But it is suddenly…Why do not we go to Atami?
The resort of Shizuoka prefecture, Atami is a 50-minute train ride from the city center,
2 hours by car and good access!

However, there seems to be many people who think that the charm of Atami is only sea and hot springs ....
Such a waste!

So we gathered a lot of charm of Atami!
Why do not you search a lot of Atami you do not know?

After the ranking, we also introduce a model course that can roughly spot the introduce spot!
Please see to the end by all means.

Are you ready for sunburn?

# 1 in Atami Sun Beach

night is recommended Atami's famous beach, Atami Sun Beach!

Speaking of AtamiOceanIt is famous!
Of course, summer is crowded as a beach.
It is also good to drive along the beach.

You can reach Atami Sun Beach in about 10 minutes by bus (A31 / A35 / A37 series) bound for Momijigaoka / Hibarigaoka.

Also going home playing with half a day recommended, but is, Atami Sun Beach is true summer not only when you are out of the sunnight beachI recommended it!
The ocean in the night has a charm different from usual and it is wonderful .

In addition, if it is staying Sun Beach is in front of youHotel Micurasrecommended ♪
It is the fashionable hotel in Atami.

You can see the beach from the room lighted up!

Sunshine Beach at Atami
Place: Shizuoka Prefecture Atami-shi east coast town
Access: Approximately 9 minutes on by walk from Atami station [exit]

No. 2 Hatsushima

Island closest to the metropolitan area, Hatsushima is a wonderful island full of nature ♪

It is said that it is the closest remote island from the metropolitan area which can be reached by ferry from Atami in about 20 minutesHashimaWhat.

Hatsushima, where the sea is very beautiful, is a small island, so you can walk around in an hour even if you walk slowly.
A remote island where you can play in half a day from Tokyo!

There are plenty of greens as well as beautiful seas.
If you go on a sunny day, you will be comfortable!

If you are seeking healing, Hatsushima recommended !
It is good to wait for the time to pass slowly while looking at such a beautiful scenery ♪

By the way, you can stay here, so why not spend a day here?
For more informationHatsushima's feature collectionYaHatsushima day trip / 1 night 2 day planreference to it.

Location: Hatsushima Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture

No. 3 Atami castle

There is no loss if you go to Atami castle with overwhelming presence.

Speaking of Atami castleAtami castle

The Atami castle looking up from the bottom is a masterpiece.
Atami castle is an entry ceremony until 17:00, so when you go, we recommended you to worry about time!

Atami station from the front of the bus terminal we are go Ease The ride to the bus ♪

The view of the 360 ​​degree panorama from the ground 43 meters, 160 meters above sea level is the best at Atami!

Of course, overlooking the city of Atami, Yugawara, Shinsuru Peninsula, On the clear day I can see Hatsushima and Oshima floating on a clear day, before that I can see the Izu Peninsula in the direction of the Netherlands and Ito.

Also, depending on the time of visit you may be able to see a sight that can not be seen in the city?

Atami castle
Place: Soga mountain, Atami city Shizuoka prefecture 1993
Access: Approximately 26 minutes on by walk from Komiya station [exit]
Opening hours: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (※ admission is ~ 16: 30)