Exciting sightseeing in Chiba Prefecture!

There are sightseeing spots besides Disney!

"What is Chiba other than Tokyo DisneySea & Tokyo Disney Land?"
This word that is often said, actually it gets hurt pretty ....

This time, thatIke spots like overturning the image of ChibaWe would like to introduce 20 different carefully selected ranking formats.
spring summer autumn and winter scenery enjoy the sightseeing attractions and gourmet spot is plenty!

It is just a spot where you can go from Tokyo to Tokyo for just 1 hour to 2 hours.
Enjoy going in also drive going by train, Chiba Prefectural play life editing portion is proud recommended because gathered tightly the spot to, by all means reference please try to!

Preparation of belongings is OK?

Let's check in advance useful items on the road.

Check your domestic travel inventory! If there convenient Safe at recommended 20 goods selected
It's a domestic trip so that you don't say "I'm sorry if I brought it with you ..."convenient Have your belongings introduce To do. From the required items, summer ・ What I need for each winter season, and I personally recommended Things to do. Let's check it by all means so that you can prepare well in advance and feel relieved early!

# 1 Let's go to a theme park where you can play all day

Funabashi Andersen Park

This is the ability of 3rd largest theme park in Japan!

It is located about 15 minutes by bus from Misaki station Shinjingon Line,Funabashi Andersen Park
It is a convenient spot where you can reach the exotic atmosphere in about an hour from Tokyo station.
If you are a Chiba citizen, is not it a spot you've been to once at a childhood?

Such Funabashi Andersen Park is the world's largest travel review site, TripAdvisor announced3rd place in Japan theme park,Also10th theme park in AsiaAnd large has been ranked in the past popular is the spot.

By the way, Universal Studios Japan ranked 4th in the ranking at that time.
The Andersen Park which ranked third, keeping the world's theme park.

What is the reason for that ...?

Actually going,
① Adults and children can enjoy
② The level of athletic play equipment is high
③ overall quality is high & entrance fee is cheap

... I thought that the point is decisive.

Children can enjoy athletics and water playing in extensive wilderness, adults can enjoy museums and seasonal flowers ... such a place.

AlsoI can bring in a box lunch.The point is also high!

Entrance fee, adults 900 yen, 600 yen high school students, small and middle student 200 yen, 100 yen infant.

In addition, there is a contact corner with animals in the park, so you can really play all day.

Even if it says a park, the level is different, please go and visit Andersen Park!

Funabashi Andersen Park is from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
Funabashi Andersen Park
Place: 525 Kanbaribori, Funabashi, Chiba
アクセス:電車:三咲駅[出口2]から徒歩約45分 バス: 電車・バスを利用する場合(新京成バス) 新京成線「三咲駅」からバスで約15分 <北ゲート> セコメディック病院行き(アンデルセン公園下車徒歩1分)・小室駅行き(県民の森下車徒歩5分) <西ゲート> セコメディック病院行き・小室駅行き(神保新田下車徒歩5分)
Opening Hours: Normal / 9: 30 ~ 16: 00 * Changes depending on the season

No. 2 Let's see the world view of Ghibli

Donkotori Waterfall

most talked SNS! Ghibli-like mysterious forest

About 2 hours from Tokyo station vicinity of hot spring of Senju hot spring hot spring,Donkotori Waterfall(Nozomi no Naki).
As the "world of the ghibli", it is a spot that became famous as a bus tour is also done.

If you want to see the mysterious scenery like the photo, note the following!

As conditions,
· A sunny day with little water
- March and September of the morning direction from 6:30 7:30

It seems that you can see a beautiful scenery on.

The hiking course is lush green and very beautiful.

Fireflies from May to August.
summer , you can see cicada barks and beautiful dragonflies.

Autumn leaves are wonderful from November to December.

If you are tired of walking,Dokuro Onsen Senju no yuWhat.

Adult 1, 000 yen dwarf 500 yen.
It is a hot spring after all so as to heal the tired body.

Please come and visit!

Donkotori Waterfall
Place: Kimitsu-shi bamboo grove in Chiba ken 1954-17
Access: Exit the Kimitsu Inter from the Aqua Line. Head for Prefectural Route 24 towards Kamogawa from Boso Skyline

No. 3 Let's go to eat the ultimate ramen that you can struggle to reach

Ramen Hachihei

"Ultimate ramen" is waiting for you to get lost

Even navigation gets lost. I get lost anything. Anyway it is difficult to go.

... and a ramen shop most talked the restaurant,Ramen Hachihei

It is around 2.5 hours from Tokyo station .

Still like popular and finally arrived, it is often that parking lot is not available ....

The ultimate ramen with a compelling score at the end ...

The specialty,Ali Anunchershu (medium 1,250 yen, large 1,400 yen)

It seems that people are most talked about the media and many people are visiting for Ari Unchesh.

Onions, garlic, leeks pummel.
Arirang salads,There are also 6 toppings of thick cut sliced ​​rice.
And if you choose spicy, it seems that it will be oiled if it is "hot" and it will be pretty chilly.

This ramen which does not come out easily even if it searches with phantom ramen in the mountains, rare delicious ramen.
Try going to eat those who are courageous!

Ramen Hachihei
Location: 813-2 Yamauchi, Chonan-cho, Chosei-gun, Chiba
Access: Take the Kominato bus from the south exit of Mobara station on the Sotobo Line or station on the Kominato Railway Kazusa Line first to the Chonan Sales Office. Transfer to the Kominato bus "Mikawa" or the Chonancho tour bus "West area course" and get off at "Kamikanaya" just before the last stop. Approx. 4 minutes at by walk. Walk a little in the direction of the bus from Kamigaya stop, turn right after the bridge, and turn right again on the next path to see the shops. Kominato Bus Mikawa Line has 3 round trips on weekdays and 2 round trips on Saturdays and holidays. The Chonan-machi patrol bus runs 4 times a day. Kominato Railway Bus http://search.kominato-bus.com/Changnan Office Timetable http://search.kominato-bus.com/pdf/20151113/00728_01.pdf Chonanmachi Tour Bus http://www.town .chonan.chiba.jp / kurashi / koutuu / 159 / West area course The number of buses is small, making it almost difficult to visit by public transportation is. The walking distance from the Kominato Railway Kazusa Tsurumai station is about 8 km, and it is a route that crosses the hills. Approximately 12 minutes from Hara Tsurumai Interchange on the Ken-O Expressway.
営業時間:11:00〜18:00 ランチ営業、日曜営業