Speaking of Ochanomizu here!

Kanda Myosin

The first spot is here! It is Kanda Myojin! It is worshiped also at Himenmen gate, but also when talking to Himiraemon winning the game will win ... Inside is pretty broadly calm ♪ You can also see the sky tree from the precincts! It is hard to convey it when it is a picture, but it is clearly visible!

In the raid air raid in Tokyo in 1945 (1945), because the incendiary ship fell in the precincts, the main hall and hall of worshipers and others were escaped from being destroyed, as it was rebuilt in mimicking the authoritative construction with an unusual steel frame reinforced concrete structure . It is solemn and somewhat calm.

I wish a wish in Kanda Omijin! Just do everything from person to person waiting for the fate. Many people write ema as they pray for fulfillment. When you go to Hatsumode, you guys too! Although Kanda Omijinjin, the ema has become the Yushima Shrine.

【Street address】
〒101-0021 Tokyo 2 - 6, Kochi Kanda, Chiyoda - ku, Tokyo

Speaking of Harajuku here!

Meiji Jingu

Meiji Shrine is a shrine that celebrates Emperor Meiji and Empress Akira (Empress of the Meiji Empress). Three-day visit to Hatsumodei is more than 3 million people, boasting the number 1 worshipers in the country. As you step on the approach road, barbecued sake and wine barrels are lined up. Otorii (2nd Torii) in the entrance of Southern Approach and Kita Approach is 12 meters high, 17.1 m in width, 1.2 m in diameter of pillar and 13 t in weight, as Japan's wooden torii as the wooden building It is size.

When you pass the entrance, the road surrounded by greenery will continue! Many trees in the Meiji Shrine premises are planted with vertebrae, oaks and kusunoki.

After walking for about 5 minutes on the road surrounded by greenery you can see the torii. Meiji Jingu a Kaguraden is, love in addition to the fulfillment, family wife hope of happiness safety, including the security of person prayer, misfortune exorcism, students pass prayer, and future of the company Takamasa to pray for Takamasa of the company, business Hanjo prayer such as We are doing.

【Street address】
1-1 Yoyogi Ginza Town, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151 - 8557 Tokyo

Speaking of Suidobashi here!

Tokyo Ojinjinga

Pray for a lovely love, wish for the fulfillment of love, deepen the bond with your lover. The shrine is a new spot where you can get out of daily routines and daily routines that are chased by work, regain yourself, gain vitality as well as a mode of love.

The forest of the shrine guard in the center of Tokyo, located between the building and the building about 3 minutes' walk from Iidabashi station , Tokyo Daijingu. Even though it is a weekday, a young girl will go through the torii without interruption. Yes, here is the power spot love that is said to be beneficial to Tokyo in the most romantic fulfillment now. It is also a shrine at the beginning of the godhead wedding ceremony, and the god of "Musubi" of all things is settled. Somehow I feel that the time of each visit to a guest is long. Put a money offer, thank you two applause clapping bow, firmly and firmly praying for the fulfillment of love.

【Street address】
〒102-0071 Tokyo Fujimi 2-chome Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 4