Well, drive to Shizuoka Numazu.

Numazu IC

Now let's start Numazu sightseeing ! I drive about one hour from Tokyo and I am at the Tomei Expressway Numazu IC.
It's about 20 to 30 minutes from here to arrive at Numazu Port!

Numazu Harbor

Tuna, boasts the best harvest in JapanNumazu HarborIt is a popular sightseeing attraction of Shizuoka!
Let's face the charm of Numazu Harbor!

Wandering through Numazu Port, there is a signboard of fish kanji! How many can you read? What? What?
The answer is the last ♪

Numazu's sample meal has changed a bit!?

Sasuyo Seamount Market Head Office

Arriving at Numazu Port, when you are walking around there is a big fish store! HereSasuyo Seamount Market Head Officeis!

This is Kaname Taima! Fresh and big fish are sold at very reasonable price!

Fish fillets are packed full of boxes! What is this place? What?

Take one boxed full of fillets one by one.

Unique to Numazu Port, a town of fish, where you can bake and eat it on a turtle with self-serviceTasting

Fuji can also be seen View Numazu observation deck!

Numazu Port Large Scale Outlook Flood gate

A huge lock gate with a height of about 10 meters made for shutting out the tsunami is the largest in Japan.

I climb up with an elevator. Including Suruga Bay, Numazu's streets spread out!
You can also see a beautiful sunset.

When it is sunny, it is a superb view spot where you can have a good view and see Mt. Fuji!

Numazu Port Large Scale Outlook Flood gate
Location: Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture Imital Books Thousands 1905-27
Access: Approximately 33 minutes on by walk from Numazu station [South Exit]

Let's go see a mysterious creature living in the ocean floor!

Numazu Port deep sea aquarium

popular sightseeing Numazu HarborNumazu Port deep sea aquariumI came to.
At Numazu Port deep sea aquarium, rare deep-sea fish found in Suruga Bay is exhibited.

This isMiddle Fusa Ankois!
You have an amazing face. It is strange to think that such creatures are in the deep ocean.

This is a red body coloring that keeps feeding at the mouthBenitegri

This creature moves like walking on the ocean floor, somehow resembles SemiSemihoubou

When I go up to the second floor of Numazu Port deep sea aquarium, I lived 350 million years agoSealer cansThere is!


Perhaps it may live hiding in the seabed of Numazu Bay.

Numazu Port deep sea aquarium
Place: Shizuoka prefecture Numazu city Senbon port town 83
Access: Approximately 27 minutes on by walk from Numazu station [South Exit]
Hours: 10:00 to 18:00 ( summer season, winter, peak season is changed)