Throat standard spot! Ueno Zoo with panda seen

Speaking as a zoo, feel free to enter. Because entrance fee 600 yen! There are many family and children on Saturdays and Sundays, but it is wide so I can enjoy it a lot.

Ueno Zoo! ! Wait a moment Panda ^ ^ You can enter at 600 yen! !

There are serious animals. So, most talked will not run out, and my dating company, couple, will not be afraid of silence like Disney's waiting time.

Ueno station from the park entrance to by walk in 5 minutes.
【Open time】
9: 30 - 17: 00
【Closed date】
Monday · New Year's Holiday
【Admission fee】
One adult: 600 yen

Perfect for walks & breaks! Ueno Onsen Park

Although it is soon from the station , it is unlikely to say "I do not seem to be in Tokyo!"

The park is wide, there are various kinds, such as museums and shrine.

Ueno Park does not go so much at night , but there are lots of night view spots. Especially the Tokyo National Museum seen from the fountain square is extremely beautiful!

2 minutes on by walk from Ueno station park entrance
【Open time】
5 am - 11 pm (no trespass outside hours)

Can ride a boat! Shinobazu Pond (Shinoba no kake)

It is Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Onsen Park. You can enjoy the lotus and get on the boat.
The low board can ride at 600 yen per hour.

2 minutes by walk from Ueno station park entrance (in Ueno Park)
【Open time】
9 am - 5 pm
* Changes due to timing

Ame Hide Inviting Flying!

Let's walk up to Ueno station along the elevated Yamanote line under the active wild type couple .
Various foods and clothing items are on sale. Just walking is fun!

Ueno station 's central ticket gate, a short by walk from Okachimachi station 's north entrance.