To torrents with snow melting water! "Rafting"

Speaking of rafting! I tend to think of summer, but the rafting of Hokkaido's "Rukukawa"springI recommended it! " spring Thawing"! spring Rakugawa Rafting is literally in the middle of April to May, because the river rises with melting snow, you can enjoy "torrent" literally. I surfed the rafts in the river shine (Rapid), and there are points to jump in like feet. I used a service called RIvertrip. It also lent me waterproof clothes, but to the inside underwear messed up. The river in Hokkaido of spring is terrible! !

"Rakugawa" Rafting HP

Feel the spring "Wind garden"

From the parking lot of the New Furano Prince Hotel, take the wind garden reception at by walk. It takes about 3 minutes by a pick-up car to get to the wind garden. We will open at spring from April. The booth called "Rose no yard" produces a rose garden that is close to nature by combining the original rose and the grass. In addition, "Knight Garden" is held in June, touching the beauty with the nature of light while feeling fantastic "silhouette" of trees and flowers under the starry sky. You can spend night like an angel coming down.

◆ Time: 8: 00 A.M. to 6: 00 P.M. (Last reception 5:30 PM.)
※ Night Garden Holding June 13 (Sat) - August 31 (Monday)
Sunset ~ 8: 00 P.M. (Last reception 7:30 PM.)
※ From October 1 (Thu) to October 18 (Sun)
8: 00 A.M. ~ 4: 00 P.M. (Last reception 3: 30 P.M.)
◆ fee: persons adults ¥ 700 small student (7-12 years old) ¥ 500
Infant (4 to 6 years old) free <Transfer charge>
◆ Location: Approximately three minutes by pick-up car from New Furano Prince Hotel (wind garden reception)
※ The business term / time may be changed.


Lavender field! "Farm Tomita"

Lavender and all the flower gardens in full bloom in July! It is healed by the rich fragrance of lavender. Just during the consecutive holidays in July, "am" is quite crowded, so it is recommended that you have a comparatively vacant "afternoon" if you go. It is around 15 minutes by car from Furano Delis. The famous "field of coloring" can be seen from the front / slope / observation deck "Forest building (Mori noei)".

dessert are sold in "Forest building" in July. Lavender soft cream (300 yen), rich in lavender flavor, very delicious ♪

I want to go once before I die, a fantastic space "blue pond"

It is said that "I want to go once before I die." As the water in the pond is beautiful blue and the dead trees are fantastic, it became famous in word of mouth. sightseeing tourists are also many, but, on the thanks in the parking lot is widefree◎ Since there are no restrooms or shops in the vicinity of the pond, it is better to stay at the platinum information center 2 km before.


Autumn prairies "Yankee Observatory"

It is approximately 30 minutes by JR Sapporo station to Hiraga Observatory car! entrance fee was raised to 520 yen! September is green all around! You can overlook Sapporo!

It is one of the best sightseeing attractions in Hokkaido located in Yeokaoka, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido. The whole image of Dr. William Smith · Clark who extended the arm with the perspective of Sapporo from the southeast direction can be seen, is placed in the observatory stand. Beyond Dr. Clark "Boys, Be Ambitious" "Boys, be ambitious"! And a regular pose!

Yankega Observatory HP


Speaking of Hokkaido in winter, here! "Odori Park"

Even if it is said that Odori Park, you might think "Ha?", But here is a park where "Sapporo Snow Festival" is being held. Sapporo Snow Festival is full of highlights, such as the image of heavy snow & big ice, regional delicious food in Hokkaido and the world, various stage events, illumination , night projection mapping ♪

A big tree! The theme isSpace areaWhenThe sparkling bridgeIt is a view from.
In "Crystal River", blue light will be punctual like the flow of a river. Every year, the theme changes and the atmosphere changes daily, making it a sightseeing spot to enjoy every year.

"Fun Sazae family in Sapporo Snow Festival" There was a very solid feeling, the degree of completion was high!

This is the zone of " night projection mapping". [Screening time] 17: 30 ~ 22: 00 ※ About once in 3 minutes. It is carried out every ten minutes.

"Light and sound show" The colors of the light up will change one by one according to the students' electone performance of YAMAHA ♪ The large ice image is "toy city" 【playing time】 17: 35 ~ 21: 35 ※ About 9 times every 30 minutes.
Points to keep in mind during the snow festival
1. すいているのは平日午前中!夜は混雑覚悟!
2. 滑り止め対策は万全に!
3. 摂氏0度を切るので寒さ対策は万全に!
4. 車は避けろ!公共の交通機関がおすすめ!
that's all! spring summer we sent the Hokkaido enjoy the Fall! Since there is a color for each season, please come and visit Hokkaido from knowing the charm of Hokkaido!

Sapporo Snow Festival official website