IT businessman wisdom! "Rakuten Cafe"

5 minutes on by walk from Shibuya station , near the Apple storeRakuten Cafe
As the name suggests, Rakuten is doing the cafe!

The inside of the shop is a wood taste, it calms down ♪ It is perfect for work ^ ^

Not only of free Wi-Fi, but also fully equipped power outlets
Mobile charger can also be rentedRakuten Kobo tablet is put in each seat, it seems that the latest magazine is unlimited for free!

Rakuten Ichiba In Stock Now you can get No 1 coffee, alcoholic drinks, popular ordered dessert and so on.
There is also a complaint brulele of that famous odd hard ordering Madam Singko ♪

Rakuten Cafe
【business hours】
10: 00 ~ 23: 00 (LO 22: 00)
· JR Yamanote Line · Saikyo Line · Shonan Shinjuku Line / Shibuya station 5 minutes on by walk
· Tokyo Metro Ginza Line · Hanzomon Line · Fukutoshin Line / Shibuya station 5 minutes on by walk
· Tokyu Railway Toyoko Line · Den-en-Miyako Line / 5 minutes on by walk from Shibuya station
【Average budget】
[ night ] ¥ 1,000 to ¥ 1,999 [ daytime ] ~ ¥ 999
【eating log】

【PR】Go To Eatキャンペーンでお得に!

対象のレストランを予約して来店すると、最大10,000円分のGo To Eat ポイントがもらえるGo To Eatキャンペーン開催中!
より詳しいキャンペーン内容は一休.com レストランのGo To Eatキャンペーンページでご確認ください。

One minute by walk from Shibuya station ! stylish and relaxing cafe "PUBLIC HOUSE"

10 seconds on by walk from Shinjuku Shinmin South Exit!
An American cafe that is very near stationPUBLIC HOUSE

Colorful and stylish space will spread!
Many customers are coming by themselves.

stylish The work will be completed in a space that calms down with the interior!
of courseWi-Fi, outletThere is ^ ^ ♪

This plate is about 1000 yen for lunch plates.
Sometimes it is recommended to work a while at lunch ◎
MorningThere also ♪

【business hours】
Morning time 7: 00-10: 00
Lunch time 11: 00-16: 00
ラストオーダーFOOD 23:00 DRINK 23:30
279 m from Shibuya station
【Average budget】
[ night ] ¥ 2,000 to ¥ 2,999 [ daytime ] ~ ¥ 999
【eating log】

Why do not you join a cafe that came landing from NY? "GORILLA COFFEE"

5 minutes on by walk from Shibuya station , coffee shop from NY BrooklynGorilla CoffeeIt is perfect when you want to work.

There was an outlet counters on the second floor in a stylish space!
of courseWi-Fi is also available!
I can make a long stay. Of course one person OK!

Let's work hard by drinking coffee and spirit! It is a recommended cafe at the time ^^ ♪

【business hours】
[Monday - Friday] 7: 30 ~ 22: 00
[Sat] 9: 30 ~ 22: 00
[Sundays and public holidays] 10: 00 ~ 22: 00
7 minutes on by walk from Shibuya station
【Average budget】
[ night ] ~ ¥ 999 [ daytime ] ~ ¥ 999
【eating log】

I can read manga! What? Shrine lily cafe "Cafe Lax"

Shibuya station to by walk 10 minutes, Shinmon spring station to by walk 2 minutesCafe Lax
This is,There is no outlet but there is Wi-Fi!

When you enter the store it looks like this! A space like a secret base spreads in a hideout.

There are lots of manga in this cafe! Because there are various comics from popular manga to minor thing, it tends to stay long lasting!
If you get tired from face to face with PCs, how about a break while reading a little comics? ♪

Homemade lemonade ginger recommended ! It is perfect for fatigue recovery ◎

【business hours】
[Monday - Friday] 12: 00-18: 00 18: 00 - 1: 00 the next day
[Saturday, Sunday and public holidays] 15: 00 - 1:00 the next day
2 minutes on by walk from Shimizu station
【Average budget】
[ night ] ¥ 1,000 to ¥ 1,999 [ daytime ] ~ ¥ 999
【eating log】