Speaking of Okinawa, it's all over here! World heritage that became the stage of NHK Taiga Drama "Shuri Castle"

Do not you remember this gate? That's right, I'm on a 2,000 yen bill!

This is the first main gate of the gate, entering the castle of Shuri castle. It is said that this name was given to welcome the emperor's Chinese emperor inviting into Shuri castle, sealed books etc.

Those who are called sealed-ups who praised the purity of the dragon gut water when visiting Shuri Castle, reading the Chinese poetry of China or leaving a title is called a "sealed monument", and the dragon It is displayed near the gutter.

This is Ruizen gate. Until the reign organs and Kisyon Gate were established in the era of the Shin Wang, it was regarded as the main gate of Shuri Castle.

Tickets are needed from here.

The main hall is the largest wooden structure in the Kingdom of the Ryukyus, and it is called Kunisaki or Hoshi Urasoe Goten, literally being the most important building as a symbol to dominate the whole country.

Interior decoration is like old-fashioned Japanese style building. There is also a throne where the king is going, and a difference floor.

Vending machines are also lined with Sikhuwasaa, Guava, Mandarin tea etc, packed full of Okinawa feeling!

Shuri Castle
[Opening hours] From 8: 30 to 19: 00/7 to September 8: 30 to 20: 00/10 to November 8: 30 to 19: 00/12 to March 8: 30 to 18: 00
[Access] Approximately 10 km from Naha airport 40 minutes - 60 minutes / Naha city (International street Mitsukoshi front) approximately 4 km Approximately 15 minutes - 25 minutes
[Admission] adult 820 yen / high school students 620 yen / junior high student 310 yen / 6-year-old less than free
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Japan's largest aquarium, "Churaumi Aquarium"

world's first! We are breeding several whale sharks and breeding corals in large scale. Enjoy the world of the Kuroshio fish overlooking the gigantic acrylic panel!

How, the Churaumi Aquarium was the world's largest aquarium until 2005! The number of tanks is as many as 77.Encounter with the sea of ​​OkinawaIt seems to have been reproduced on the concept ♪

Churaumi Aquarium
[Opening Hours] October - February 8: 30 - 18: 30 / Multipurpose day 8: 30 - 19: 30
[Access] About 2 hours by car from Naha airport (using expressway), about 3 hours by bus (using high-speed bus)
[Admission] adult 1850 yen / high school students 1230 yen / small and middle student 610 yen
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Let's learn history while sightseeing ! "Peace Memorial Park"

こちらは平和の丘というモニュメント。 安定感のあるフォルムは「揺るぎない誓いの精神」を表現しています。一つ一つ意味があり、黒御影石製のアーチは平和のくさび"で、彫像の中心には琉球石灰岩の要石を沖縄に見立てて配置。下層部はガマをイメージしているんです。奥に進むと天井から「平和の光」が差し込む造りになっています。

The Okinawa Peace Memorial Hall was built as a symbol of peaceful desire of all citizens, memorial of war dead, including Okinawa prefecture. In the hall, the Okinawa peace memorial statue produced by Mr. Masayama Yamada, an artist born in Okinawa, is settled in support of fund-raising activities by each municipality and schoolchild under Okinawa Prefecture.

There is a monument "The foundation of peace" which wished for permanent peace of the world, engraved the names of all people who passed away in Okinawa war without distinguishing between nationality, soldiers and civilians.

A blue sea spreads all over in the back. However, we must never forget that there are also sad reality that many people have decided self-determination.

Peace Memorial Park
[Access] Naha (bus terminal) → Itoman (bus terminal) about 45 minutes / bus number: 89, 33, 46
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The Himeyuri Tower is a memorial monument standing at the site of Australia where Okinawa Army Hospital Third Surgeon was placed at the end of the Pacific War Okinawa Battle. It is named "Tower", but its height is several tens of centimeters.

In the data hall, full-size diorama is made by looking up the third surgical pier from the bottom. Also in the same building there is a full size model that reproduces a part of Minami Kohara Army Hospital pit. In the 4th exhibition room, photographs of the students and teachers who fought back of the school corps are stuck in the wall, and the character of the life and the situation at the time of death are explained by sentences.

If you stop by car at the parking lot of the Himeyuri Kaikan of a nearby souvenir shop, you will get Sator Andagi and Ruminbo Tart for free! It is a nice service ^ ^

Tower of Himeyuri
[Opening hours] 9: 00 ~ 17: 25
[Access] Approximately 30 minutes by car from Naha airport / 3 minutes on by walk from Himeyuri tower front bus stop
[Admission] adult 310 yen / high school students 210 yen / junior high student 110 yen
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