Departure on Hokuriku Shinkansen!

Departing from Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo!
Tokyo - Toyama had the fastest 3 hours and 11 minutes so far,
March 14, 2015 Hokuriku Shinkansen opened, the time has been sharply reduced to 2 hours and 8 minutes fastest.

Why do not you go on vacation and sightseeing till Toyama became easier to access?
Gourmet which you want me to taste by all means when going to Toyama
We want carrying the foot recommended sightseeing your spot introduce you to!

Taste Toyama even in the Shinkansen

Among the Shinkansen heading for Toyama, let 's enjoy Toyama.
On travel, enjoy traveling time too!

When I go to Toyama,
I want you to eat in the train, recommended lunch boxToyama sushi (1300 yen).

Entering a bamboo box, a slightly scented vinegar increases appetite.
When you come to Toyama, Mori sushi is a gourmet you want to eat without fail!

Four gourmet recommended Toyama

So, when you arrive in Toyama we will introduce recommended gourmet that we want you to taste.
None of them are exquisite gourmets that will become Yumikitsuki!

① Mikuri's "Hot Pizza like Emma" at Ike hot spring

Mikuri is at a restaurant in Ike hot springEmma's hot pizzarecommended .
The fabric is handmade.
The sauce that plays the role of Tabasco "Mikuri chef"
It is original source which was completed by devising ingenuity.

I will bake the cheese after placing the order.
Original source isDrop of hellThree kinds of sources called.

Red drop = very painful. Please be careful not to spend too much momentum.
· Drops green = Supachara sauce. as you like.
· Yellow dripping = Curry based sauce, but spicy and spicy pizza meets pizza.
Please try all kinds, by all means.
There is no doubt that the pain will be habit!
"Mikuri is a pond hot spring"
【Address】 Toyama Prefecture Nakanishikawa gun Tateyama cho Muroudo flat
【Opening Hours】 11: 00 ~ 14: 00
【Closed holiday】 Closed in winter
【eating log】

② "Rotation lifetime" of festival hayashi

The interior of the shop is about 20 seats at the counter main,
Because there are four box seatsAll daytime and night Gohanji is crowded pretty!
About 11 o'clock immediately after opening, it is free if you go to a snack every 15 to 14 o'clock.

About 500 yen if it is one dish high.
In addition to Toyama specialty white shrimp,
You can have fried chicken with a lot of collagen and fish called beautiful goods!

By the way, you can combine your favorite sushi and take it home.
As expectedEating log 3.4 or moreA shop! It was very fresh and tasty.

"Festival Hayashi"
【Address】 12-19 Oizumi Nakamachi Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture
【Opening Hours】 11: 00 ~ 21: 00
【Closed holiday】 7 days a week
【eating log】

③ "Black Ramen" by Nishimachi Oki

Fukushiro, Honda Tsubasa's 9th drama "Koibutsu" is also the most talked in black ramen!
It is a specialty of Toyama.

Appearance seems to be salty, but it is easy to taste.
Moreover, it is a soy sauce ramen with deep richness.
The secret is soy sauce used for soup.
It contains a lot of umami ingredients, to keep salt at moderate
It is a super rich fish sauce made with a unique manufacturing method.

"Nishi-machi Daiki"
【Address】 Toyama Prefecture Toyama City 1-1-3
[Opening Hours] 11: 00-20: 00
[Closed holiday] Wednesday (in the case of a holiday, next day)
【eating log】

④ Itojo's "Tankpot"

Your daytime at lunch night at dinner recommended is the shop.

popular menu is a pot with noodles.It's reasonable with a stewed udon noodle of 820 yen.
Also local people sightseeing larger in customer popular inLet's prepare for a long line.
Time and when there is room in, your daytime that you go to remove the time recommended you!

【Address】 1-7-6 Taromaru Honcho Toyama City Toyama Prefecture
【business hours】
[Moon, water ~ gold]
<Lunch> 11: 00-15: 30 (LO 15: 00)
<Dinner> 17: 00 ~ 24: 00 (LO 23: 30)
[Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays]
<Lunch> 11: 00-16: 00 (LO 16: 00)
<Dinner> 17: 00 ~ 24: 00 (LO 23: 30)
【Closed holiday】 Tuesday
【eating log】

5 recommended sightseeing spots in Toyama

① Tram

This streetcar that runs everywhere in Toyama.
What a streetcar that has been running for over 100 years,Common name / Chinchin train

It is the first streetcar on the Sea of ​​Japan side in September 2002
Toyama Electric orbit (Toyama City Extension) opened.
There is also a great set of streetcars 1 day free pass tickets and pleasure boat tickets,
sightseeing towards the customer recommended is.
Let's enjoy sightseeing by riding a tram
The local means of transportation when I went on a Toyama trip by Shinkansen was decided by the streetcar!

[Sales Office]
Toyama Subway Ride Ticket Center (1st floor of Electric Railway station )
Toyama Subway Railway Town Ticket Center (Nishimachi intersection corner)
[Price] [adult] 1,500 yen (medium student or more) [children] 750 yen (3-4 years small student )

② Maidasigahara

Tateyama station

If you are traveling by train, let 's get off at Tateyama station .
If it is a car, it is about 40 minutes from Hokuriku Expressway Tateyama IC to here.


I will board a cable car.
In about 7 minutesBeautifulArrived at the sightseeing spot.
When coming back to the same place,
Since the last train time of the vehicle changes,Official siteThe time schedule is necessary.

Autumn leaves are so beautiful in autumn. It is a landmark of autumn leaves.
From Beppuhei, the Tateyama Takahara bus operates every 40 minutes.
Arrived at the destination sightseeing spot, Midagahara in about 30 minutes.

Midagahara was enrolled in the Ramsar ConventionAn internationally valuable marshland​ ​

Wood path continues to the wetland spreading on the lava plateau.

It is dotted with ponds peculiar to highland wetlands,
Various alpine plants bloom from summer to autumn.
It is a great point of trekking,
The walking path is inside, 40 minutes, outside around 1 hour 20 minutes.


By Tateyama Kogen car bus to Muroda next destination from Midagahara in about 20 minutes.
The magnificent scenery is very beautiful.

Sunset sunk in the sea of ​​clouds in Midugahara Fantastic superb view .
It is also a sight-seeing sun.

③ Kurobe Dam

How, Kurobe Dam isfree sightseeing attraction you've been good to go · First place for 3 consecutive yearsof
Large popular sightseeing spot!
No way, I was astonished that such a spot was in Toyama ... lol.
It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a sightseeing spot of Toyama.

Taikan peak

From Taiko peak to Kurobehei arrived at Tateyama Ropeway in about 7 minutes.
Season of autumn leaves is the masterpiece scenery is.

You can enjoy majestic scenery from the sky.
This is also the scenery of autumn leaves.
It is still a way to go to Kurobe Dam,
There is no doubt that you think that it was good to come at the time of seeing this scenery !


To the spot surrounding Kurobe Dam Kurobehee.
It is about 5 minutes from Kurobehei to Kurobe lake by Kurobe cable car.
This cable car is the only thing in Japan that cuts all the underground.

Kurobe Lake

From then on, let's go to Kurobe Lake.

Here, Kurobe Lake, which has an average altitude of 1448 m,
You can ride the pleasure boat Garve, which will take you around 30 minutes.
It is Japan's extraordinary altitude alpine cruise.

From Kurobe lake to Kurobe Dam, it is about 15 minutes on by walk .

"Pleasure boat Garbe"
【Price】 Adult 1080 yen, Child 540 yen
[Sales] 8: 20 - 15: 40 (There are fluctuations in the season)
【Duration】 6/1 ~ 11/10

Kurobe Dam

We arrived at Kurobe Dam!

Kurobe Daime boasts the highest height (186 m) in Japan, every year from 6/26 to 10/15,
You can see the state of dynamic water discharge.
A loud noise is made, the flowing water is powerful full mark!

Let's turn back the way that came from here.
Alternatively, there is a way to move directly to the Nagano area.

"In Kurobe Dam surrounding such a spot is also recommended ! "
In Toyama recommended superb view sightseeing ! Kurobe Strait Troc girls' trip ♡

④ Name Falls

It is designated as scenic spot of the country and natural monument
Famous name Falls boasts the highest drop in Japan, 350 meters.

Just 20 minutes from Tateyama station ,Access by bus or private car is also possible.
I need to walk about 30 minutes from the parking lot, but while walking
It is a popular sightseeing spot where you can also enjoy the valley valley of Kanegawa and the walls of the bad castle on the other side.

You can see the waterfall at the nearby observatory, so you can experience the overwhelming scale.
At the time of snow melting, there is also a case where an alanine waterfall of 500 meters in height is seen.

⑤Starbucks Coffee Toyama ring water park store

Starbucks coffee in Toyama Ring Water Park
The Starbucks employee chooses No. 1 store to go and see!
Also,The world's most beautiful StarbucksIt is enough to be said.
The reason is…,

I can see such a beautiful scenery from inside the shop!

Please enjoy the scenery along with a delicious drink.
It may be felt that the taste is different if the place is different?

It might be nice to take a walk with a coffee at the park ♪