Roppongi is stylish a sightseeing spot is full!

There is a lot of stylish sightseeing spots in the adult city Roppongi drifting one of Tokyo's elegant atmosphere.
But,I do not know where to go because I have too many spots ...What, is not it?

This time the playlife editorial department,Roppongi's recommended sightseeing spotsWe will introduce you!
By all means, please do a reference when you sightseeing in Roppongi ♪

1. Roppongi Hills

When I say Roppongi here!

Speaking of Roppongi's landmark here,Roppongi Hills
It is a huge complex with fashion shops, museums, restaurants, offices and even hotels!
It is also famous for having objects of huge spiders in front of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower in the premises.

Such Roppongi Hills also has TOHO CINEMAS of the movie theater in addition!
The wall has become a glass, it has become a very stylish appearance ♪
Even just walking around the premises is enough space to spend the day, so please visit us ♪

Roppongi Hills
Place: 6-9-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:六本木駅[1c]から徒歩約2分 都バス RH01系統 「六本木ヒルズ」、「六本木けやき坂」 都バス 都01系統 「六本木駅前」、「EXシアター六本木前」 都バス 渋88系統 「六本木駅前」、「EXシアター六本木前」 都バス 都01系統 「六本木駅前」、「EXシアター六本木前」 都バス 渋88系統 「六本木駅前」、「EXシアター六本木前」 都バス 反96系統 「六本木駅前」、「六本木ヒルズ」 港区コミュニティバス「ちぃばす」 田町ルート(往復):田町駅東・西口→赤羽橋→麻布十番→六本木ヒルズ
Opening hours: Shops: 11: 00-21: 00 Restaurant: 11: 00-23: 00

If it is a special feature of Roppongi Hills, click here!

2. Tokyo City View Skydeck

A superb view from the sky deck.

There are two types of observation deck at Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills.
First, the first oneTokyo City View
Roppongi Hills is an observation deck located on the 52nd floor of Mori Tower, overlooking the city of Roppongi through the glass ♪
Also, things such as anime and manga exhibitions are held!

And the second one is here,Sky deck
Roppongi Hills On the roof of the forest tower you can see the city of Roppongi directly, not over the glass at the observation deck!
If the weather is nice we can also see Mt. Fuji.
While feeling the wind, it is extraordinary to see the vast scenery ♪

In addition, night view is recommended for both Tokyo City View and Sky Deck.
You can see the lighted-up Tokyo Tower and the glittering Tokyo skyline!
It will be very romantic atmosphere, so it is also recommended for date ♪

Tokyo City View Skydeck
Location: 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: About 2 minutes on by walk from Roppongi station [1c]

3. Mori Art Museum

Enjoy art at Roppongi Hills!

Also here is a museum on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower,Mori Art Museum
Various solo exhibitions and exhibitions are held according to the time!
There are many exhibitions exhibiting interesting works, so it is recommended ♪

This is a work of the "Leandro Erlich exhibition" previously held, a building.
A sight that is hanging on the building against the gravity is a work that overturns the concept of "the building is standing"!
Besides, since the exhibition is held like every day, you can enjoy a different solo exhibition each time you visit.

Mori Art Museum
Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo Roppongi 6 - chome 10-1 Mori Tower 53F
Access: About 2 minutes on by walk from Roppongi station [1c]
Opening hours: 10: 00-22: 00, Tuesday / 10: 00-17: 00 (All entrance is 30 minutes before closing) * Depends on the exhibition

If it's a special feature in Roppongi lunch!