Speaking of Kagawa "Udon"

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"Gamo Udon"

It's here after "Kagawa prefecture landing", it is a runway, passing through between the house, the mountain and the rice paddy here, "is already"! Movie at a super-famous shop in Sanuki"UDON"It is also the stage of. It is open from 8:30, even at 8:40 am this crowd.

When I enter the shop, I ordered noodles for the first time. Choose small or large and noodles with cold or warm. "I do not mind if you like. That thing. After that you choose a lot of fried foods or whatever you like. Shrimp, eggplant, sardine, chikuwa, fried tofu, tempura of eggs, sweet potatoes, raw eggs and so on. Choose from cold, warm, deep mouth and apply by yourself. And finished. There are seats in the shop, but most people eat outside. It is delicious to eat outside indeed! Impression that noodles are not only rigid, but there is Kosi in supple. Probably the kelp is served, but of course there is no taste in Kanto. Kansai style soup stocks are transparent, but the taste is solid and tasty!

Gamo udon
Place: Kagawa prefecture Sakaide city Kamo cho 420-3
アクセス:瀬戸中央自動車道「坂出北I.C.」から約8km(車で約10分)「坂出I.C.」から約8km(車で約10分)高松自動車道「府中湖スマートI.C.(ETC車のみ)」から約6km(車で約10分)電車を使う場合JR予讃線「鴨川」駅より徒歩15分ほど 鴨川駅から919m
営業時間:8:30〜14:00頃 ※麺売り切れ次第終了 繁忙期は13:00頃に終わる場合あり 朝食営業、ランチ営業、日曜営業

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Nakamura Udon

Next is here. Nakamura Udon. Somewhat the building is new and the parking lot is very wide. It is pretty well arranged. The menu looks something like this. There is a coffee there is only Marugame city!

It is an order first. People who asked for garbage tell me to divide the eggs into bowls, lightly mix and wait. And if you boil it, you will just add noodles from the kettle !! And then self-sprinkle the soup stock for a bitterly, but this is quite a taste, so let's try it a little at a time. Tempura is also named after every one and it is easy to take. If you pay for it, I will eat it on the outside edge or interior .

The noodles are better than the other one.Fine noodles. Koshi is also strong and tasty. The soup stock of the udon noodle is like taste like it. The flavor of the fish spreads and it is very tasty.

Place: Kagawa prefecture Marugame city Iiyama cho Nishiokamoto 1373-3
Access: From Marugame Community Bus Takayanagi Bus Stop by walk About 5 minutes From Sakaide IC About 5 minutes by car JR Marugame station Approx 15 minutes by car
営業時間:[平 日] 9:00〜14:00 [日曜日] 8:30〜14:00 ※麺がなくなり次第終了 ランチ営業、日曜営業

Eating log 3.5

The strongest Udon God hand on the ground

Strongest on earthUdon God hand "is overwhelmed by its name first, but the shopkeeper himself is the name to give himself the pressure. You can have udon noodles of its name in its name.

Meat Bukkake Udon (cold) (medium) 480 yen. The price is somewhat higher, because it sticks to the material. Here is a self shop. Self is the style of receiving udon noodles, returning tableware themselves.

God hand
Location: 4-1 Nakamachi Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture
アクセス:JR高松駅から徒歩15分コトデン片原町駅から徒歩2分三越高松店近く、パチンコグランドG―Oneの前です。 片原町駅(高松)から94m
営業時間:10:00〜15:00 日曜営業

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Uehara store main store

A shop that can eat exquisite Sanuki udon which used rice cake noodles, dashi pickled with Iliko and carefully selected yuzu. In 2010 moved to near Kuribayashi Park, the parking lot became wider and the souvenirs are also substantial.

ZARU Udon small 250 yen. There are abundant side menus such as tempura, rice balls, oden, rice balls, rose sushi and inarashi sushi. The clear udon is beautiful just looking at it. Enchanted.

Ueharaya main store
Location: 1-18-8 Kuribayashi-cho, Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture
アクセス:琴平電鉄「栗林公園駅」から徒歩10分JR高松駅からバスで20分、「栗林公園前」から徒歩5分栗林公園前のガソリンスタンド横を斜めに入って次の信号までの間、もしくは栗林公園前から空港通りを空港方面に走り、マクドナルド手前。左車線をゆっくり走ってください。 栗林公園駅から576m
営業時間:9:00〜16:00 朝食営業、ランチ営業

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Udon noodles handmade

"Makoto Udon" located in the immediate place from "bamboo", this is a general shop. Udon is brought to you when you order at the table. However, the price is very conscientious.

150 yen for casting, 250 yen for soaked meat, 400 yen for meat etc. Cooling the photo 350 yen will eat Udon iced on iced water on the soup. It is how to eat like somen. Udon that was cold for the kimberg was even stronger Koshi!

Makoto Udon
Place: 17-14 Kameoka cho, Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture
アクセス:JR栗林公園北口駅から徒歩5分。八幡通り沿い。 栗林公園北口駅から216m
営業時間:11:00〜17:00(玉切れまで) ランチ営業

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"Saka branch"

Takamatsu station to by walk About 15 minutes. I went around morning 8: 30, but the interior of the store is already crowded. It may be waiting for several hours between daytime. station is also nearby and I definitely want to go there.

Noodles, fried foods and toppings are all self-serve. So, you can select all your favorite hardness and fried foods. Please make only one cup in the world!

Saka branch
Place: 5-2-23 Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
アクセス:・JR高徳線「栗林公園北口」駅より、徒歩10分・琴電各線「瓦町」駅(西口)より、徒歩15分香川県庁の裏手に店があります。 栗林公園北口駅から617m
営業時間:6:00〜15:00頃 ※売り切れ次第終了 朝食営業、ランチ営業

Eating log 3.5 / TOP 5000


This shop with a white letter on a red sign is here "Takeki (chikui)"
Despite having arrived before opening, it was about 1 hour waiting. Here is the topping'sHalf-round eggIt is famous.

Tempura of semi-ripe egg is crisp outside, leaves lumpy inside. You can enjoy Koshi with thick noodles. Tempura is fried and crunchy. This neighborhood draws a distinction from other shops.

Takeki main store
Place: 2-23 Kameoka cho, Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture
アクセス:高松駅から車で10分、高松駅から中央通り(国道30号・国道11号)を松山・高知方面に走り、中新町交差点から国分寺方面へ右折して、亀阜小学校手前左側。高徳線栗林公園北口駅徒歩10分。 栗林公園北口駅から437m
営業時間:【火・水・木・金・土・日】 ※定休日 月 11:00〜14:30(麺売り切れ次第終了) ※定休日が祭日の場合は変更あり ランチ営業、日曜営業

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"Kagawaya main store"

Kagawa'sI also love local peopleIt is a real Sanuki udon of Kagawa! Because it is self, even if a queue is made it can enter less waiting time!

Sanuki Udon unique Bukkake Udon can be eaten from 240 yen! The noodles were full of mochi and it was too tasty! It is addicting because it is spicy, lemon, radish, ginger and ginseng.

Kagawaya main store
Place: 469-1 Kurikuma east Aya Town Marugame city Kagawa prefecture
アクセス:コトデン琴平線栗熊(くりくま)駅至近。32号バイパス沿い 栗熊駅から180m
Opening hours: 10: 00-18: 30

Speaking of Kagawa! island!

Shodoshima Island

"Twenty-four eyes picturesque village"

【Tokyo Turtle Girls】 Representative · Kaizuki recommends, the first shooting spot,Shodoshima. I took a photography trip with a wide angle lens so I will repo! To Shodoshima is a fast ferry from Takamatsu Port about 50 minutes. Shodoshima can be enjoyed enough even for one night. Let's hire a rent-a-car and go round an island! Arrived in the morning Shodoshima. I reserved a hotel near Kusabe Port, so this time it is starting from Kusabe Port! First of all, to the eyes of a pupil of 24 eyes near the port of Kusabe. This is a valuable village where the set of old movies of the theme of war of 24 eyes is left as it is. Once in, the old school building is left as it is. A superb view point where you can see the sea in Seto inland!

Twenty four eyes movie village
Location: Shodojima cho Kodo-gun Kagawa Prefecture Taura Taura
Business hours: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (November only / 8: 30 ~)

Shodoshima sightseeing Special Feature!

For those who want to know more about Shodoshima, it may be better to check them together.

"Angel's Walking Angel Road"

Angel road on the western side of Shodoshima Island. Even if you put in your name, please register at Shodoshima International Hotel in Nabis. This road will appear at low tide! Please check the low tide time in advance. It was 17:00 on this day was low tide time, but when I tried going past 15:30, the road had already appeared. I think that it is all right around 2 hours. The blue sea and the sky, and the angel road that leads to the island are exceptional superb view ! It seems that you can be happy when it is a couple , so it is also recommended for a date trip. Shooting with wide angle lens is recommended!

Angel road
Place: Ginpu-cho, Azusa-gun, Kagawa prefecture

"Nakayama Senjita"

Subsequently,Rice terraceWhat. Here is a great superb view spot. I want you to come to Shodoshima in summer . A magnificent green and a blue sky that will go on forever. It is beautiful! ! ! ! It is very beautiful! ! ! Do not forget the camera as it is a superb view point. Also, you can eat delicious hamburgers, muffins, shaved ice in the Komamee dining hall nearby. The water is using the mountain water that entered 100 water waters, it is very delicious. I also forgot to take this too deliciously again. I do not know how much I will lose my appetite.

Nakayama Senjita
Location: Zhongshan, Shodoshima cho Kodo-gun, Kagawa prefecture

"Kanjaki mountain peak"

The autumn leaves are very beautiful this time. This valley,Japan's Three Major Valley BeautyAs one of Shodoshima's boasting scenery . Shodoshima Olive Bus about 1 hour from Tsuchiura Port about 1 hour to Sakanawa Line / Southern Futon Line (Downtown) and get off at Kusabe Port about 30 minutes.

If you want to feel nature, how about a flower park?

Do you know that Kagawa also has a flower garden spot?

Cat's Island 【Masukijima】

"Men's port"

I will arrive by ferry in about 15 minutes. As soon as you reach station is there, of whether resting place, but it is a little cute they become characters Tanne.

"Main island"

From here we are exploring. Since Masukijima is like a mountain, I will climb up the slope and it will come. I found a stingy temple on the way. It is full of nostalgic feeling already.
It is more adventurous to go wandering while daring than watching the map.

A cat of your choice! Even without searching, there are lots of them all around. It is messed up. Since I am accustomed to people, I have no problem at all approaching! You can enjoy taking pictures as much as you wish. But do not feed it. Please cooperate for cats and residents of the island!

Kagawa prefecture is putting power on art. You can also enjoy art at Mikijima. Painting on the walls in some places, the nostalgic cityscape and this painting are very photogenic and funny.


There is a spot that you can relax by walking all the way to the right side with the harbor in the background. While relaxing in the beautiful sea in Seto Inu, it is a relaxing time. spring - autumn season is warm and healed. It's sunny and relaxed without thinking anything. The place has been forgotten, but an unattended box of purines is installed near the port. When I opened the inside it was not a pudding but a roll cake. why? But it was very tasty, so please find it and eat it.

Place: Ogiki cho, Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture