommended that you do not mind the human eye!

Omuraise and anchovy potato are recommended ! Saltiness of anchovy potatoes
Unbearable! It's a cafe that makes me want to get through!

3 minutes on by walk from Shibuya station
424 m from Shibuya station
[business hours]
[eating log] cafe & dining muse

It is a favorite hot spot cafe in Shibuya station Hachiko mouth about 7 minutes on by walk ! Even if it says anything here, not only the power cafe but also the stylish cafe!

The swinging seat in the back is big enough for two people to sit. You can also use it on a date, or you'll love a banner with your best friend. It is good to be idle alone, work well. When I went there in the evening on weekdays I was able to sit down on the swing floor smoothly because I was free!

Also a small part such as a coasterstylish! It seems that designers are drawn by any, space where you can feel art!

The food I care is also very delicious! With plenty of lunch set, it comes with soup and wine besides the main dish!Good value&stylishA power cafe!

From Shibuya station (Hachiko mouth), go through the Shibuya center street toward Tokyu Hands, then turn right at the left side of Lawson 's slope. It will be on the second floor of the white tiling building on the right side that climbed.
[business hours]
12: 00 ~ 24: 00 (Food LO 23: 00 / Drink LO 23: 30)
[Cafe Time]
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A characteristic gorilla coffee logo is used for the exterior! Because stylish gorilla coffee goods are also placed in the store, it is worth a visit!

Inside the shop there is a large space with 1st and 2nd floor, large desk is in the center and counter seat is built along the wall. Counter seatsEach seat has its own power supplyIt is so convenient as it is being done! The central desk also has a power supply in the middle, the point that it is a red and logo motif! Premonition likely to be used as a coffee shop of Nomad worker ...!

We ordered gorilla coffee and specialty bread & sausage with homemade tomato sauce, sour craft, fried onion and topped the volume full of "gorilla dogs" two. Coffee can be imagined from the name, but sleepiness also blows off because it is a bitter taste with a punchy effect and a bit of bitterness!

7 minutes on by walk from Shibuya station
503 m from Shibuya station
[business hours]
[Monday - Friday] 7: 30 ~ 22: 00
[Sat] 9: 30 ~ 22: 00
[Sundays and public holidays] 10: 00 ~ 22: 00
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5. BLENZ coffee

Omotesando station surrounding in, night If you are looking for a cafe of crushing a little time at around 22, found a good place! One minute on by walk from Omotesando station B2.

The recommended point here is stylish and stylish in the shop, night is a place where there are no people and very quiet. Very much to study and work recommended! night The point is high even when it is open until late!

There are abundant kinds of coffee. Caffe latte380 yen! student is a nice price! Soft drinks of fashionable bottles too. There are about 10 sets of night in the shop. Although it is large, it is really quiet, I am surprised and very surprised. There is a cafe in Omotesando, but here is hot spot. Repeat decision! The sofa is also fluffy and very cozy!

296 m from Omotesando station
[business hours]
[Monday - Saturday and Public Holiday]
[Sun · Holiday]
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6. Rakuten Cafe

by walk from Shibuya station5 minutes, Rakuten cafe recently opened near the Apple store. Rakuten MarketCarefully selecteddessert to alcohol, you can enjoy Rakuten unique gourmet! "Rakuten Cafe" just opened in May 2014. The inside of the wood-like shop is a bright and refreshing impression.

The checkout counter of the showcase, nationwide popular your obtaining goods dessert is Zurari! I'm lost for what to choose!

I once wanted to try "Madame Brulee" choice. The crispy caramel part and moist Baumkuchen matched, I spent a blissful time for a while! Do not bother to place ordersIn Stock Now GourmetIt is only here that you can spend relaxing time while charging, eating!

452 m from Shibuya station
[business hours]
10: 00 ~ 23: 00 (LO 22: 00)
[eating log]

Shinjuku Power Cafe

1. Cafe to know

It is located 10 minutes on by walk from Takadanobaba station . The 3rd floor of the building! A lot of companies are written at the entrance.

Trying to enter ... There really is only student . It is completed by mail member registration. Free WIFI · Because the power can be used, it is a student 's side!freeSo the equipment so far is really appreciated!

Why! As I heard from rumors, I brought a menu called "How about a drink?" Nearby student had eaten convenience box lunches and free space was spread there.

This orange juice. What a "free"! The clerk was kind and I got a message (tears) my mind was healed, and I got the extraordinary . Those who want to work while drinking delicious drinks please!

2. Cafe du Riche

The appearance is based on black, making it possible to taste the warmth of the tree. I did not understand the menu and price unless it entered the store! I entered by saying that free Wi - Fi can be used!

Describe the menu on the counter! Drip coffee is prepared from 300 yen range, not impression that is not high at all!

There are cute ornaments everywhere. Although it is spacious,Most seatsThere is an outlet on! I do not have to contend for seats!

I asked for "milk shaved ice" (650 yen + tax)! most talkedMilk shaved iceThere are Kinako, Anoko, Fresh Cream, Nuts on the top! The fluffy shaved ice melts quickly when it hits the tongue but there is no indication that it will dissolve in one direction even if it is left for some reason to some extent! For a bit salty flour, sweetness Modest ungusted nuts and nuts are compatible with milk shaved ice

[Street address]
1 - chome Okubo 17 - 10, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072
[business hours]
11 o'clock to 23 o'clock (last order 22: 30)

3.10 ° cafe

The first floor is for one person only. Very quiet, ideal for study, work, reading.

10 ℃ popular point of cafe ☆
Delicious rice and drinks · Free Wi-Fi · Power supply · Magazines are also readily available! What a wonderful cafe!

I ordered a taco rice (850 yen) for rice ~! It is more delicious with Boryumi than I imagined! I will do my best in the future! I'm feeling enthusiastic!

3 minutes on by walk from Takadanobaba station Waseda mouth ticket gate
292 m from Takadanobaba station
[business hours]
Lunch business, night after ten o'clock visiting Allowed
[Closed holiday]
On the second Sunday
[eating log]

4. Caffice

I came to the new four curumu directly connected from the E6 exit of Shinjuku 3 chome station . The café "caffice" which was opened newly in October is located on the second floor of this building.

The shop here is operated by NHN PlayArt.

The interior is very spacious. There were various people gathered, such as those dating at a couple, those who are working, reading, meeting, and others. There are bookshelves in the back and about 350 volumes are placed. The book director is Kazuhiro Yamaji (Kazuhiro Yamaji). There are many books of design system.

The seats are powered, not only at the table but also on the sofa like this! Also, because the free wifi and wired LAN are flying inside the store,comfortableYou can.

Printer serviceYou can also use! Even if it is used for business purpose, it is not troubled!

I got a drip coffee. Since caffice drips ground beans one cup at a time, you can have delicious coffee. It is not easy to have such a versatile cafe!

3 minutes on by walk from Shinjuku station South Exit
3 minutes on by walk from Shinjuku Sanchome station
6 minutes on by walk from Yoyogi station
8 minutes on by walk from Shinjuku Gyoen station
288 m from Shinjuku Sanchome station
[business hours]
11: 00 ~ 23: 00 (LO 22: 00)
[eating log]
We compiled a versatile and student friendly cafe! Please reference to it!