Tochigi prefecture has various attractions!

Tochigi prefecture is a sightseeing spot with various charm to historical buildings, nature, even leisure facilities.
Access from Tokyo is also good, and it is popular also for a day-trip plan !

But,There are too many spots and I do not know where to go ...What, is not it?

This time the playlife editorial department,recommended sightseeing spots in Tochigi prefectureWe will introduce you in ranking format!
By all means, please do a reference in the case of sightseeing in Tochigi ♪

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this time recommended It is hot spring near from Tokyo, Kanto suburbs to do sightseeing Ground "Nikko"! There are many hot spring resorts and rooms with open-air baths, and many luxury hotels and ryokans with reserved baths. couple Enjoy with recommended 2 nights and 1 night stay sightseeing Model course introduce I will do it ♪

1st Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Kanto's best power spot .

Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture large of standard of the popular sightseeing spot,Nikko Toshogu
thatIeyasu Tokugawa, the first generals of the Edo shogunateBeing a deified that existedToyo CollegeIt is a precious shrine that dedicates to you!
rain dayTo many of the sightseeing visited by people of customers, and the worship.

The admission fee isAdults 1,300 yen per personChild 450 yen​ ​

After paying an admission fee, first famous in Nikko Toshogu ShrineI do not know · I do not say · I do not listenThere is a sculpture of.
It is also a popular photography spot, so do not forget to take a commemorative photo ♪

After seeing the three monkeys, cleanse my hands and finally to the main hall!
Nikko Toshogu is mainlyWork, luck, game, AndIncrease life forceThere is a benefit.
Because you can listen to interesting stories about Toshogu from the shrine, it will be a lecture ♪

Finally there is another interesting shooting spot!
It is a standing signboard at the same altitude as 634 meters, which is the height of the sky tree, making it a new shooting spot for Nikko Toshogu.

Nikko Toshogu
Place: Nikko-shi, Tochigi prefecture, mountain area 2301
アクセス:東武日光駅[出口]から徒歩約30分 日光駅からバスで7分  西参道で下車

No. 2 Otani Museum of Art

An underground world that seems to be "where here?"

sightseeing spot attracting attention at sightseeing in Utsunomiya City,Otani Museum of Art
Although it looks like an ordinary museum, it is actually the latest sightseeing spot where you can experience extraordinary experiences.

Admission feeOne adult 800 yenOne child 400 yenis!

In the hallOtani stone quarry which is a unique special product of Tochigi prefectureYou can learn about history as.
From the time of hand-carving, until the present mechanized time!
Valuable materials unique to the mining site are exhibited and it is very interesting ♪

The Otani Museum of Art is located in the basementTrace of quarry
It is a very vast space like the underground temple, which is often used as a shooting place for movies etc due to its strangeness!

Because the temperature is less than 10 degrees throughout the year, it is cool and perfect for summer sightseeing ♪

Otani Museum of Art
Place: 909 Otani cho, Utsunomiya city, Tochigi prefecture
Opening hours: 10: 00-16: 30

3rd place Nikkoaira san shrine

power spot I want to visit with my precious person.

Shinto shrine where the "Nikko Miyama" of the Mt.Nikko Haruyama Shrine
A vast area of ​​3,400 haIt is a famous sightseeing attraction boasting prideKegon WaterfallYaIrohazakaActually, it is in the precinct of Nikko Futarabi Shrine.

In the precincts are couple of couple, parents and children cedars, married cherry trees, etc.power spot good edge and family satisfactionthere is.
Therefore, it is a recommended sightseeing spot for dating with children and couple !

Visit with Nikko Toshogu Shrine, let's have lots of power ♪

Nikko Haruyama Shrine
Place: 2307 Yamauchi, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture
Access: about 33 minutes on by walk from Tobu Nikko station [Exit]