Aichi is anything but Nagoya?

Speaking of Aichi prefecture, Nagoya comes out first.
On the contrary, I can't think of any fun drive spots outside the Nagoya area.

It is often said, I asked members who were born in Nagoya really whether it is.
It was that "There is nothing".

"... but, there are spots to recommended somewhere?"
So, the playlist editing department will introduce the recommended spots heard!

知多半島 海沿いを走るドライブデートにおすすめスポット♡

1. no matter what

The first place in the eating log is not Date!

The first is Kotobuki, a gourmet spot.
Since lunch is crowded, we recommended that you go out of time.

A large clam set meal for lunch costs 1,200 yen, including 3 large clams and fried clams.
Even though it is cheap this volume is very satisfying!

There is also plenty of white mill shell!
You can enjoy the fresh and crunchy texture.

As expected, there is only 1st place in the eating log, and it is delicious enough that the cheek will fall off no matter which one you eat.

Regular holidays are irregular, so be sure to check the business hours as well!

Place: Aichi Prefecture Chita-gun Minamichita-cho Osamu Shirosaki Tenjinyama 16-1
営業時間:10:30〜20:00 ランチ営業、日曜営業

2. Toyohama fish public

If you want to enjoy the fresh seafood fortune!

The second sightseeing spot is the fish open space.
Fresh fish and seaweed famous for Minamichita are on sale.
It is located in Minamichita Toyohama fishing port, which boasts the highest landing volume in Aichi prefecture.

Fresh seafood cut down in the morning lined with narrowing.
Dried items are also recommended for souvenirs.

There is also a restaurant where you can eat seafood rice bowls for about 1,000 yen.
How about a fresh local gourmet amid the scent of the sea?

Toyohama fish public
Place: Aichi Prefecture Chita-gun Minamichita-cho Daiko Toyohama character companion brush 33
営業時間:[月・水〜金] 8:00〜16:00 [土・日・祝] 8:00〜17:00 日曜営業

3. Noma Lighthouse

The oldest lighthouse in Aichi Prefecture installed during the Taisho era!

The third sightseeing spot is the Noma Lighthouse, which stands on the coast of Nomazaki on the Chita Peninsula and is a symbol of the town.

The contrast between the chalk lighthouse and the blue sky is very beautiful.
You can play rocky under the lighthouse, so why not take a walk?

Noma Lighthouse
Place: Onoura in Mihama-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi Prefecture
Access: Utsumi (Aichi Prefecture)station From [Exit]by walk About 40 minutes

4. Hazu Shrine

Pilgrimage to sacred sites after visiting!?

The fourth sightseeing spot is the Hazu Shrine and observation deck.

Hazu Shrine is located in Shimozaki, the tip of the Chita Peninsula.

It is about an hour by car from Nagoya to Chita.

About 800 m of the promenade heading to Hazu Shrine, which is called "Koi no Romance Road"There is a benefit in fulfilling romanceIt is said that it is a popular course for couple.

The precincts of the power spot, Hazu Shrine, have been worshiped as a sanctuary since ancient times, and a love lot can be made for 100 yen.

There is an observatory on the hill where Hazu Shrine is located.
From the observatory, you can see the cityscape of Moshizaki fishing port, Shinojima, Hikashima, etc. in the distance.

What is this cape Hazu is a stone monument named after regional song "Cape Hazu" sung by SKE48,The sacred ground of SKE 48It is a most talked spot.

The superb view ocean is so wonderful!

Masu Shrine
Place: Aichi Prefecture Chita-gun Minamichita-cho literary character Shirosaki character Akamiyama 2

5. Ebi Senbei no Sato

You can eat as many as 40 kinds of shrimp rice crackers!

The fifth gourmet spot is Ebi Senbei no Sato.
Adjacent factories constantly make about 40 kinds of shrimp crackers.

Before going to this destination, be careful not to get hungry via the gourmet spot!
Because at this facilityYou can sample about 40 kinds of shrimp crackers for free!

Many strange rice cracker such as wasabi taste and bean taste, black rice crackers.
You can sample all of them, so you can enjoy your shopping until you are satisfied.

You can drink coffee and green tea for free in the rest area of the shop.
It's quite large, so you can take a break!
Parking is also widely free, so, of enhancement as well as a drive spot recommended is the spot.

Shrimp rice cracker Mihama main store
Place: Aichi Prefecture Chita-gun Mihama cho Hokkata Yoshida Stream 52-1
アクセス:南知多道路「美浜」IC出てすぐ 河和口駅から2,303m
営業時間:8:00〜17:00 日曜営業

If you are a sightseeing spot in Inuyama here!

It is approximately 30 minutes from Meitetsu Nagoya station to Inuyama station .
Important to dating extraordinary , and enjoy the best sightseeing has become a spot!

6. Momotaro Shrine

Shrine related to that Momotaro

The sixth sightseeing spot is Momotaro Shrine.
It is about 30 minutes on foot from Inuyama gakuen station .

The legend of Momotaro is transmitted here, and you can see detailed information about Momotaro.

In the treasure hall are also strange exhibits such as demon's barrel and peach bones, Momotaro is said to have been born, demon skeleton photos and so on.

There are Momotaro and demon dolls in places and it is getting popular as a fun spot.

Momotaro Shrine
Place: Aichi Prefecture Inuyama City Kurusu Furuyashiki Momotaro Park
Access: Approximately 33 minutes on by walk from Inuyama Gakuen station [exit]

7. Japan Monkey Center

Over 850 monkeys!

The seventh sightseeing attraction is the Japan Monkey Center.
I can go by bus from Inuyama station .

Even though it is Inuyama, there are more than 850 monkeys in 60 kinds for some reason!
That breeding exhibition species number of the world largest number of primates extraordinary is too world.

A monkey garden owned and maintained by Kyoto University.
What about the world of monkeys, who live freely in nature?

Japan Monkey Center
Place: Inuyama City Aichi Prefecture Inuyama Official Resources 26
Access: About 21 minutes on by walk from Tomiokamae station [Exit]
Business hours: 10: 00-17: 00 (from November to February from 10: 00-16: 00)

8. Candy Castle

Not only making sweets, but trying on dresses!

The eighth sightseeing attraction is the Castle of Sweets.
I can go by bus from Inuyama station .

Inside the castle there are museums of sweets, promenades of sweets, experience corner of cookie making!

The popular isDress costume rental​ ​
The cost of costume rental is 800 yen for one outfit for 2 hours, which is reasonable!
extraordinary space, children and adults can become princesses and enjoy dressing up.

Candy Castle
Place: Inuyama City Aichi Prefecture character Shinkawa 1 - 11
アクセス:楽田駅[出口]から徒歩約20分 楽田駅より犬山コミュニティバスあり。(平日毎日の運行)
Business hours: Weekdays / 9: 30 ~ 17: 00, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays / 9: 00-18: 00 (entrance is one hour before closing)

Gamagori's recommended spot!

9. Laguna Ten Bosch

I am impressed with Japan's first illumination !

The last is Luganna Ten Bosch of Huisten Bos sequence.

From Nagoya station to Gamagori station around 1 hour by JR Tokaido line, there is a free shuttle bus from the station .

Entrance fee is JPY 2,250 for adults.
From 17:00, free passports will be discounted, and you can even save money!
For more informationOfficial sitePlease confirm.

Next toFestival marketYou can also enjoy seafood lunch and shopping here.
You can enjoy even those who are not for theme park ♪

Let's take a picture with Laguna Ten Bosch characters!
Events are always being held so check out the schedule.

There are 23 kinds of attractions ranging from children to adults!
If you go on weekdays there is little waiting time.

There is also the latest 3D aquarium.
I was impressed by the figure that fish painted by myself swims three-dimensionally.

night is the most talked Japan's first 360-degree 3D projection map ring of will be staged!

It's too beautiful and it's really fantastic.
The distance of the couple should be close and it should be a good atmosphere!
You can easily enjoy a drive date, so it is a perfect show for couple

Laguna Ten Bosch for the first time in JapanWater MappingPlease also take a look.

You can not miss it because it is a performance only once a day.

There are paid reserved seats in the front, but it looks beautiful even with free seats!
recommended hot spot, 3rd floor with free seats​ ​

Also, as a night view spot, recommended 's night ferris wheel illumination is filled with beautiful shooting stars!
There may be good things to find♪

Laguna Ten Bosch
Location: 2-3-1 Kaiyo-cho, Gamagori-shi, Aichi
Access: Approximately 24 minutes on by walk from Mikawa Otsuka station [exit]