First, start a trip of art from Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa station !

Kanazawa station where architecture is like art 【hospitality dome】
Let's go see the art of Kanazawa!

This is a Japanese contemporary art museum [Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Art]
It is an art museum built with the theme of "In a museum where you can easily come by cooking on a cup."

A match between Japanese design and contemporary space is wonderful !
Design of the sum of overseas sightseeing for those who of customer popular there is.

This is a work called "a man measuring clouds".
An American movie "Life sleep" is a model. In response to the question of what the hero is going to do from now on the climax of this movie, he answered "I am measuring with clouds".

"Color activity house (Color Activity House)" outside the museum
The color itself produced by the overlapping of the glass walls of various colors is a work of art.

This is "Blue Planet Sky"
There are square windows on the ceiling, and the sky seems to be exhibited as one of the art.

Aquarium "Swimming pool" as if you are in the water even though you are not using water at all
It is a contemporary art museum that many people can feel familiar with and enjoy it.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Place: 1-2-1 Hirosaka, Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture
Access: About 22 minutes on by walk from Nomachi station [exit]
Business hours: 10: 00-18: 00 (10: 00- 20: 00 on Friday and Saturday)

Historic Japanese garden with beautiful scenery of the four seasons

Historical sightseeing spot "Kenrokuen" in Kanazawa
From Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art by walk is in the place of about 5 minutes, after seeing the modern art, it is also good to visit the Japanese Garden is the art of Japan.

On the vast grounds there is a Japanese garden where nature and Japanese beauty blend.

Kenrokuen which was built as a garden of the Kaga clan during the Edo period is a venerable Japanese garden that can be counted as one of Japan's three national parks.

spring cherry blossoms, summer is Hazakura, fall foliage, winter snow scenery varies throughout the four seasons and Japanese Gardens.

It is also the attraction of sightseeing in Ishikawa Prefecture to be able to watch the art of Japanese garden at Kenrokuen.

Location: 1-4 in Kanegali-cho, Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture
アクセス:金沢駅[東口]から徒歩約29分 金沢駅からバスで兼六園下、広坂、出羽町下車
Business hours: March 1 - October 15/7: 00-18: 00, 16th October - late February / 8: 00-17: 00

Kitchen in Kanazawa "kitchen in Osaicho Market in Kanazawa" Fish of the sea in the Japan Sea line up!

We are headed for "Kanazawa Kitchen Omi-machi Market" located 15 minutes on by walk from Kanazawa station .

There are many fishmongers in the kitchen of Kanazawa. Fresh seafood from the Sea of ​​Japan is on sale.

It is Ishikawa Prefecture facing the Sea of ​​Japan as expected, such as palm-sized scallops and black that you can not readily see in Tokyo.

Omi-cho Market
Place: Kanemae-machi, Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture 50
アクセス:金沢駅[東口]から徒歩約14分 金沢駅から3分バスに乗り武蔵ヶ辻下車
Opening hours: Depends on stores

Antenna shop that you can purchase Ishikawa's specialty items in Tokyo even after the trip!

Ishikawa prefecture's property shop [Ishikawa Watermelon story Edo main store] can purchase Ishikawa's specialty goods!

Even if the taste of Ishikawa Prefecture is regrettable after the trip of Ishikawa Prefecture is over, it is OK.
There is a taste of Ishikawa Prefecture in Tokyo · Yurakucho!

You can purchase fish dried fish from the Sea of ​​Japan in Ishikawa Prefecture. There were also other stews and squid.

It is unique curry of Ishikawa prefecture, including Noto beef curry.
It is a product that is pleasing as a fun gift for people who like curry (540 yen to 1080 yen).

Ishikawa prefecture's famous "Wajima coat" pottery.
There is no doubt that you will be pleased if you present a sake and a set of Ishikawa Prefecture such as glass, otako etc, including the Masu.

It is a product that Tsukudani boasts in the box of the Shinkansen recommended for souvenirs.

The name of the product is also a stylish name "Tsukudani boarding ~ 5 items in (1080 yen)".
Let's purchase the taste of Ishikawa Prefecture which can not be forgotten in Yurakucho!

Ishiwa Watermelon story Edo main store
Location: 2-2-18 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Th Ginza Building 2F (Cafe) B1 (Eat in)
Access: 145 m from Ginza 1-chome station
営業時間:2Fカフェ 10:00-20:00 B1イートイン 昼 11時〜15時 夜 17時〜21時(ラストオーダー20時30分) 日曜営業