"FabCafe" @ Shibuya

About 10 minutes walking from Shibuya station . A red billboard is a landmark. The interior was calm atmosphere with design of woodgraining. There were a lot of people working on PCs and meetings.

The shop has lots of latest technology such as laser cutters, cutting machines, 3D printers! I am dying for science girls, I'm excited! !

And what is manufacturing, this laser cutter and 3D printer are put. I can make my own smart case etc etc.
It looks like a doll made with a 3D printer. There was a customer who made a three-dimensional business card using a laser printer when I went. There is no cafe where you can experience your own art at the cafe and so please try it!

From Keio Inokashira Line "Shinsen station " South Exit, 5 minutes on by walk .
From Toyoko Line · Denentomi Line "Shibuya station " Exit 1, 8 minutes on by walk .
10 minutes on by walk from Hachiko entrance "Shibuya station " Yamanote line / Saikyo line.
218 m from Shimizu station
【business hours】
[Monday - Friday]
[Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays]
Closed holiday
New Year's Holiday
【eating log】

"Stationery Cafe" @ Omotesando

Well I will introduce stationery cafe in Omotesando next! It is a stationery cafe opened in June 2012 on the 1st floor of Uchida Building deep inside Omotesando in Jingumae.

The design of the exterior is also very fascinating, intriguing to the stationery which looks glittering from the entrance! To the inside of the store immediately!

The interior consisted of a stationery selling space of about 3 tatami mats and a cafe space of about 60 seats, and there were many people who had meetings and meals with 3 to 4 people. It is attractive that it is open from 7:30. Power is prepared depending on the in-store wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) environment, seats.

It is a calm atmosphere where the ceiling is based on white. There are a lot of stationery in the shop. The table seats are lined up on the left hand side, the table seats are lined up in the back, and the total number of seats is 60 seats wide. As the name says, there are lots of stationery in the shop. Of course you can purchase .

Brulee of Hojicha is rich, not too sweet, moderately sweet! was delicious! Please come back to the stationery which was a little far away in the internet society by all means on the way home, please purchase ! You can buy a couple of stationery items for a celebration of the day and try a little excitement ♡
By all means for your reference !

"THE BEACH 55" @ Toyosu

Magic beach (Magic beach) opened in Toyosu in June 2014. There is a popular brand such as QUIKSILVER and adidas in the container type mall, but especially recommended is "THE BEACH 55" of the cafe restaurant! Access the new Toyosu station before your eyes from, Toyosu station from the by walk is 2 minutes.

This cafe is a 550-meter beach with 550 tons of white sandy beach ♪ It's as if it came as if you came to the beach!

It is underway until June of 2016. wonderful atmosphere is the extraordinary , so please come and visit everyone by date, girls' association, drinking party etc!

Yurikamome new Toyosu station before
166 m from Shin Toyosu station
【business hours】
Lunch open, Sunday open
Closed holiday
No rest
【eating log】

"Sakuragaoka Cafe" @ Shibuya

In the noisy Shibuya there is also a space called healing!

It is a popular cafe located 5 minutes on by walk from Shibuya station Hachiko entrance walking towards Daikanyama! The atmosphere inside the shop is also excellent !! A perfect place for meetings and dates!

The food is very delicious and the atmosphere in the shop is also the extraordinary .

here! How! What a goat in this cafe! And two more! You can receive food from a clerk !! Do not worry because your hands are not bite.

There may be many people who are not big, but let 's play with the goats outside the shop when you feel lonely. ENJOY S Office Lady ITUDE! (Let's all be alone!)

Shibuya station 5 minutes on by walk
337 meters from Shibuya station
【business hours】
[Morning Time]
※ takeout only on weekdays
[Lunch time]
[Idle Time]
[Dinner time]
[Midnight Time]
【eating log】