Everyone loves hamburg!

What is hamburger?

It is the supreme cuisine that keeps being loved by all people from long ago!

This time I tried collecting shops of excellent Hamburg in Tokyo.

Since we have a wide range of products ranging from well-established stores to families, please do a reference ♪

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1. Kitchen Hasegawa

Demi grass sauce that can be drunk and reputed !?

"Kitchen Hasegawa" in the Shinto fountain of Shibuya!
We have queues from everyday and we recommended them early.

Here is its famous demiglace hamburger (980 yen).
Sweetness of fully onled fried onions and meat juice overflowingIs the extraordinary delicious!

It is delicious enough to drink demi-glace sauce, you can purchase only demi-glace sauce.

Dessert "Basil ice cream" attached to hamburger set meal.
Fine basil and rich vanilla ice are excellent compatibility!

Kitchen Hasegawa
場所:東京都渋谷区円山町22-16 1F
アクセス:京王井の頭線【神泉駅】徒歩2分東京メトロ半蔵門線、東急田園都市線【渋谷駅】徒歩8分JR山手線【渋谷駅】ハチ公口/南口 徒歩10分東京メトロ銀座線【渋谷駅】徒歩11分(マークシティー内を抜けると最短です) 神泉駅から88m
営業時間:[月〜日] 12:00〜当日分の食材が無くなり次第閉店 テレビで紹介して頂いて以来、オープンから混雑しております。 当日分の材料がなくなり次第閉店になります。 夕方には閉店になることが増えていますので、ご来店の際はご注意ください。 【夏季休業のお知らせ】 8月29(月)、30(火)の2日間休業致します。 8月他の日は毎日営業予定です。心よりお待ちしております。 ランチ営業、日曜営業

2. My hamburger chou shou watanabe

A representative store of my type hamburger steak.

Next to the kitchen · Hasegawa's is my hamburger Yamamoto.
As a hamburger shop, I feel uncomfortable, ♪ stylish

Well, hamburger appeared!
This is fluffy hamburg (1200 yen).

Wall thickness The meat is not greasy, it intertwines with the sauce and the taste is increasing!

After the meal, Yamamoto and this staff were able to think after having thought outOriginal vegetable juiceAppears!

Instead of dessert after meal ♪

【移転】俺のハンバーグ山本 渋谷食堂
場所:東京都渋谷区渋谷3-18-5 和田ビル 1F
アクセス:各線渋谷駅 徒歩1分渋谷駅から143m

3. Frankenstein

Authentic hamburger steak with German!

A shop in Shibuya, Frankenstein.
Here you can eat authentic German cuisine!

Inside the store, the atmosphere of lighting and props settles down.
Also, as there are not many people,Spot of hot spotis!

Here is a hamburger steak with black truffle (1,000 yen).
It goes with truffle and volume and grilled hamburger!

場所:東京都渋谷区神泉町8-1 鈴屋ビル 1F
アクセス:京王井の頭線神泉駅 徒歩3分JR各線渋谷駅 徒歩10分神泉の交差点、東急ステイ渋谷近く、国道246沿いです。神泉駅から239m