To Dai Kan Bo where you can see Aso in Kumamoto!

Taikan Peak is an recommended spot that overlooks Aso.
You can see Aso Goryake all at once.

Let's feel the spreading earth! The air is also delicious ~!

It is famous for its many farms surrounding Mt. Aso.
There are also many ranches in the surrounding of Taikan Peak, often seeing cows!

You can also see a black cow at hand. Cow that grew up in wilderness and peeking pictures ♪
Let's leave Taikan Peak and head toward Mt. Aso.

Alas, to Mt. Aso!

On the way to Mt. Aso, you can see many cows and enjoy the great nature in the drive!
Arrives in Mt. Aso soon!

Take the Aso mountain ropeway and arrive at the crater western station in about 4 minutes from Aso mountain west station .
The view from the ropeway is also the extraordinary ~!

You can see desolate earth, magnificent caldera and Aso Nakadake crater etc in Mt Aso or crater!
Views different from Mt. Aso which you can see from a distance are impressive full marks.

When the sunset, when the evening sunset you can see scenery where Mt. Aso is orange.

Let's go eat delicious Kumamoto gourmet after being healed by the scenery of sunset and Mt. Aso!

Meal disposition

When you come to Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture, it is a Higo's red cow that you absolutely want to eat! I am convinced that there are many ranches.
First of all, I will introduce 【Meal disposition Hanaobisu】.

Along the road full of greenery there is an old traditional house shop 【meal service Hanaobisu】.

Grilled meat is rare. Because clothes are thin, you can taste the taste of meat firmly.
The juice that is accompanied is the local dish of Kumamoto, which is also delicious with a rustic taste.

Restaurant Fuya

A chef has a career trained at the Imperial Hotel, a well-known Western food restaurant founded over 40 years ago 【Restaurant Fuya】
You can have "Aka Beef" which is soft and high quality fat is exquisite.