Chiba ken

Zokoyama hell peep

It is 1 hour 45 minutes by car from Tokyo station . I came to sawama in Futtsu city.
Here we are waiting for the scenery of a surprise that the legs are scooping up.
As you can see the location on the top of the mountain, climb on the ropeway or on by walk .
I climb the summit at the ropeway. Adult one way 900 yen. 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Winter ~ 16: 00).
From the ropeway, you can see the Tokyo bay.

It is okay to climb at a stroke by the ropeway, but if you have your own strength, please try walking by all means!

Although such a staircase lasts long and long, I think that it will be a good memory to go while watching the beautiful scenery ♪

It is the aim of this time that it appears when you arrive near the summit.
It is "peeping in hell". It looks like he's watching the hell when looking down from just a cliff that stands out. Just look there from scenery is superb view!

You can see such a beautiful view from the top of the mountain. The ocean is close so it is a superb view .

There is such a wonderful scenery at dusk. I can not remove this sunset! Come in the evening around the summit ♪

Place: Futtsu-shi, Kanaya, Chiba Prefecture
Access: 38 minutes on by walk from Yasuda (Chiba) station [exit]

Oyama Senjita

The view like the original landscape of Japan spreads. It seems that it is a rice terrace located in the nearest place from Tokyo. It is also selected as one hundred of rice terraces in Japan. You can enjoy the beautiful rice paddy landscape of green.

From the end of October to January 4th, it will be beautifully lighted up using 10,000 LED lights at the event "Ray of Terraced Akari".

Oyama Senjita
Place: 540 Hiratsuka, Kamogawa city, Chiba prefecture

Nagano Prefecture

Mihigahara Kogen Museum of Art

The Megumihara Takahara Art Museum is located at the summit of the Mikigahara Plateau (altitude 2,000 m) and is the highest altitude art museum in Japan, where you can enjoy indoor and outdoor sculptures and art objects.

In June 1981 it opened as a sister house of the Hakone sculpture forest art museum in Hakone Town.
This is one of outdoor sculpture works,
It is a giant sculpture with a height of 14 ㍍ and a total weight of 36 tons, representing the collapse and regeneration of the city.

There are also various other works, and since many workshops are held, it is ideal for children as well.
Because this museum is in the National Park, you can enjoy a variety of alpine plants besides art works.

Although the sea of ​​clouds is casually reflected, I can look down at such a beautiful sea of ​​clouds below. Exceptional superb view ! !

Mihigahara Kogen Museum of Art
Place: Takeshi Uehon, Ueda, Nagano Prefecture
Opening Hours: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Admission is until 16:30)


Kamikochi is a naturally rich national park, the autumn / autumn leaves season of the coming season is the best season. If you have time, also to explore slowly recommended is!

Taisho pond
Place: Kamikochi Matsumoto-shi, Nagano Prefecture

Because Kamikochi has a regulation of my car, I will transfer to the bus on the way. I will walk from here.

There is such a beautiful scenery when walking for a while! A superb view that seems to come out on the calendar. However, in Kamikochi there are many more beautiful scenery .

There are courses to walk in this forest. I do not believe it because it is negative ion or stinky, but the feeling of refreshing is not half end.

Head toward Mingoikei.
This is Myojin Bridge over Azusawa. What I see in the back is Mt. The scale is spectacular.

There are also such fancy cafés on the way ♪

Where you can enjoy such beautiful scenery , is not it quite probable. Just in autumn the autumn leaves are beautiful so it's a perfect spot for this season! Please come and visit!

Tochigi Prefecture

Ice bombing

First of all, the ice waterfall refers to a waterfall that has been frozen due to the coldness of winter. The figure which is completely different from the warm seasonal waterfall is worth seeing at first glance! It is a sightseeing spot perfect for the coming winter!

First is Fukuroda Falls. It is counted as one of Japan's three-person waterfall, its height is 120 m, its width is 73 m and it is big scale. I am amazed by its power as I see it from the waterfall called Kanbata.

The Nagase waterfall here is a waterfall upstream of Fukuroda Falls. It seems that there are not many people because it is necessary to climb the steeply steep stairs on the way. It is a hot spot where you can harbor these ice explosions.

The waterfall at that crown is also frozen. There is a feeling of dynamism.

It is a waterfall. The power of 70 m in height is amazing.

You all know this. It is Kegono waterfall. This is also one thing that can be counted as one of Japan Three Falls. It is overwhelming force.

The roaring sounds This sound scenery regret not to look by the time of death ... It is beautiful.
Because this is not transmitted in the photograph, please go on your own feet by all means!

Shizuoka Prefecture

West Lake bat hole (bats)

The West Lake bat hole is the largest lava cave in Mt. Fuji at the foot of Aokigahara Seikai spreading surrounding the West Lake located northwest of Mount Fuji.

I borrowed a helmet and I went to the Aokigahara junkai soon.

There are also such places in the trees.

I arrived in the bat hole when I walked a few minutes.

The interior which extends over 350 m in total is quite wide.

The ceiling is so low that the helmet is indispensable so much that we have to crouch so much. Let's definitely borrow.

As the name of a bat hole, there is a bat residence behind the cave. Let's proceed not to wake up.

By the way, I've introduce a great superb view that you can go out on a day trip from Tokyo, but did you have a favorite place? Every spot is perfect for the coming season so please come and take a break this time! !