The view of Mt. Fuji and Kawaguchiko going by ropeway!

Among Fuji Goko, Kawaguchiko is at the lowest altitude, and it is a lake near Mt. Fuji.
In the surrounding of Kawaguchiko there are popular music forest, herb hall, art museum, pleasure boat etc.

Kawaguchi-ko We climb the ticking mountain which is also recommended sightseeing by the ropeway.
The price of the ropeway is 700 yen round trip.

I will look at the wonderful scenery of Lake Kawaguchi from the ropeway!

When you arrive at the top of the tick, you can see Mt. Fuji and its footpath.
Fuji clearly rises on a sunny day!


Fishing play according to the season at Lake Suigo!

One of Fuji Goko, located in the Yamanashi prefecture side 【Liberation Lake】
It is in Fuji-Hakone Izu National Park.

You can enjoy fishing with spatula fishing from March to November, fishing fishing in November, black bus fishing all year and watching Mt. Fuji.

When fishing, including boat fee and recreational fishing costs is about 4000 yen.
When enjoying fishing for a day, Lake Shiho is recommended .

【Fishing time】
[April 29 - August 31]
5:00 am - 5:00 pm
[September 01 - September 30]
5:30 am - 5:00 pm
[October 01 - April 28]
6: 00 am - 5: 00 pm

Even the small lake the scenery is the extraordinary beauty!

Lake Shiho is the smallest lake in Fuji Goko, but the powerful Mt. Fuji inversion Fuji etc is a beauty that can not be revealed even though it is a small lake.

When you go to see the sunrise of Lake Shiho in the early hours of morning, you can see the view of Mt. Fuji which shines like a jewel! 【Diamond Fuji】 view!

Fuji Five Lake Enjoy a powerful full-scale marine sports at Lake Yamanakako!

Next to the Shimodake Lake, which is the smallest in Fuji Goko, the largest Yamanakako in Fuji Goko!

Marine sports which can be done because it is a big lake is recommended not only for sightseeing , but also for people who want to enjoy the outdoors!

popular play in Yamanakako is decided by 【Hakutaka Marine】.

Fly in the sky with water pressure, fly boat with perfect hand grip, hover boat is definitely a sport you want to enjoy once!

Why do not you enjoy the different playing while watching Mt. Fuji?