Yokohama date is still watching the night view ♡

In Yokohama, Minato Mirai dating night , you want to enjoy stylish and delicious dinner.

So Yokohama of the sea and the beautiful town of night view while watching the carefully selected shops to spend a dinner of time you introduce you ♡

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1. Royal Wing

Chinese food dinner while watching the night view on a cruise ship!

First of all, your introduce to Yokohama cruise ship Royal Wing!
It is located on the big pier just a short stroll from Japan main street station .

Appetizer, Shrimp Mayo, Sweet and Sweet Pork, Nira Manju, Fried Rice, Dessert Dinner Course Volume Perfect!
You can have a satisfying dinner.

The night view from the Yokohama cruise ship Royal wing is like this.
Dinner while watching the night view of Yokohama on a cruise is the extraordinary .

Reserve a restaurant with a nice night view ♡

Royal wing
アクセス:みなとみらい線日本大通り駅2番出口より 7分 JR京浜東北線(根岸線)関内駅南口より 20分 日本大通り駅から497m
営業時間:【クルーズ時間】 ランチ/12:00~13:50 ティー/14:45〜16:15 ディナー/17:00~18:50、19:30~21:20

Hato bus tour is fully reproduced!

2. Kinkawa · Grill and Oyster Bar

Let's spend a night in Yokohama with oyster's stylish dinner!

Yokohama Bay Quarter is also one of the landmarks in Yokohama!
Oysters head to the main oyster bar.

You can feel like you are in an overseas resort hotel.
You can eat a wide variety of oysters.
You can also have dinner while watching the night view on the terrace!

We will have an oyster with a bucket.

We can eat a lot of oysters, as well as oysters.
Wine cost about 600 yen and cost performance is high!

Kinkauca · Grill and Oyster Bar
場所:神奈川県横浜市神奈川区金港町1-10 横浜ベイクォーター 5F
アクセス:JR横浜駅 東口より徒歩10分/きた東口より徒歩3分 横浜駅から410m
営業時間:11:00〜23:00 ランチ営業、日曜営業

Yokohama hot spot spot some know we do ...?

3. Sans Colonial Beach

Reasonable French dinner with luxury feeling!

Yokohama Bay Quarter is full of recommended restaurants! We introduce [Sansu Colonial Beach] which is also one of the recommended restaurants.

night you can see the night view of Yokohama at the terrace seat and it is a recommended restaurant for dating!

Even if you eat delicious French while watching the night view of Yokohama it is relatively cheap with an average budget of 5,000 yen. Despite the luxury, it is reasonably recommended French !

【閉店】サンス コロニアルビーチ
場所:神奈川県横浜市神奈川区金港町1-10 横浜ベイクォーター 4F
営業時間:月〜金 11:00〜15:30(LO15:00)、17:30〜23:00(LOフード22:00、ドリンク22:30)土・日・祝 11:00〜23:00(LOフード22:00、ドリンク22:30)☆2015/8/1より、ディナータイムの開始時間が変更となりました。(旧)18:00〜 →(新)17:30〜ランチ営業、日曜営業

If you want to know about Minato Mirai ...!