recommended date spot in standard !

What to do and where to go sightseeing and dating in Nagoya?

Have you ever been to Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture?
There are many recommended date spots and drive date spots in Nagoya.
Time and seasonal regardless, spring summer is rising If autumn and winter fun spot.

For those who have never been to Nagoya this time, in Nagoya standard and popular of recommended dating spot rain is divided into days and sunny days, I have your carefully selected born in Nagoya introduce you!

If you want to enjoy gourmet in Nagoya, check this feature!

6 recommended rain Day Date Spots in Nagoya♡

1. Manpuku Taro

Get ready before playing hard!

Manpuku TaroIs a shop where you can enjoy all-you-can-eat for 2,080 yen.
Moreover,No time limit if not fullThe conditions are established!

There is a wide variety of menus such as yakiniku, sushi, side dishes, desserts, soft serve ice cream, so let's enjoy all-you-can-eat!

There aren't many great buffet so far!

How about sushi,Conveyor belt sushi laneWill bring you to the audience!
rain tends to stay in the house on the day, but if you go to such a lively buffet lunch, a fun day will definitely start!
There is also a parking lot, so if you are full, you can leave for the drive.

Even adults can be happy because they can fully enjoy themselves until they are really full.
The cost performance is very good at about 2,000 yen, so it is also recommended for family with growing children.

Manpuku Taro Tokaidori store is from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
Manaburo Taro Tokaido store
Place: 4-1-6 Shinkawacho, Minato Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
アクセス:地下鉄名港線東海通駅3番出口から徒歩10分 東海通駅から672m
営業時間:[月〜金] 11:00〜15:00 17:00〜24:00 [土・日・祝] 11:00〜24:00 ランチ営業、日曜営業

2. Canal Resort

If you want to do a refreshing refreshing date leisurely here!

Located 16 minutes on by walk from Rokubancho station Nagoya Municipal Subway Meiko Line,Canal Resort
This is a facility where you can enjoy natural hot springs and bedrock baths!

Buy a ticket at the ticket vending machine and go inside.
rain, especially when it is snowing and a bit chilly, such as recommended. Let's heat up at the hot spring ◎

Towel costs 200 yen, so it is good to bring it with you!
Shampoo rinse is available.

You can also take a bedrock bath! I feel sweaty and refreshing ◎
5 types of authentic bedrock bathsThere is, and let's heal a tired body in a bedrock bath at about 45°C♪

In addition, there are restaurants,
There is also a place where manga unlimited reading!
The manga is a full lineup.

Perfect for a dull day or a date when you want to refresh even on a rain day ♪

Canal Resort
Location: 4-1 Tamagawa cho Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
アクセス:六番町駅[3]から徒歩約16分。バス利用で約10分。 各都市からシャトルバスあり。

3. Nagoya City Science Museum

A spot loved by locals! The world's largest planetarium and experiments!?

5 minutes by walk from Fushimi Subway station.
entrance fee is 800 yen for adults in the exhibition room and planetarium.

Large in the dome popular ofThe world's largest planetariumthere is.
Saturday and Sunday will be sold out in the afternoon, soBook earlylet's do it.
PlanetariumTwo people can look at the starry sky even on a rain dayIt's a romantic date spot!

Although planetarium is banned for photographs, it is very beautiful, so it is really recommended !

Science exhibition room which ranks 1st to 6th floor is like this.

Actually you can experience the experiment and enjoy it is appealing!

Clean too planetarium and wonderful can enjoy the experiments,Short-distance experience type dateIt is a spot that can be done.

Nagoya City Science Museum
Location: Sakae 2 - chome, Naka - ku Nagoya - shi, Aichi Prefecture 17-1 Shirakawa Park
Access: About 6 minutes on by walk from Fushimi (Aichi) station [5]
Hours: ## Hours] 9:30 am to 5:00 pm 9 (. ※ admission will be until 4:30 pm) * planetarium night between the projection and the like is not limited to this. (However, the release of the ticket will be finished at 4:30 pm.) 【Closed Monday】 Monday ※ If it is a public holiday, we will open and we will close the weekdays immediately after. 3rd Friday * If it is a public holiday, we will open and we will close the 4th Friday. New Year's Holiday (December 29th to January 3rd) Other temporary opening and closing days are available. 【About temporary closing due to strong winds】 As of 7:30 am, when any one of "storm (snow) special warning" and "storm (snow) warning" is announced in Nagoya city, it is closed all day I will. * You can not go directly to the restaurant / museum shop etc from inside the building. Please go out and get out from the entrance hall of the first floor of the science and engineering building. If you are going to re-enter, please present a ticket and enter the science hall.

4. Nagoya Port Aquarium

An aquarium without a doubt!

Subway Meiko line Nagoya Minato station from the by walk is 5 minutes.

entrance fee is 2,030 yen for adults and high school students.
The Nagoya subway can be unlimitedPresent Saturdays and Sundays Eco TicketsIt will be 1,830 yen.

The Nagoya Port Aquarium is recommended because cute dolphins welcome you ♡
Suddenly I will grab my heart ...!

Arctic White Dolphin"BelugaYou can even see the trainee training up close.

This isDolphin show three times a dayis!
Seats are free seats so if you go early you can get nearby seats.

Dolphins show off many moves. Especially the big jump that is the highlight is impressive.

While watching pretty dolphins, there is no doubt that you can date friends!
Aquarium dateIt is still a nice thing ♪

Place: Minato-cho 1 - 3, Minato - ku, Nagoya - shi, Aichi
Access: About 7 minutes on by walk from Nagoya Port station [3]
Business hours: April 1 - July 20, 2016, September 1 - November 30/9: 30 - 17: 30, April 29 - May 8 - July 21 - August 31/9: 30-20: 00, July 18/9: 30-21: 00, December 1 - March 17/9: 30-17: 00, March 18 - March 31 Date / 9: 30 ~ 17: 30 (Admission is one hour before closing) * Opening hours may be changed

5. 名古屋城

Nagoya sightseeing spots with golden shitihoko!

Speaking of Aichi here!Nagoya CastleThat's right ◎
It is a castle of the Owari Tokugawa family, built by Tokugawa Ieyasu.

by walk 5 minutes from the castle line / city hall station, by walk 12 minutes from Asama Tsurumai Line. entrance fee is an adult 500 yen.
Saturday and Sunday eco ticketAnd presentIt will be 100 yen discount!

There is Nagoya Castle where the golden killer whale shines inside!
You can also enjoy the scenery of Nagoya city from the castle tower.

Nagoya CastleHonmaru palaceWas completely destroyed with the castle tower in the 1945 air raid.

However, the city of Nagoya has faithfully restored the Honmaru palace based on the many historical remains of the castle!
The interior of the palace is gorgeous in such as wall paintings and decorative brackets luxurious has been decorated.
Poured the advanced technology of the Edo era modern castle palace of the extraordinary praised a masterpiece, is the attraction packed.

In Nagoya CastleGold killer whale about the same size as the real thingIs on permanent display.
Let's take a memorable photo here again!

A golden tea killer whale parfait at "Tea" near Nagoya Castle.
Other killer whales are delicious!

How about a date feeling history in the NO1 sightseeing spot in Nagoya?

Nagoya Castle
Location: 1-1 Honmaru Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Access: About 5 minutes on by walk from City Hall station (Exit 7)
Opening Hours: 9: 00-16: 30 (Admission by the castle tower, Honmaru Goten by 16 o'clock)

6. Atsuta Shrine

Nobunaga's best prayer power spot Nagoya!

It enshrines Kusanagi's sword, one of the "three types of sacred instrument" that appears in Japanese mythology.Atsuta Jingu

This is one of Nagoya's best power spot and is a very popular sightseeing spot.
Therefore it is always crowded.

If you want to visit a shrine, it's good to be calm and calm.

rain days, the number of visitors is small and the air in the precincts is soft and calm.
The solemn Hongu, which nestles deep in the forest of Atsuta, is filled with spiritual air with an increased divinity.

overwhelmingOkusu with a millennial ageHas a mysterious presence.
Such an atmosphere is only possible on rain days.

Even though it's in the cityAbout 60,000 tsuboThere is an area of.
Free-ranged in this wide precinctShinkei who is said to be the messenger of GodThere may be a good thing to meet (it seems to be Babo)!

Saturday and Sunday eco ticketAnd the entrance fee to Atsuta Jingu Treasure Museum50 yen discount!
Please enjoy a sacred walk.

Otasu of Atsuta Shrine
Location: 1-1-1 Jingu, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya City
Access: Jingumae station from the West Exit] by walk about 4 minutes

6 recommended spots for dating on a sunny day in Nagoya♡

7. Laguna Gamagori

You won't get bored all day long! Amusement park of Huis Ten Bosch series

It is approximately one hour by JR Tokaido line from Nagoya station to Gamagori station .
free Shuttle Bus from Gamagori stationIt is out.

Entrance fee is JPY 2,250 for adults.

All the characters welcomed you at the entrance of the European building!
I also had a commemorative photo!

There are 23 kinds of thrilling experience attractions, from children to adults!

Waiting time is 0 minutes on weekdaysAnd super stress free ♪
In addition to attractions, you can also enjoy powerful musicals and events in the facility!

most talked the nightJapan's first 360 degree 3D projection mapping will be performed!

It's too beautiful and it's really fantastic. The distance of the couple is getting closerIt should be a good atmosphere ♡

There is also a water show.
The light flashes according to the melody, you can enjoy the world of light.

illumination and light up are also beautiful!

Even further, lastLaguna Ten Bosch's first Japan's water mapping

Staged only once a daySo you can not miss it.

The former person has paid seats, but even if they are free seats they look totally clean!
I can see the wholeThe 3rd floor of the free seat is recommended​ ​

After going out ... Let's go to the Ferris wheel.
Ferris wheel in the amusement park date is not bad!

If it is a free ticket you can ride for free!
Ferris wheel in the parkA superb view night viewIt is a night view spot where you can enjoy.

Laguna Gamagori dating where you can enjoy plenty of night illumination ......extraordinary .

Large parking lot availableIt is recommended for drive dates as well.

Laguna Ten Bosch
Location: 2-3-1 Kaiyo-cho, Gamagori-shi, Aichi
Access: Approximately 24 minutes on by walk from Mikawa Otsuka station [exit]

8. surrounding Osu Shopping Street

I want to eating while walking ! Nagoya hot spot sightseeing spot

If you come to the Aichi Nagoya station surrounding and Sakae surrounding the only sightseeing might be prone to, but here,OsuIs a recommended spot.

It is in front of Osu Kanno station of Tsurumai subway line.
Saturdays and Sundays are crowded, but weekdays are vacant.

Osu KannonHas the flow of Kitano Tenmangu,There is a benefit for passing the entrance examination and school accomplishmentIt is said that.

In addition, it seems to have benefits for amulet, family safety, physical health, prosperous business, etc.♪
Let's visit!

Right next to Otsu Kannon street.
Osu shopping streetThere are four, Wakamiya Odori, Fushimi Dori, Osu Dori, and Minami Otsu Dori.

About 1,200 storesThere seems to be!
There are lots of gourmet which can eating while walking inside, there are 10 deep-fried shops from, and I really do not get tired of it.

One of the shops I'd like to recommended from Nagoya,
Local people loveSakakiya ramen exclusive to Tokai

Also, if you come to Nagoya, you can't miss it because it's the strongest Nagoya gourmetYaba-kun
I recommended it!
People who have never eaten please try it once ◎

By the way, this is a famous sightseeing spot "Contact open space"is.

meet-up It's a good place to set up a meeting place when you're lost!

this is"The chest of the chest"is.
hot spot a quiet place.

When you touch femdomClothes never go awayIt seems like!

Osu Kannon (Lieutenant)
Location: 2-21-47 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Access: Approximately 1 minute on by walk from Osu Kannon station [2]

9. Noritake Forest

Feel the culture and relax in the forest

6 minutes by walk from Kamejima station,Noritake's forest
You can walk from Nagoya station, the center of Nagoya.

Parks and restaurants on site, there is a museum, the local people as complex is of course sightseeing is also on the customer popular is the spot.

During winter time you can enjoy luxurious illumination .
entrance fee is free, so you can go easily♪

The holding period is approximately every November 11 to December 25 every year, it is lit from sunset to 19:00!

illumination ,The history of Noritake (a world-class Western food brand) and a stylish art galleryShops where you can shopThere are also such as, so please stop by if you are interested.

Saturday and Sunday eco ticketTo show the Craft Center admission fee50 yen discount!

Noritake's forest
Place: Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Nishi-ku Nishinomi-cho 3-1-36
Access: Approximately 6 minutes on by walk from Kamejima station [3]

10. Higashiyama Zoo

Toyoichi zoo!

Higashiyama zoo about 3 minutes on by walk from Higashiyama Park station .

entrance fee for adults 500 yen, medium student following is free .
Saturday and Sunday eco ticketIf you showIt will be 100 yen discount!

Where the first koala came to JapanIt is a zoo that attracted attention, such as succeeding in the breeding of the first koala in Japan afterwards.

A monkey that became a most talked on handsome gorillas and TVYou can see various animals such as!

You can also experience a goat and a guinea pig by touching it at the contact plaza ♪

In addition to the zoo, botanical garden, sky tower, and amusement park are also located, so you can enjoy it all day!

Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical G
Place: 3-70 Higashiyama Motomachi, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
アクセス:東山公園駅から481m バス:「名古屋大学前バス停」下車(徒歩約1分)
Opening Hours: Opening Hours of Zoo: 9: 00-16: 30 Sundays Open

11. Legoland Japan

Be fascinated by the world of LEGO!

A new standard spot in Nagoya that opened in 2017 with the fullness of the world's eighth LegolandLegoland Japan
It is often thought of as a large Lego block theme park for children, but it's also recommended adult dates!

Within the premises of more than 40 attractions and restaurants170 million LegoWhenCharacter showLegoland gourmetYou can enjoy it.

Brick House BurgersYou can eat a full-fledged hamburger with 100% beef.
The juicy arabiki meat is very satisfying to eat.

The charm of Legoland is that there are many areas where you can see photos, such as colorful Lego works and buildings.
Let's work together to take a wonderful photo!

Legoland Japan
Place: 2 - 2, 2 - chome, Kinjo Futo, Minato - ku, Nagoya - shi, Aichi Prefecture 455 - 8605
アクセス:金城ふ頭駅から徒歩10分 バス:シャトルバス「ガーデンふ頭(名古屋香水族館)」⇔「金城ふ頭駅(レゴランドジャパン)」下車(徒歩約1分)

12. Nabana no Sato

illumination dating at the spot that won the nation first place ♡

The last thing I would like to recommended is here!
This place arriving from Nagoya by train in about 30 minutes, in fact this is not Aichi prefecture,Mie Prefecture……Lol

Well, it will not take long, so please take a look at it a little! LOL
From station there is a free shuttle bus.

The entrance fee which changes depending on the event, comes with a ticket for 1,000 yen.

It can be used for meals and hot springs.Let's use it at the end of the date ♪

In the flower Square spring summer can enjoy a variety of flowers by autumn and winter, the cosmos is the time of the fall, such as dahlias will spread to one side.

There are various shops such as Japanese food, Nagoya gourmet, udon etc for meal.

This time I made it to Italian !

Salad + Odleburu + daily pizza and pasta is 1,350 yen.

It's hot and very tasty! You can also use gold certificates you can get with the admission ticket ◎

Many shops too!Shiordo croquetteWorried, I purchase it!

ThrobbingIt was very delicious. It may be good if you can half do it by two people ♡

There are many other gourmet, I can also eating while walking , so I will definitely win!

Well, it is getting darker soon! After 17 o'clock ...

It is the largest in the country before the chapelA large river of about 120 meters of lightIt shines.

This is famous even for the illumination of Nana - no - SatoTunnel of light of about 200 m​ ​

illumination is beautiful and excellent atmosphere! I want to walk hand in hand with him / her ♪
Theme changes every yearSo, you will want to go again and again.

It is the sea of ​​clouds of light near the entrance exit. This place is said to be the most popular couple .

If you go through a couple of archs, they can be happy!There is a wonderful story called.

In addition, there is a lot of nature surrounding Nabana no Sato, so you can enjoy a refreshing drive!

How about a hot spring at the end of a date? Body towel, mini towel, shampoo, rinse, lotion, milk lotion etc all togetherIt's ok with your empty-handed .

The hot springsBaking soda springSo, it gently strokes and your skin gets swoopy!

Please give me a wonderful superb view highest nationwide nationwide illumination date ♡

Nana no Sato
Place: 270 Komanee Nagashima Town, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture
アクセス:近鉄長島駅[出口]から徒歩約28分 名古屋からなばなの里まで直通バスで約30分
Business hours: 9: 00-22: 00 (It may be subject to change according to the time)

Let's make a wonderful date plan in Aichi and Nagoya!

rain Day, windy day, sunny day... drive or train!
Aichi/Nagoya is always a place to enjoy all day long◎

Please do a reference when going to date to Nagoya.
Please make wonderful memories ♪