Dinner from Illumi is iron plate ♡

illumination together, leave a good atmosphere, next time eat delicious rice together ♡

illumination It is an iron plate of a date!
Christmas soon. Why do not you invite someone you care about?

East Side Square

Light staircase is attractive ♡ Illumispot which can walk from Shinjuku!

illumination in East Side Square looks something like this

The nearest station is is Higashi Shinjuku station does not take much time to walk from.

Actually, there are few people here ♪ I'm a hot spot spot ♪

The best recommended is the stairway of light spreading towards the back of the pond!

It is pretty shining and beautiful than I see it in the picture (^ ^)

It is as impressive as an atmosphere that comes out in a drama!

Shinjuku East Side Square
Location: 6-30 27 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access: Higashi Shinjuku connected to the station

1. 物語から飛び出したような空間♡「絵本の国のアリス」 / 東口

Walk from East Side Square toward Shinjuku station and arrive at by walk in about 7 minutes.

A big picture book welcomes you as you pass through the entrance. The inside of the store is Alice's world view itself, and the tension also rises.

Dishes arranged French · Italian with theme "Delicious and cute" theme.

The cuisine is given a name and serve after Alice's character, so you can enjoy the taste as well as the appearance!

popular shop, you can enter the shop smoothly if you make a reservation in advance!

Reviews of users who actually went to Alice in the Picture Book

Alice world just inside the shop! ! There are various seats such as table seat at single room and semi single room so you can choose your seat according to your purpose ☆ It is necessary to reserve a seat.

Also pay attention to the cute arrangement that expresses Alice's view of the world! ! Healthy food with plenty of vegetables is also happy for girls (^ ○ ^) ♡

Alice from the picture book country is from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
Alice in the picture book country
Location: 1-6-2 Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo T-wing building B2
アクセス:新宿駅東口より徒歩3分/西武新宿駅より徒歩4分 新宿三丁目駅から312m
営業時間:【月〜金】 ディナー 17:00〜24:00(LO 23:00) 【土・日・祝】 ディナー 16:00〜24:00(LO 23:00) ※朝8時〜15時は03-4588-4202で予約受付 ※年末年始の営業時間・営業日は変更する可能性がございます。 夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業

Shinjuku Southern Terrace

Speaking of Shinjuku ... a standard Ilumi spot!

Speaking of the illumination Shinjuku is Southern Terrace!

All the shops that introduce are all shops within 5 minutes on by walk from the station .

Because there is a fear of crowding in the coming season,
When visiting, it may be safe to make a reservation in advance.

2. Enjoy seafood with your hands! "Dancing crab" / South Exit

You can arrive from Southern Terrace in about 5 minutes.

This shop is a popular seafood restaurant originating in Singapore famous for its style of eating dishes without hands and knives.

** Near Christmas it may be crowded, so it is necessary reservation.

Also, some of the crab's clothing covered in your head will be lent if you ask the clerk! It might be fun to take a picture with you lending!

This is a standard menu combo pack (6500 yen for 2 servings).

The contents of the combo pack are
· Snow snow crab (400 g)
· Shrimp (150 g)
· Mussels (200 g)
· potato
· corn
· Carrots
· sausage

It is a trick that deliciously gets split up!
The shop was also listed in the magazine "ViVi" of the December 2015 issue!

Reviews of users who actually went to dancing crab

Spread a large sheet on the table, and only the apron, wipe, and crab scissors. Of course, there are no forks or knives!

As the name suggests, dance shows will begin. Customers were excited to see all the clerks danced in a hurry. Make a high touch and have lots of fun!

Dancing Club Tokyo (DANCING CRAB)
Location: Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 3-37-12 Shinjuku NOWA Building 2F
Access: 1 minute by walk JR "Shinjuku station " East and South entrance, 5 minutes on by walk Shinjuku station on Keio Line, Odakyu Line, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Line, 93 meters from Shinjuku station
Hours: Lunch time 11: 30-15: 30 (L.O15: 00) dinner 17: 00-23: 30 (L.O22: 30) Lunch business, night after 10:00 visiting Allowed, business Sunday

3. Izakaya where you can fish in the middle of the city, “Fishing Funaya Zao Shinjuku” / South Exit

JR Shinjuku station From South Exit by walk 8 minutes.

It is a shop where you can eat fish you caught.

Foreign sightseeing is also on the customer popular because there is,I recommend you make a reservation.
(If you catch big things lightly you will get 20,000 yen, so be careful!)

This time, the fish caught
* Sea bream (sashimi, grilled salt) Price: usually 3,456 yen → fishing 2,570 yen
* Flounder (sashimi, fried) price: usually 4,104 yen → fishing 3,218 yen
* Add abalone!
I am happy to be able to eat reasonably more than normal rates when fishing.
Let 's get big tits with two people together!

Reviews of people who actually went to Fishing Boat Chaya Zao Shinjuku

GET big Ise shrimp! If you catch big things, it seems that you will get 20,000 yen. Careful!

Fishing boat teahouse zuo Shinjuku branch
Location: 3-2-9 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku Washington Hotel 1F
アクセス:JR新宿駅南口出口から 徒歩8分ホテル裏口にコミュニティバスの停留所JR新宿駅往復出てます 都庁前駅から410m
営業時間:[月〜金] 11:30〜14:30(L.O.14:00) 17:00〜23:00(L.O.22:00) [土・日・祝] 11:30〜23:00(L.O.22:00) ランチ営業、日曜営業

4. A shop where you can enjoy yakiton instead of yakitori ♪ Torimo / South Exit

From Shinjuku South Exit by walk 5 minutes.

"Bamboo" of a long-established store that was newly relocated a few years ago.
At the moment the third generation is protecting the yakitori.

It is not a grilled chicken but a shop (pig) shop.

Meat sashimi assortment is an irresistible essential menu for raw meat rubber!

Pig lever, sachet, pet, brain etc, no smells at all, fresh itself. As it is at the beginning, at the end you will enjoy a change by squeezing out a little lemon.

"Shiro" is surely impressed by its taste!

It is crispy around and you can not taste the shilp that is tightly resilient elsewhere!

Reviews of people who actually went to Toshio

Taste log rating is 3.98 at a famous Michelin selected store! Pretty popular We recommend that you make a reservation because it is a store.

Torimo (Takashi)
Location: 2-6-5 Yoyogi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: JR Shinjuku station South Exit, 2 minutes on by walk
Opening hours: Mon-Sat]: 17: 00 ~ next 1:00 night after 10:00 visiting Allowed, night after 12:00 visiting Allowed

5. 都会の賑やかさを忘れさせてくれる大人の和空間「新和食ダイニング 隠れ房 新宿店」 / 東口

It is a perfect place for those who want to eat Japanese food and relax.

Sofas like diggers and Kamakura, and Japanese menu are enriched.

A perfect store for those who want to spend relaxing alone!

Fluffy bird cuisine is also delicious.

Actually new Japanese food Traveler Reviews of Dining Hidaribo Shinjuku

The store was large and very crowded on Friday, but I was able to pass in a few minutes. Other single room Is quite recommended And round table and kamakura single room Enter up to 50 people for banquets night view Can see single room There is even! ! !

Hidden bunch Shinjuku store from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
Hidden bunk Shinjuku store
Location: 3 - 15 - 11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Ad Hoc Shinjuku Building 7 F
Access: 206 m from Shinjuku Sanchome station
営業時間:ランチ 11:30 ~ 15:00 ディナー 月~土 17:00 ~ 23:30 ディナー 日・祝 17:00 ~ 23:00 ※朝8時~15時は03-4577-9742で予約受付 ※年末年始の営業時間・営業日に関しましては変更する可能性がございます。詳細はスタッフまでお問い合わせ下さい。 ランチ営業、夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業
eating log

6. An adult retreat where you can enjoy a meal while watching the aquarium. "LIME Shinjuku Aquarium Dining (Lime)"

It is a shop in a single room with an aquarium located 3 minutes on by walk from the east exit of Shinjuku.

The aquarium is directing a mysterious atmosphere!

This is Thai cuisine, Guyan (chicken).

When you eat with vegetables, the sauce is tangled and it is delicious!

The last is Nasi Goreng. You can choose whether the egg is half-baked or fried egg.

I have quite a lot of it, but I will eat it without getting tired!

Let's have a wonderful time at a single room dinner with an aquarium ♡

Traveler Reviews of LIME Shinjuku Aquarium Dining (Lime)

This seats are just in front of aquarium! ! You can enjoy cooking while watching fish ♡ This seats are also recommended for couples as it is a comfortable sofa by two people!

There is a fashionable aquarium single room At dinner wonderful Have a good time ♡ The distance should be reduced!

Aquarium dining Shinjuku Lime from the bottom of the red buttonReservationI can do it.
Aquarium Dining Shinjuku Lime
Location: Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 3-36-10 Miraza Shinjuku 3F
アクセス:JR 新宿駅 東口 徒歩1分京王線 新宿駅 徒歩3分小田急小田原線 新宿駅 徒歩5分地下鉄副都心線 新宿三丁目駅 徒歩1分地下鉄丸ノ内線 新宿三丁目駅 徒歩1分地下鉄丸ノ内線 新宿駅 徒歩5分都営新宿線 新宿駅 徒歩3分都営大江戸線 新宿駅 徒歩3分都営大江戸線 新宿西口駅 徒歩5分西武新宿線 西武新宿駅 徒歩5分 新宿駅から138m 都営バス「新宿駅東口下車」(徒歩約3分)
Opening hours: [Mon-Fri, the day before the holidays] 17:30 to the following 04:00 (L.O: 3: 00) [Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays] 17:00 to the following 04:00 (L.O: 3: 00) adults large women popular Asian- ethnic enjoy a delicious fun girl society in the dining bar restaurant ♪ colorful tropical tropical fish and elegant store relaxing on the sofa seat. Birthday anniversary in !! message containing hole cake 1,620 yen ~ ♪ deals Anniversary course also available !! night after 10 o'clock visiting Allowed, night after 12:00 visiting Allowed, open until the first train, operating Sunday
Hot Pepper Gourmet
Recent vacancy information (OZmall)
There are seats available today
Recent vacancy information (OZmall)
There are seats available today

7. near station A hideaway space where you can't think of a slow time. "KICHIRI M Office Lady LIS (Kichiri Morris) "

It is located on the 6th floor of Nakamuraya Building.

M Office Lady LIS has a meaning of Latin friendly and soft.

You can rent out with groups or make a reservationsingle roomYou can also use.

Bagna cauda <about 2 servings> 990 yen

Special chef boasted boasted roast beef 890 yen

Every dish looks delicious! Reasonable for the quality of cooking!
On the way back down to the basement floor with an elevator and are directly connected to the station .
I am glad that you do not have to feel cold. ♡

Actually KICHIRI M Office Lady Traveler Reviews of LIS (Kichiri Morris)

popular Healthy rice using five-grain rice in roast beef. There is also a drink bar and plenty of value!

KICHIRI M Office Lady LIS is from the bottom red buttonReservationI can do it.
Location: Shinjuku Nakamuraya Building 6F, 3-26-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:JR 新宿駅 徒歩3分 新宿三丁目駅から203m
営業時間:ランチ 11:00〜15:00 カフェ 15:00〜17:00 ディナー 17:00〜24:00(L.O.23:30) ランチ営業、夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業
Recent vacancy information (OZmall)
Recent vacancy information (OZmall)

The strongest date course!

How was the special dinner from Shinjuku Ilmi Spot?

Soon Christmas ♡ Please eat delicious rice in a nice atmosphere as it is after seeing the illumination , please make a wonderful memo ♡