The oldest hot spring in Japan is here! "Dogo Onsen"

Located in Ehime PrefectureDogo OnsenIt is famous as Japan's oldest hot spring.
Together with "Arima Onsen and Shirahama Onsen"Japan's three major KoizumiIt is also chosen.
It is also appearing in Nihon Shoki everyone you know. The level of antiquity is different.

Nonetheless, the current building was a renovation of the building where Isao Garden Yuya of the first Dogo Mayor was aging in 1890. Still it has a history of more than 100 years from the renovation, so it feels like a building.

There is a hot spring of the god and a hot spring of the spirit, and you can choose whichever you like.

In Dogo Onsen, after having soaked in hot springs and healed fatigue, there is also tea and cafe service. You can spend a relaxing time in the boiling water. I wonder if it is a caring unique to Japan's oldest hot spring. It is recommended for those who want to taste extraordinary .

Dogo Onsen Main building
Location: 5-6 Dogotoyuno cho Matsuyama shi Ehime Prefecture
アクセス:いよてつ道後温泉駅より徒歩5分 道後温泉駅から221m
営業時間:霊の湯 3階個室/6:00〜22:00 霊の湯 2階席/6:00〜22:00 神の湯 2階/6:00〜22:00 神の湯 1階/6:00〜23:00 又新殿観覧/6:00〜21:30 日曜営業







This one is also old! "Arima Onsen"

Arima Onsenは兵庫県にある温泉で、こちらもまた日本三大古泉に選ばれています。関西では断トツで有名&人気な温泉街でもあります。

It is well accessible from Osaka station about an hour and a half.

In the Edo era hot-springs ranking, it was ranked by Western Ozeki, the extraordinary of those days. Besides Japan's three major KoizumiJapan's three great daimyo IzumiIt is also chosen as one of the name fountains representing Japan as a name and reality.

Recommended for such Arima Onsen is "Taiko no yu" here.
Amenities such as towels are fully equipped so you can enjoy them by empty-handed . In addition to hot springs, there are various services such as massage, relaxation room, restaurant, etc., and you can relax slowly even for a long time.

Arima Onsen Taoten no yu
Place: Hyogo prefecture Kobe city Kita-ku Arima-cho pond butt 292-2
Access: Approximately 12 minutes on by walk from Arima Onsen station [exit]

Even inside Hakone Nanaimo and a hot spot "Kokokura Onsen · Kari Ling"

It is near Miyanoshita station of Hakone Tozan RailroadKokokura OnsenIs one of Hakone Nanai.

When walking from Miyanogashi station , there is a signboard of the destination "Hakamine" along the national highway. Since the signboard is hidden behind the shade of the tree, attention is necessary, but the place is easy to understand because it is in front of the large hot spring facility "Tonno".

It seems that a retro Western-style building not like a hot spring was built in the late Taisho era, which was originally a hospital building. Quite a hot spot feeling. Expectations will increase.

It is said that it would be better for you to phone in advance as daybath bathing will be open for private outdoor bath. I called earlier this time about an hour before arrival.
Paying a bathing fee of 700 yen per day to a woman with a good receptionist, I went to a hot spring. If you do not have a towel you can purchase it at 250 yen.

Forest bathing with plenty of open-air bath. Valuable in Hakone, hot spring of only water adding source water is poured into the bathtub. Because it was summer, the hot water is somewhat hot. I repeatedly entered and entered. There was a shower to wash the body next to the outdoor bath. There may be people who think that it is natural for you to have a shower, but such a secret hot spot is a necessity checkpoint as there is a thing that the shower is not on ♪

Kamikura no yuyukari
Location: Kanagawa Prefecture Ashigarashimo-gun, Hakone-machi, Sakokura 558
Access: Hakone Tozan Railway From Hakone-yumoto station Hakone Mountain Bus or Izu Hakone Bus 40 minutes to Hakone Town

Pearl springs to heal over forty thousand diseases !? "Shima Onsen"

Located in Gumma PrefectureShima OnsenIs a nice hot spring hot spring that the country has chosen as the "national entrance hot spring spot" No. 1 ". IncidentallyShakanshanIs an important national heritage-designated accommodation that also became a model of the movie "Spirited Away". When I'm told I feel like that!

Next, I will also enter Kawara no yu, which is in front of the Shakanzan. This place is really located on the river so it is called Kawara no yu.

In addition to this Kawahara no yu, there are a total of 4 communal baths, including Yume no yu, Kami no yu, Yamaguchi outdoor bath, in the Shima Onsen, where you can touch local people's culture.

There is a place called "Shima Onsen Ten-thousand Tamura" in the place just after going up a slope from the parking lot of Kawahara. The history of this inn is deep, it is said that Tamura Jigoro Kiyomasa who fought to prevent pursuit from pursuing a pursuit from 1563 Masuda founded a hot spring in the mountains and opened a hot spring.

Shima Onsen is a perfect adult spa town where you can enjoy the fine sulphate spring water which is considered good for gastrointestinal, especially feeling old good Japan such as communal hot water and cultural property.