How do I access Kagoshima?

Is the plane the best?

There are three major ways to access Kagoshima.airplaneShip (ferry)Bullet train​ ​

By plane After Tokyo, the cheapest one is reasonably priced at less than 10,000 yen. The plane is the cheapest and it seems to go soon.

However, if you want to enjoy your journey slowly, we recommended Shinkansen or a ship. However, it seems that there are no direct ferries of Kagoshima from Tokyo right now. It is necessary to transfer in Osaka. People in neighboring prefectures of Kagoshima recommended bullet train.

The charm of Kagoshima is in its beautiful sea!

Kagoshima's attraction ...... First of all I would like to tell from the sea! The sea in Kagoshima where nature is overflowing has high transparency and it is very beautiful.

1. ハートロック

Okinawa is not the only one! Look at Amami 's Heart Rock!

Speaking of the beautiful sea, Kagoshima is not defeated by the sea of ​​Amami Oshima.

A rock like a heart-shaped hot spring on the coast near the airport of Amami =Heart rockThere is. Love is an explosion if love is soaked in such a sea! What?

There are more women who are showing a lot of immersion that they want to enter Tsukkomi "Onsen!" .... Heart rock becoming Okinawa is famous, but here issightseeing at hot spotIt can be said.

Heart rock
Place: Kagoshima Prefecture Oshima-gun Tatsuto-machi Akato Tree

Iow World Kagoshima Aquarium

Sea creatures of Kagoshima Aquarium

If you enjoy the sea in Kagoshima, we also recommended an aquarium.
Located in Kagoshima CityIow World Kagoshima AquariumThen you can meet living creatures living in the sea of ​​Kagoshima.

You can see the jellyfish that inhabits the mainland surrounding Kagoshima Prefecture!
Taco jellyfish is swimming fantastically swaying. It is somehow fantastic.

Aquarium'sKagoshi Mano sea areaAnemone fish that is on display at.
There is an anemone fish in the sea of ​​Kagoshima ...!

popular dynamic dolphin show is awesome!There is too much lively feeling, the more you shake the picture.It is a breake.

It is dynamic checking of dynamic dolphin performance.
After all the Kagoshima dolphins are different .... Whether you can sense the difference depends on your sensitivity.

Iow World Kagoshima Aquarium
Place: 3-1, Main Port Shincho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Access: About 11 minutes on by walk from City Hall (Kagoshima Prefecture)station[Exit]
Opening hours: 9: 30-18: 00 (until 17:00)

2. 百合ヶ浜

Nearly transparent sea

You can go to Okinawa and Kagoshima by airplane and ferry to remote islands and Yoron Islands in Kagoshima prefecture.

What is surprising is that transparency of the sea ...!
Yurigahama is a more beautiful beach than HawaiiIt is said that.
そこでぜひ見て堪能していただきたいのはYurihama beach sand bar

Sandbar is a phenomenon in which a sandbank appears temporarily on the surface of the ocean due to the flow of the tide and fullness, a sand beach appears.

Mainly, we call the white sand beach off the coast of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii called sandbar.
Please check with your own eyes whether it is more beautiful than the ocean of Hawaii.

A resting place is also set up so you can look at the sea slowly.
It's almost like the sea in Hawaii ... No, it is more beautiful than Hawaii ...!

The sun setting over the beautiful sea is the extraordinary scenery .
Origin of the name Yurihamahama,Because the sand is white like a lily flowerWhat?
It's a very beautiful beach ◎

On this beautiful beach, "I want to catch me ~ ♡ Hahaha ~ ♡" I would like to try it (delusive delusion).

Place: Yoron cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima prefecture
Access: boat etc. from the Okiguku coast

3. 池田湖



It has recently appeared as a tokki lake in the CM of the smartphone GALAXY. Water is also beautiful, and it seems that a large eel with a length of 1.8 meters also lives.



Ikeda lake
Location: Ikeda, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima prefecture

The magnificent scale mountains are also the charm of Kagoshima!

Dolphin performance is not only dynamic in Kagoshima!
One of the highlights of the mountains of Kagoshima is its powerful points.

If dolphins are "dynamic" the mountains feel the force of "static".

4. 宮之浦岳

It is like a mountain that does not move.

It is a genuine mountain like "Do not move like a mountain".

So, this is Kyushu extraordinary boasts high as the altitude 1936m of the peakMiyanpurayake​ ​
Miyanoura dake has various mountaineering routes.Yodogawa routeIf you climb onA day tripIt is also possible.

Miyanoura dake course easy to climb even for women included in surrounding as a heritage area, can interact with precious nature of Yakushima.

Hiroshi Fujioka, Mr.! Let's go exploring ♪

Miyanoura Kyushu extraordinary is the peak, sunrise you see here isThe best in KyushuIt is said that.

Place: Kagoshima prefecture Kumage gun Yakushima cho Kamiyaku cho / Yaku-cho

5. 屋久島・縄文杉

It is overwhelmed by its mysterious atmosphere

It is Jomon cedar of Yakushima which was registered as a world heritage for the first time in Japan.

Estimated age is 7200 years,It is said to be the oldest plant in the world.
7200 years old ... It is a big senior.
"Great seniors!"Hiroyuki Fujioka, san 's story.

I feel like I get power just by being nearby. The power of a tree is great.

Jomon cedar
Location: Miyanoura, Yakushima Town, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture

6. 屋久島・苔むすの森

It also became the stage of Princess Mononoke

The mysterious forest of Yakushima attracts people attractively so that it can be chosen as the stage of that famous movie of that ghibli.

Do you know the stage of what works on the next picture?

Yes, this, the forest of moss isGhibli's popular movie "Princess Mononoke"It is a place that became a model of.

The green world spreads, a mysterious space. It really seems like to meet a dog and a girl nurtured by a mountain dog .... Hiroyuki Fujioka seems to meet also.

Here is the location called Yakushima drum rock is a place that became a model of the bedding of a dog coming out to Princess Mononoke. The view from here is grand and overwhelming.

I came across a wild Yakushika living in Yakushima ...!

Surprised! Fujioka Hiroshi, I thought he was ...! (Sumimasen, only blackness is similar.) The landscape of Kagoshima is condensed in Yakushima.

Location: Yakushima Town, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture
Access: by ferry.


7. 桜島

Symbol of Kagoshima

It is a symbol of Kagoshima and a standard sightseeing destinationOkajimais. It is famous as a representative volcano in Japan and it is also an active volcano. Sometimes the news also reports that "Sakurajima erupted!"

Even if you look down from the mainland of Kagoshima a little away, Sawajima 's powerful power is great!

Place: Sakurajima, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture

8. 城山展望台

superb view . superb view ~.

Because Sakurajima is an active volcano, there may be something like "I went to Kagoshima is nice but it is not close to Sakurajima's surrounding ...... .." Here's a recommended spot in such a case.

superb view Too much ...! Sakurajima which you enjoy from the mainland is also pretty good.

night also beautiful .... Ikanakote It was a beautiful place (Ikanakote = Kagoshima dialect)

It will be a standard date spot in Kagoshima. It is not an exaggeration to say that the romantic spot ranking ranking of Kagoshima rank first in a majestic!

Many Kyushu boys here"Oy, I do not care like yourself!"I imagined murmuring a sweet word.
Rear fill! An explosion lagging behind!

Where is it?
... Apparently Sakurajima seems to be harsh to the rear tie couple ....

Shiroyama Observation Deck
Place: Kagoshima ken Kokubu Kamikawa
Access: About 42 minutes on by walk from Kokubu (Kagoshima) station [exit 1]

"Come here if you want to meet Odon!" Spirit of Saigo Takamori.

Seas and mountains are also nice, but Saigo Ryori is also nice (although I feel that it is different to arrange the sea and mountains and Takamori Saigo).

If you are a historic fan, are there any Saigo Dokdo nestling in the charm of Saigo Takamori?
Can you feel Saigo Takamori to meet such Saigo Takamori? I will introduce spot.

Let's go then!I'm counting on you!

9. 西郷隆盛銅像

Saigo fan comes only if it comes!

It is a famous spot in Kagoshima City where many people know existence, not Saigo Takamori fan.
Although you can see from the bus, please get off the bus and take a closer look.
"Sorry to disappoint you in a stupid figure, Takamori Saigo's message."You said that.
Why do not you go listening to the heart of Saigo 's heart?

Saigo Takaori statue
Location: Shiroyama-cho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Access:morning Nippon Express station from [exit]by walk about 5 minutes

10. 維新ふるさと館

It's like living Saigo Takamori there!

There are other spots to meet Saigo!
Here I can see Saigo who seems to start moving even now.

"Saigo Takamori, here it is!"Feeling like.

In addition to meeting Saigo here, there is such a high-tech device that can understand the history from the end of the Tokugawa period to the Meiji era, and the dolls show a dramatic historical drama with a variety of productions.

Surprisingly people are less hot spot of sightseeing is the spot.

Kagoshima-shi Restaurants Furusato Hall
Place: Kajiyacho Kagoshima City Kagoshima 23-1
Access: About 4 minutes on by walk from Kajiyacho station[Exit]
Opening Hours: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Admission is until 16:30)

11. 西郷隆盛洞窟

Saigo Takamoru's last land.

Kagoshima-shi also has such a spot. It is a cave in which Saigo Takamori spent the last five days and is reported as a cave. that name as well,Saigo Takamori Cave(That Mansan Mama wow!).

You can also see it from the bus, but if you are a fan of Saigo Don, say "I want to feel the air at the end of Saigo-dori with skin", please get down and take a closer look. Maybe I can meet with the spirit of Saigo.

surrounding have quite unique atmosphere. A spot that is unbearable for a pregnant woman! What?

It may be said that sightseeing in hot spot.

Saigo Takamori Cave
場所:〒892-0853 鹿児島県鹿児島市城山町19