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Let's learn how to enjoy Kyoto.

Would not it be that many people end up over famous sightseeing spots after going to Kyoto?
But always it is a waste!

This time I want to know how to enjoy differently in Kyoto! I would like to introduce thirty things that I would like to try in Kyoto, recommended for those who like.

There are plenty of information that I never knew before.
You should be able to become the Kyoto Master after 30 winnings ... ⁉︎




1. Take a taxi with Kamikiri.

Let's find a Futaba taxi.

As usual in Yasaka taxi, the mark of three leaves is attached.

That's it!
Kamigamo Shinto shrine's gods, Aiba Futaba is a taxi that is designed.

I am very lucky to find ♪

2. In the Kyoto Tower of underground morning try a bath.

morning Kyoto from the bath sightseeing !

Kyoto Tower which is the symbol of Kyoto.
Did you know that there is a public bath on the 3rd floor of the Kyoto Tower basically?

Business hours are from 7: 00-22: 00.
Because the long-awaited morning Let's Tour of Kyoto from the bath ♪

Kyoto Tower Great Bath
営業時間:7:00 〜 20:30 (20:00 受付終了)

3. Rent a kimono and try a walk.

Let's find your favorite kimono.

Let's rent a kimono and try walking around the town of Kyoto with its atmosphere.


Kyoto Kimono rental wargo Kyoto station before Kyoto Tower store
場所:店舗情報 京都府京都市下京区烏丸通七条下ル東塩小路町721-1京都タワービル3F
営業時間:09:00~19:00 ※最終返却 18:30