The world is the most exciting! What? Shibu Festival Halloween 2015 is a must - see for ___

Nana, it is a Halloween event that jacks 20 clubs in the live house in Shibuya! !
This does not mean Parisi will not participate! !
* You can purchase tickets from the official website.

Shibuya on the day of Halloween is very crowded ,,,
But it is fun! (Lol)

Because there are people who are doing various costumes many memorial shots can be made so many memories can be made ♡
Let's make costume companion next year ♡

If it is the royal road it is here! purchase with "LOFT" from small items to costumes ___ ___ 0

If you want to make a costuman costumes go to LOFT!
recommended also recommended beginners there are explanations of suggested costume exhibits and simple makeup methods.

Inside the shop where the color tights to the cosplay costume are lined up is like a costume room and the excitement of Halloween is enhanced ♡
The dates that choose each other 's costume also seem to be funny! (Personal opinion w)

Even if you do not go to the whole body, point accessories are obvious,

We have all the makeup tools!

Loft Shibuya Loft Co., Ltd.
Place: 18-1 Udagawa cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: About 2 minutes on by walk from Shibuya station [3 (north side)]