Nikko sightseeing starts from Tobu Nikko station !

It is possible to go by train from Tokyo in about two hours, popular sightseeing spot [sunlight]
We will introduce sightseeing spots recommended for autumn season!

The first trip in Nikko started from the entrance to the misty falls.

We walk in the trees from the entrance of Misty Falls.

I will walk still more. When I go on foot. . .

Such an amazing way comes out, too.

When it got up, I arrived at the Fogaki Takigi desert in Misty!
It is a popular spot where Misty Falls looks beautiful!

The mountains will turn red in the autumn leaves season.

Misty waterfall
Location: Tokono, Nikko, Tokono
Access: 10 minutes by bus from JR Nikko station or Tobu Nikko station







Lunch with view of autumn leaves 【Mountain restaurant】

In Kiritakogen you can slowly see the autumn leaves of the sunlight mountains on the terrace.

You can lunch elegantly in a calm atmosphere.

On the second floor of the mountain restaurant there is also a viewing space where you can see the foggy falls.

After meals you can enjoy the autumn leaves slowly.

Mountain Restaurants
場所:栃木県日光市所野1546 霧降の滝
アクセス:電車の場合 JR利用 宇都宮・日光間 約40分 東武利用 浅草・日光間 特急けごん号で約1時間40分 新宿・東武日光間 1時間56分 日光各駅より東武バスにて車の場合 東北自動車道 宇都宮I.Cより日光・宇都宮道路で約30分 霧降高原方面途中 東武日光駅から3,207m
営業時間:[冬期以外] 10:00〜19:00(L.O) [冬期] 11:00〜19:00(L.O) ランチ営業、日曜営業

A shame To Nikko's popular sightseeing spot [Nikko Toshogu Shrine]!

I came to a popular sightseeing spot in Nikko! It is the Nikko Toshogu shrine dedicated by Tokugawa Ieyasu.

luxurious and majestic buildings with vermillion and gold shining in a large site are lining up.

The fall of the season watching from the national sightseeing crowded in the way of customers.

It is a famous "three monkeys" not to be seen, to say, to hear ".

Try it together.

I tried sipping an Omikuji. And there are lots of fun ways.

The autumn of Nikko Toshogu has a taste, and there is pleasure to see the autumn leaves.

Nikko Toshogu
Place: Nikko-shi, Tochigi prefecture, mountain area 2301
アクセス:東武日光駅[出口]から徒歩約30分 日光駅からバスで7分  西参道で下車

Time slip to Edo! Experience Edo in Nikko Edo village!

Nikko's recommended sightseeing spots that you can enjoy from children to adults!

If you go inside, the streets of Edo spread.

You can also take a boat while watching autumn leaves.

The store with goodwill will create the atmosphere of Edo.

You can also watch theater.

You can be a ninja!

Let 's take a break at the Tempo Tea House in Nikko Edo Village!

Slowly, you can sit in the shop and drink tea or sweets.

Looking at the price of the menu. . .
The way of counting money is not "yen" but "place" is reproducing Edo.

"Shrimp with Nikko's natural ice" is recommended .

Why not try something extraordinary Nikko Edo village when you come to Nikko.

Edo Wonderland Nikko Edo Village
Place: Nikko-shi, Tochigi Prefecture, Kamakura 470-2
アクセス:小佐越駅[西口]から徒歩約22分 バス①路線バス「日光江戸村」下車(徒歩約3分)②無料送迎バス「江戸ワンダーランド日光江戸村」(徒歩約3分)
Opening Hours: March 20 - November 30/9: 00 - 17: 00 every year from December 1 - March 19/9: 30 - 16: 00 Entrance is closed until 1 hour before closing