When it comes to Atami, it is decided by seafood lunch!

When I went sightseeing in Atami or Izu, delicious seafood or Ise shrimp!

So this time, you shop the rarity of the seafood eaten that want to carefully selected visited when I went by all means a trip introduce you ♡

Please try by all means with friends!

Reasonable Atami Seafood Lunch ♡ 【within 2,000 yen】

1. Kaneko Fisheries

This shop is located here near Izukogen and Izu Goranpuru Park.
I would like to stop by by all means after sightseeing .

The picture is "Sashimi set menu" (1800 yen)!
There are so many sashimi! Everything is fresh and very delicious!
Gourmet which I want to eat and come to Izu and Ito is a seafood gourmet after all ◎

This is "Ajishi set menu".
You can have plenty of fresh plump Asian!
Contact daytime luxury Nante from ♡

Meal treatment Kanko Fisheries
Location: Hachimanno Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture 1132-13
アクセス:静岡県伊東市八幡野1132-13 伊豆高原駅 伊豆高原駅から884m
営業時間:12:00〜20:00 ランチ営業、日曜営業

Why do not you travel to Izu on a day trip?

2. Ikomaru Heiwado branch

Because lunch is advantageous, going by daytime is recommended !
Let's have delicious fish of Atami reasonably.

If you like it, definitely go.
The inside of the shop is very beautiful in a calm atmosphere!
recommended shop for with children !

This is "Seafood bowl" (2280 yen at night )!
Steamed brown bean and miso soup comes along! Fresh ingredients are abundantly used for seafood bowls!

Because it is Boryumi, men should be satisfied! Seafood rice bowl is lunch, you can get it at around 1000 yen!

Ikomaru Atami Peace Stores
Location: 3-6 Taharamoto cho, Atami city Shizuoka prefecture
Access: 220 meters from Atami station
営業時間:10:30〜22:00 オーダーストップ21:30 ランチ営業、日曜営業

Can go within 2 hours from Tokyo recommended What is the spot ...?

3. Taste Mura

Kamameshi-skewer shop "taste dark" Hao daytime is the shop of seafood bowl!
night is open as a kamui / kushiya restaurant.

Since the seafood bowl has not been provided only lunch time, people who want to eat the seafood bowl is your daytime let's go on!

recommended menu is "Tuna's mountain bowl".
All the lunch menu is 1,000 yen, it is reasonable.

At home atmosphere, it is easy to enter even those with with children !

Noodle color taste
Place: Atami city center Shizuoka 6-3
アクセス:JR東海道本線 来宮駅 徒歩11分JR東海道本線・東海道新幹線 熱海駅 徒歩15分 来宮駅から695m
営業時間:11:30〜14:00(L.O.) 18:00〜3:00(L.O.) ランチ営業、夜10時以降入店可、夜12時以降入店可、日曜営業

Why do not you drive to Atami?

4. Ayu tea house

It is "Ayu tea house" of Nakaizu.
A very friendly grandmother is a shop that is managed!

After sightseeing Izukogen or Ito,
How about going to Ayu cooking until "Ayu tea shop"?

Ayu grown up in the river of Izu is exquisite!
From the course to the set meals, dishes one dish,
It is a shop where you can enjoy sweetfish in various forms.

Ayu tea house
Place: Shizuoka prefecture Izunokuni shi Otini 440
Access: 182 m from Ohito station
営業時間:11:00〜13:30(L.O) 17:30〜20:00(L.O) ランチ営業、日曜営業

How about a hot spring trip in the summer ...?

5. Chamber store

This shop is a shop called "Kurobane teahouse".
The picture is "Kaname Snapper Dried Dish Set" (1400 yen).
By becoming dried fish, the umami of the fish is condensed.

There is also such a menu that you can enjoy dried fish and sashimi.
"Azu no Tataki and dried fish set meal" is 1,500 yen.
family are mostly used by customers, and locally populated people use it a lot.

A shop popular also from local people ... There is no way it can be delicious!
Raw fish is also nice, but dried fish is also one of the gourmet that you want to taste once.

Hearth shop
Location: 2-6 Tawaramoto-machi, Atami-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture
アクセス:熱海駅より徒歩2分 熱海駅から231m
営業時間:【昼】11:30〜15:00(LO14:15) 【夜】17:00〜22:00(LO21:00) ランチ営業、日曜営業

sightseeing in Shizuoka is perfect in this ^ ^

Atami's luxury seafood lunch ♡ 【3000 yen ~ 4000 yen】

6. Nomoto cuisine Tokushima Inatori main store

This is "Tokudemaru" in Inatori.
Speaking of Inatori 's specialties, it is a bamboo shoot.

In this shop, "Kaname bait boiled fish set meal" (2100 yen) and
"Kimonokuri set menu" (3000 yen) and others can be enjoyed.
popular shop, it is recommended to visit early or late, or stagger the time.

Nomoto cuisine Tokushimaru head office
Location: Inago 798 Higashi Izu-cho, Kamo gun, Shizuoka prefecture
Access: 670 m from Ibusuko Inori station
営業時間:[月、火、木〜日] 10:30〜17:30(L.O.16:45) ※夜のお食事は姉妹店『魚庵(ぎょあん)』をご利用ください。 20:45閉店(L.O.20:00) ランチ営業、日曜営業

7. Iso cuisine

It is a restaurant located on the beachfront. It takes about 7 minutes by car from Izu Rapid Shimoda station .

About 5 minutes on by walk from Shimoda Marine Aquarium.
A suspension bridge in front of the store is a landmark!

"Ise Shrimp Onigame Hokkaido Gozen" (3800 yen)
Sashimi (three kinds of fish) · Salted spirits · Vinegared food · Rice · Miso soup · Oshika set.
Shrimp Ise Shrimp, please show me the living figure!
Because it jumps, there is power.

Shrimp Ise came.

The body of plush is delicious.
If you eat lobster of Ise decided by this shop!

Because it is a shop on the beach, you can see the sea from the seats.

You can see ships simulating black ships.
This shop also large popular since the time of congestion is also the admission is limited.
I recommend you make a reservation!

Fujio Iso cuisine
Place: Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka prefecture 3-19-36
アクセス:伊豆急下田駅より 徒歩約20分またはタクシー 4,5分下田海中水族館行きバス下車徒歩5分 伊豆急下田駅から1,381m
営業時間:11:00〜16:00 17:00〜20:00(8月は21:00) ランチ営業、日曜営業

Atami recommended sightseeing attractions are here ...!

Your reward daytime ♡ the Petit luxury lunch from in Atami

When visiting Izu · Atami,
It is much trouble Callao daytime Let's luxury and will be ♡ to eat delicious things from

If Izu day trip drive ...