The Jigokudani fountain of this astringent is designated as a natural monument of the country, and the thermal spring which spouts from the bottom of the river is about 20 m when it is high. My height x 12.5 times ...!

It has become like an old private house, and it has become a house full of spirit.

As we go through Jigokudani, monkey encounters. The breeders succeeded in feeding and the monkeys came to come like this ...

Going back, there is a monkey hot spring. It is healed by the state of the monkey who is entering the bath feeling nice.

冬になると、猿は寒さをしのぐために温泉に入っています。湯気ももくもくと立ちこめています。 おしくらまんじゅう押されて泣くな!

Monkeys who are close together are very cute ^ ^







Matsumoto Castle

As I aim for Matsumoto Castle, I came to Nawatto Street Shopping District! There are about 50 shopping malls.

We sell toys, antique furniture, antiques, etc., sweets and foods and drinks.

We arrived at National Treasures and Matsumoto Castle. This is the oldest Japanese castle in existence. Solemn. The majesty of the castle tower and ... ... frightening.

I change my angle and I have a completely different face!

The view from the castle tower is also good.

The inside was a museum and the sword was decorated. I used to think that I was fighting with this in the past, I am strangely nervous.

Azuchi-Momoyama period end - The Tensoi built at the beginning of the Edo period is designated as a National Treasure, and the Castle Ruins are designated as a national historic site.

【Street address】
Marunouchi 4-1, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano Prefecture 390 0873
Get off at JR Shinonoi line "Matsumoto station " about 15 minutes on by walk

Kappa bridge

Since there is not a toilet for a while from here, go here for a walk after "Kamikochi Visitor Center".
By the way, not in the building but in a separate building, so be careful.

As you walk a bit from the visitor center, you will soon find a scene like this. Is not it like the sound of a stream of a river is coming soon?

This is Kappa Bridge. The Hodaka mountain range is visible in the back.

Hodaka mountain range seen from Kappa Bridge. There is force! ! And the water in Azusagawa is very beautiful! ! The river is transparent, the sunlight reflects on the surface of the water and it is a beautiful landscape.

Well, it goes further from Kappa Bridge and it is Meigyo bridge over Azusa River. What I see in the back is Mt.
For walking, wear sneakers at least. It is recommended that you extend your feet to Meigyo Bridge, which you can stroll in about one and two hours! Sometimes hiking is decided by a basketball with beautiful scenery !

Hatogatari Hachimangu Shrine

At the entrance of the shrine, "Myojin Torii" stands up. This shrine is open 24 hours day, 365 days. As you can see from the entrance a bit, this shrine is pretty wide. It is no longer a forest.

Among local people, we were called "Crane Fountain." There is one bench around, but I think that it is an ant to sit there and slowly.

Naga ~ ~ Continues to approach. What kind of world is spreading in the back?

It is a recovery with "clean water". The water in Nagano prefecture is very delicious. Let's scoop and drink this water with a scoop.

When I climb the first stone stair, Iida City Tangible Cultural Property "Yakushimon" is built. It is the architecture of Kyoro six years. When you peep into the gate for a moment, you are sitting on the two sides that seem high in virtue (I do not know the name).

Mimotaki is beautiful water flowing from the three waterways!

When you climb the last long stone steps from the level of Mikomi Falls, there is a main hall. Inside this main shrine is enshrined the "cultural asset separate from Honda" of the important cultural asset made in the Kamakura period. On New Year's Eve, this is full of people. Let's go home after worshiping as a close-up of play!

【Street address】
Hachiman-cho, Iida City, Nagano Prefecture 395 0814 1980 Hatake Katarina Hachimangu Shrine