Sado Island

First of all, it is Honshu's largest isolated island, Niigata prefectureSado Island​ ​
There are lots of attractive spots unique to Sado such as Jinshan, Tarai boat and Toki.
From Niigata port to the ferry, we will go to the Ryotsu port on Sado Island.

There is a way to bring your car as it is by ferry, or to go by boat to rent a car on site.

There is also curry which rice has shaped of Sado Island in the ferry.

When arriving at Sado Island, head north first and enjoy driving a beautiful landscape.

We will survey scenic spots such as Nittsukuri, Ohno Turtle, Takamori, Suzaka Bay, Madonoiwa.

Next to "Sado Kanayama" on the west side of Sado Island.

As the largest gold and silver mountain in Japan, he contributed to the modernization of the Edo shogunate and Japanese industries.

We have been shut down in 1989, but you can see the remains of it.

CurrentlyCandidates for World HeritageIt has been chosen as.

Next to the Soya sightseeing steamship at the southern end of Sado.
You can ride the Tarai vessel here. How much does it cost500 yen​ ​

If you come to Sado, you can not remove the Tarai boat. I will also let you fly, it's quite difficult.

It seems that even now fishermen are taking seaweed on this Tarai boat. It seems that the surface of the current one is glass fiber (lol)

Next time it is about 10 minutes by car from the place where the Tarai vessel is locatedTokusuki(To the Onion). Traditional houses line up cedar boards on the surface so that the house will not be damaged by the sea breeze.

There are several public houses, but I watch Qing Kurou among them. Visited a house made with ship's skill technology with guidance. It was quite a respectable home.

Speaking of SadoToki with natural treasure. It is quite difficult to see the wild tofu, so go to Toki no Mori Park.
Here I am raising toki in a large cage, so I can see the flight.

Fukui Prefecture

Hiraizumi Hayama Shrine

It is Hiraizumi Shirahama Shrine in Katsuyama in Fukui Prefecture.

The approach of cobblestone stone pavement has been chosen as one hundred Japanese roads and is located in Hakusan National Park special designated area.

Precincts surrounding is representative of the Japan that is selected in the "beautiful historic climate 100 election in Japan", "Kaori landscape 100 election", "Japan of the road one hundred election", "history of the road one hundred election" sightseeing is attractions.

One of the name sightseeing spots is the birthplace of Hiraizumi Shirahama Shrine "Mitarai pond (Mitarashike)".
It is said that it is also the origin of the name "Hiraizumi" and "Pure water".

Headquarters of Hiraizumi Temple Hakusan Shrine.
It is overwhelmed by the historic and rigid headquarters in nature.

Moss grows in the precincts and it looks like a green carpet.
It is a place rich in nature, many rare plants.
You may visit by spring or autumn time hiking!

Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

"Fukui prefectural dinosaur museum" where children and adults can enjoy
It is the largest museum in the country concerning dinosaurs!

You can see the real model at hand!
It is powerful full mark.

It is packed with skeletal specimens, dinosaur movies and virtual tours. There are moving specimens that are so powerful that Chibuko cries and it is popular .

Toyama Prefecture

Famous Falls

Then introduce to is "Shōmyō Falls" in the Toyama Prefecture.
It is a waterfall boasting Japan's top drop of 350 meters, which is designated as the scenic spot of the country, a natural monument.

You can see the waterfall at the nearby observatory, so you can experience the overwhelming scale.

As the season we visited is summer if you sightseeing fall, autumn leaves will also be beautiful and even the scenery may be different! !

Kurobe Dam

Next is Kurobe Dam of Toyama prefecture.
This is a famous popular sightseeing spot!

To Kurobe Dam there is a route to go from Nagano Prefecture and a route to go from Toyama Prefecture, use this trolley bus to head.

A trolleybus is a ride that takes in electricity from the roof like a train. There is only here in Japan.

Then get on the ropeway ...

Take the cable car ...

Finally arrived!

It is the largest arched dam in Japan which was completed in 1963 with seven years and efforts of a total of 10 million people.
It is a must see is the height of Japan, the large water discharge from the dam of 186 m. This year's sightseeing period is full of November so it is barely but let's go!


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

The first visit to Ishikawa was the 21st Century Museum of Art. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most popular museum in Japan.

Many people were visiting this day as well as weekdays.

It is only an art museum that was made under the theme of "A museum that can be easily caught by cooking for lunch" and is characterized by many works that can be seen free of charge. This work called Color Activity House (Color Activity House) can enjoy the colors produced by overlapping glass walls of various colors.

A match between Japanese design and contemporary space is wonderful !

Work called swimming pool. At first glance it is an ordinary pool, but in reality it is a light blue space, the glass with water is just the ceiling!

This is "a man measuring the clouds"
In a bronze statuette created based on an American film "life-killer", she answered "I am measuring with clouds" in response to the question of what the hero is going to do with the climax of this movie.

As there are so many strange works like this you can enjoy it without feeling bored!


Finally, it is Kanazawa Koichi's sightseeing attraction "Kenrokuen" in Ishikawa Prefecture. Let's spend your time carefully with time because it is a garden with a large site.

It is counted as one of Japan 's three most famous gardens, a playground garden.
Kenrokuen was formed as a representative daimyo garden in the Edo period by Kaga Chikai lord, it has been formed over a long period of time. Located in the center of Kanazawa city, it has become popular as a garden where you can enjoy the beauty every seasons!

Speaking of Kenrokuen's main attractions is this "Kasumigauri". It is located near the center of the garden and it is also the biggest pond in the park.
recommended because you can wish for a wonderful landscape around the pond ♪

This fountain is said to be the oldest fountain in Japan.
It is a surprise because it is said that Kasumigaseki is the source of water and it is moving using only potential energy of height difference.
Well, how was it? Favorite sightseeing Did you spot?
Pros and cons of the upcoming outing reference but please try to!