Love you maiden!

This time, I tried putting together love power spot that I can go from within Tokyo!

Please do a reference by all means ♪

Love power spot that can go from Tokyo to 1-2 hours!

First of all, it is a power spot surrounding Tokyo.

It is perfect for petit travel!

1. Hakone Shrine

popular ease with which you can go on by walk from Ashinoko.

One shrine in Kanto, one of the most famous shrines in Kanto.
People who work in Kanto must worship at all timesIt is a place where power is enough to be said ♪

Pass from this Torii gate to the Hakone Motomiya of Yamagami through the approaching stone steps is a high purification power
RyuudōThere is a mind flowing called.
Yae Cedar on Yongdo and big trees surrounding the fourth Torii gate,
It is famous as a powerful purification spot!

It is said that 89 stone steps will be dropped 89 (barely).
...... Well, it's a pun, without plunged Ayaka intends Rimasho!
You are lamenting that there has been no man luck.
Let's clean up all bad memories so far!
Be a new self.

As you climb up the stairs there is a Hakone shrine.
This shrine isA powerful power spot with a profit that brings the power to steadily advance business and thingsis!
Let's steadily advance love with that person ♪

There is a high-ranking god that embodies things, "Kuzu-dragon shrine" in the back of Hakone Shrine,
You will get the benefit of realizing desire.

Also, as a "god of water and goodness" has long been believed by locals,
CurrentlyIt is popular as god of marriage.
Benefit of realization of desire ... ....
Such a delusion with a favorite person who is spreading in the head of you, if you go here all reality! What?

Kyuubu Shrine
Location: Hakone-machi, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa ken 144
Access: Approximately 25 minutes on by walk from Taoyuhendai station [exit]

2. Visiting Shrine

There is a god of refusal in the top power spot in Japan! What?

"Failure in the drinking seats can not be counted ... gradually everyone got to see it as a girl ...!"
This is the spot you recommended to anyone.

"Komiya Shinto shrine" is located three minutes from the departure shop station.
This is one of the best power spot Japan with both mountain and water attitudes, and it is often introduce in magazines and television.
What kind of interests do you have ... go through the torii while expecting power.

This is the main shrine.
There is God of marriage, prosperous business, refusal of alcohol.
Those who are getting bad at drinking party, let's ask God here for help.
If you do not like such bad habits, please pray for bondage and business prosperity!

This shrine is full of nature.
In the depths of Komiya Shinto shrine there is Kiki and the national designated natural treasure "Ogusu."
Age is over 2000 years ...!

Let's touch it softly ....
Okay ... great seniors ... ー ー ー ー ー ー ー!
Okusuni is located in the premises of Komiya Shrine, which is a very famous power spot .
Lifetime will be extended by one year if you circle this Osuni,It is said that if you wish around a wish without saying anyone, that wish will come true.

wonderful !
I want to cut the edge with sake!
But the greedy one that I want the edge of a good encounter is to visit this shrine in Komiya ♪
Goodbye, it's me!
Come, nice love!

Komiya Shrine
Place: 43-1 Nishiyama cho, Atami city Shizuoka prefecture
Access: Approximately 4 minutes on by walk from Komiya station [exit]