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Tohoku area is packed with sightseeing attractions!

"Tohoku region is too wide, I do not know where to go for sightseeing " How many people, is not it?
This time, actually went plan from among, everyone knows popular sightseeing from the spot hot spot sightseeing to pick up the spot introduce you.

Because it is a healing journey with great superb view please try to find your favorite plan by all means from this!

Drive and trainOf this time of going out because it corresponds to the day trips, such as a variety of scene reference but please try to!

1. If you want to sightseeing in Aomori ...

"Oirase stream" which can taste nature is recommended !

First, the scenic spots of Aomori prefecture"Oirase Stream"​ ​
It is a famous river flowing to Towada City, Aomori Prefecture, about 14 km from Lake Towada lake to Yakuyama.

Among them are variousStrange rockSharp victoryThere is a rare scenery called called and I do not get tired.

Oirase stream
Location: Towada, Aomori Prefecture, Okuse Ohyase

There are many waterfalls as you stroll along the mountain stream, but the number is 14 places in total.
Among them"Falls in Yunii"Is one of the spectacular waterfalls in the scenery that is 20 meters high, rich in water volume and along the mountain stream.

A roadway and a sidewalk are formed along the mountain stream at about the same height, and you can enjoy a different landscape from the view that you can see the valley from the ridge and the mountainside road.

By the wayOirase streamWe are also renting bicycles and you can go cycling at empty-handed.

As it takes 14 kilometers, by walk takes 4 hours, so you can comfortably taste scenery on your bicycle at recommended.
The road is well maintained, so it's easy to run.

Oirase stream
Location: Towada, Aomori Prefecture, Okuse Ohyase

In the flow of the Oirase Stream,"Choshi Falls"Height is 7 meters, width is 20 meters. This waterfall personally likes the most. When you stand in front of your eyes, the power is amazing.

Also, the splendid water tones and splashes are impressive.
A water fog is born with the falling water, and the light streaks are formed by the sunlight leakage day inserting there, and it is really beautiful.

Choshi Otaki
Location: Towada, Aomori Prefecture, Okuse Ohyase

Standing surrounded by cedar trees on the shore of Lake Towada"Towada Shrine"Is a shrine that is said to have been built by Sakagami Damurumaro in 807.

It is said that wishes come true when the paper sinks at the fortress in the place occupied 150 meters from the Towada Shrine to the mountain, and it will not be fulfilled if it is left floating.
On the way to the divination site, it is a difficulty and I will go up and down with an iron ladder on a steep slope. It is approximately 15 minutes from the precincts to the fortifications.

If you would like to enjoy a mountain stream surrounded by rich nature, this is Aomori Prefecture's "Oirase stream" is recommended!

If I go to spring , I want to see such a fantastic scenery!

Is there anyone who has seen this superb view that has become a most talked even once in SNS?
That is the place of cherry blossoms,"Hirosaki Castle"​ ​
General sightseeing to the customer, Hirosaki Castle of the castle has been open as Hirosaki park.
Many people are fascinated by beautiful Yoshino cino reflected on the surface of the water, which can be seen as night .

"Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival"Since it is held annually, it is recommended .

Hirosaki Castle
Place: Hirosaki-shi, Aomori-shi, Shimokohama-cho 1
Access: 15 minutes from JR Hirosaki station towards Konan Bus City Hall, 5 minutes on by walk from the City Hall Park entrance
Opening Hours: Hirosaki Castle Historical Museum 9: 00 ~ 17: (Admission ~ 16: 30)

Are you going to return for a hot spring on your way home?

Speaking of popular hot springs which are insanely spacious and can be relaxed,"Acid bath hot spring"is. It is selected as a top spa ranking top spot want to live in the Tohoku region, popular disposition!
Since there is a big male and female mixed bathing bath over 160 tatami mats, you may go couple to go home.

In addition, there are many hot springs in Tohoku!

Acid Kokeu Onsen Ryokan
Place: Aomori-shi Aomori-shi Oji Arakawa letter South Arakawa mountain National forest Kouji sou Yuzawa 50

2. If you are going to sightseeing in Akita ...

Oga Peninsula, famous for Namahage and superb view , is recommended!

Of Akita Prefecture sightseeing in the recommended is Oga here Speaking of location.
Oga city is divided into several areas and it is particularly popular among them"Mansyama", "Narazaki", "South Island" areaI will introduce you.

First of all, it is "Manshan area". I wonder what is famous here ...

Do you understand? Yes, it is Namahage.

Among Oga-shi, this Mansan area can also be said to be a synonym of OgaNamahageAs one of the birthplace of the origin of faith has been long since.
The rice paddy is beautiful This is the view from the Namahage Bridge Recommend it!

Mayama of New Year's Eve in the Mayama Shrine located in the area night Namahage event in the, in the second gold, Saturday and Sunday in February"Namahage Shiba Light (festival) festival"Will be made.

In this festival, a ceremony to enter the face of Namahage is done, and you can see people become God.

In addition, at the adjacent Oga Manyama Tradukan, we reproduce the event as if we want to experience the Namahage event, except on New Year's Eve. There are various differences for each area even if you say bamboos with a bite, and you can see Namahage which is transmitted to each village of Oga in Namahage Gallery.

Manji Shrine
Location: Tokitaji Shinzanmori No. 3 in Kogata-machi, Yuzawa, Akita Prefecture

If you want to get a twilight looking at the superb view sunset at dusk ... here!

Next is to introduce"Narazaki area"​ ​
This isAmalfi in AkitaIt is an area called. Amalfi has a slightly overstated feel, but it is certainly an attractive place that you can taste amazing scenery .

The lighthouse with impressive black-and-white striped pattern in Terasaki"50 lighthouses in Japan"It is chosen.

The Sea of ​​Japan spreading from Terasaki to the eyes is a superb view itself.
If it is a sunny day, the setting sun will shine very beautifully.

The contrast between the sea and the sunset is beautiful, and I want to take many pictures.

Located at the northwest end of the Oga Peninsula, Taruzaki is a sightseeing spot that represents the Oga Peninsula.
Green earth, is a characteristic blue sky and the sea and the cliffs of contrast, many just for this sightseeing has visited customers.

Place: Kitaura Idozaki, Akita Prefecture Oga City

There is a strange spot on the climbing side

Finally"South Island area"of"Akami Shrine Goshado"​ ​
This is"999 steps of stone steps"The place which became the stage related to the legend that is.

The legend villagers who were troubled in five of the demon that had rampage in the village ago, "2000, one night , but hold out one by one daughter in a year if it is possible to build the stone steps of the thousand-stage in, not if Sometimes I made a bet that I will never come down to the village again.
Demon who is perverse in a place called one stage after stacked with all the minutest care (demon and human half) is to mimic the cries of cockcrowing night thing that to give up demon us and tell Fitr, I went away to the promised deep in the mountains. "

There is "Akami Shrine Goshado" which is regarded as designated important cultural asset of the country when climbing such a stone step. There are five demons that are enshrined. Also, it is said that it shows the life expectancy of peering in the vicinity"Well of Mimi"Ya"Pond of Mitarai"There are strange spots such as.

If you are interested in the mysterious spot where Namha Hage culture and superb view of Narazaki, the legend remains, "Oga peninsula" of Akita prefecture is recommended !

3. If you are sightseeing in Iwate ...

Although it is a standard , I want to go after all. A famous world heritage "Hiraizumi" in Chusonji!

Speaking of Iwate Prefecture after all ... so it has history"Hiraizumi"Is not it? It was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2011 and it became a sightseeing spot representing Iwate Prefecture, No, Japan.
Such Hiraizumi has many attractions. I will introduce that in order.

Speaking of HiraizumiChusonji. Chusonji was opened in 850 by Hitoshi Matsushima, high priest of Enryakuji temple. Among them, the most famous one is Konjisa Kannodo.

Gilt hall is stuck in the inside of Kannado, Amitabha Nyorai etc. are festivities, it is precisely a golden world. The wish of the paradise is put in it.

Basho Matsuo is also a sight to visit here, there are also bronze statues in the precincts.

The big main hall can go up in, you can relax and sit on the interior to visit.

Autumn leaves are in autumn, and snow makeup is very beautiful in winter.
If you would like to travel with a seasonal feeling, please go there.

Location: Hiraizumi-cho, Nishiwai-gun, Iwate Prefecture, Hiraizumi Era 202
アクセス:平泉駅から徒歩約27分 平泉駅前からバスで中尊寺まで約4分

The babbling of the river is very calm.

This place is said to be the last land of a certain source Genoshi when walking for a while"Takanikan"is. Yoshidori that enshrines Yoshitsune is built.

You can see the flow of Kitakami River from here.
If you are watching the brilliant superb view , the mind will rejuvenate.

Takan (Yoshidado)
Place: Yanagi Gyoen, Hiraizumi-cho, Nishinoi-gun, Iwate Prefecture 14
Access: About 16 minutes on by walk from Hiraizumi station[Exit]
Opening hours: March 5-November 4 / 8:30-16:30, November 5-March 4 / 8:30-16:00

Spot where you want to take a picture with a Moai lake

Sakagutadamura Maro is a cave that caught the Battle of the Battle of the Battlefield, in commemoration of the conquest.
Hello Royal Famous Statue made in the Heian era and a cliff in the northernmost part of Japan"Big Buddha of the rock face"Must-see!

Tachiya Caves Bishamondo
Place: Hiraizumi-cho, Hiraizumi-cho, Nishioi-gun, Iwate Prefecture 16

Dango 's river fishing experience may be possible?

At the end I will move away from Hiraizumi, please let me introduce the recommended places in the neighborhood! that is"Sei Mikei (Genki)"​ ​
This is a place that has been selected as one hundred of Japan's scenic spots and scenic spots of the country etc.
This mountain stream made by the erosion of the river flow is the superb view more from sightseeing has attracted customers.

The famous here is"Guo-kun Dango"​ ​
From the other side of the valley, order money by adding money to the basket.
If you do, the basket will hit the rope and will be pulled.

Tea comes in with dango in the basket that came back after a while. It is famous and fun as a flying dumpling, it has become a specialty of Suimei River to eat and eat.

Ms. Kazi Suiko, please!

Well, how was it?
For those who want to enjoy the standard world heritage and the beautiful flow of Seiryugi and flying dumplings Iwate Prefecture "Hiraizumi" is recommended !

Iwate sightseeing Special Is Here!