The next sightseeing trip is to Fukushima Prefecture, which is said to be Utsushima!

Fukushima Prefecture is a sightseeing spot with various attractions such as nature, spa towns, leisure facilities!
But,There is no specific spot such as this ...Is not there anyone else?

In fact, Fukushima Prefecture has so many spots Instagrammable it is so beautiful that it is said to be “Utsushima”.

This time the playlife editorial department,recommended sightseeing FukushimaWe will introduce you!
By all means, please go to Fukushima Prefecture at sightseeing to reference ♪

1. Tsuruga castle

A representative spot of Aizu Wakayama!

Spot in Aizuwakamatsu city of Fukushima prefecture,Tsurugajo
It is a castle where famous lords such as Uesugi, Kato, Matsudaira resided!
As a castle not impregnable during the Boshin War, there is also a legend that it survived the battle of the new government army.
In addition, Tsuruga castle is considered to be the castle with the castle tower which used red tile only in Japan, it is a must see because it is very unusual!

Tsuruga Castle also climbed the castle tower, the city of Iimoriyama and Aizuwakamatsu city, and Bandai Mountain,360 degree superb viewYou can enjoy!
Also, the castle tower is decorated with guns and Japanese swords of the same weight as the real thing, and you can actually have it.
Both are pretty heavy, so please challenge ♪

Although it is such Tsuruga castle,Winter timeI recommended it!
The white Tsuruga castle which made snow makeup is very fantastic and beautiful ♪
Because it is a superb view can be seen only in the winter time season, please come and visit us by all means.

Tsuruga castle (Wakamatsu castle)
Place: Aizuwakamatsu-shi Otomu-cho, Fukushima Prefecture 1-1
Access: About 20 minutes on by walk from Nishiwakamatsu station [Exit 2]
Opening Hours: 8: 30 ~ 17: 00 (Admission is until 16:30)

2. Spa Resort Hawaiians

Paradise of Fukushima celebrating its 50th anniversary!

Spot in Iwaki city of Fukushima prefecture,Spa Resort Hawaiians
A huge pool and spa, and even the hotel is a resort facility together!
It is a spot showing further excitement as we have celebrated the 50th anniversary in 2015.

In the spa resort Hawaiians, the area is divided by pool and spa.
The pool has a huge pool, a flowing pool and even a huge slider, so you can enjoy it from children to adults!
In addition, the spa is divided in areas where you wear bathing suits and naked, and you can join in a couple together in bathing suit wearing areas.

Speaking of Hawaiians here,Fire knife dance
It is a powerful show of manipulating fire,GlamorousThere is also, I am very moved.
When viewing this show, it is recommended to look at the designated seat for a fee, as the sense of urgency is conveyed when you look closely.

Hotel Hawaiians
Place: 50 Sohei, Fujiwara-cho, Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture Spa Resort Hawaiians
Access: 3,329 m from Yumoto station
Opening Hours: Check In 14:00 Check Out Next 10: 00

3. Ginchonuma

Mysterious swamp shining in cobalt blue

The Bandai plateau of Fukushima Prefecture is a plateau at a height of about 800 meters above sea level.
Also known as a resort area, there is also a luxury hotel such as Hoshino Resort.
As a sightseeing sight of the Bandai Plateau, there is popularGotokumais!

Five-About 30 large and small lakesIt is dotted with spots.
You can see swamps of various colors such as cobalt blue, copper color, green etc!
The color of the water surface changes according to the season, the weather, the time, and it is a point that you can look at the same swamp forever.
The swamp itself is relatively flat and easy to walk, and even if you walk slowly you can easily turn around in about an hour.

This five-Fall seasonI recommended it!
The autumnal leaves are blooming in the surrounding of the swamp, you can enjoy the contrast of the swamp and autumn leaves.
Very beautiful superb view can be seen, so please visit by all means ♪

Gokuonuma Nature Tour Raceway
Place: Kitashiobara Village, Yama-gun, Fukushima-ken, Kanji Hinohara Kenkakemine