There are lots of popular sightseeing spots in Kyushu!

In Kyushu it is sightseeing where you can enjoy various charms such as superb view of nature, hot springs to heal and mind, leisure activities and so on, right?
But,I do not know where to go because I have too many spots ...What, is not it?

This time the playlife editorial department,popular recommended sightseeing spots in the Kyushu regionWe introduce by prefecture!
When traveling to Kyushu, by all means reference but please try to ♪

recommended sightseeing attractions in Nagasaki prefecture 3 elections!

1. Battleship Island

It is a powerful full island registered also as a World Heritage Site.

It is also a representative sightseeing spot in Nagasaki,Battleship Island
It was a remote island once flourished as a marine coal mine, and around 5,200 people lived in the heyday.
However, after adopting the national energy conversion policy, it closed down and now it is in ruins!
In 2015world HeritageIt was also registered as a location for the location of live-action movie "Advance Giant".

In order to go to warship island, we use tour cruise which total 5 companies plan.
The approximate amount is an adult aloneAbout 3,000 yen to 5,000 yen

recommendedplan spin the island 360 degreesTours included!
There are points that can not be seen by just landing on the island, so it is recommended to tour around the island ♪

A warship island surrounded by walls around the island was originally an island with rock masses.
There is a history that reclaimed with unwanted potatoes of coal, surrounded by walls, became an island!
Wind rain are exposed to and waves, also along with aging of the building, says that the changing time from moment to its expression.
It is a part of the area that is red that you can visit, it is a former plant trace.
You can see a superb view somewhere that you can not see usually ♪ ♪

Battleship Island Tour
Location: Takashima cho Nagasaki, Nagasaki prefecture

2. Inasa Observatory

night view in Nagasaki that is also the world's new three major night view!

It is a symbolic existence of Nagasaki CityMr. Inasa
The observation deck here has a panoramic scenery of Nagasaki city and its night view is counted as one of the world's three biggest night view !
Use the ropeway to move to Mt. Inasa.
The gondola with 360 degree glass is due to Mr. Kiyomitsu Okuyama who worked on the design of Ferrari etc.

Get off the gondola and go up the spiral staircase there is the observation deck.
The lighting of the LED is shining pale and it is a very fantastic atmosphere!
There are things that are designed to have only two heart patterns in the foot LED, so please look for it when you go with a couple ♪

This is the night view of Nagasaki City seen from the observation stand at 333 m altitude!
The view from Inasama, which was chosen as the world's new three major night view alongside Hong Kong and Monaco, is very sparkling and romantic.
Please take a look at the beautiful night view view lining the world by all means ♪

Inasa Observatory
Place: Inasayama Nagasaki-shi Nagasaki prefecture
Access: Approximately 41 minutes on by walk from Takara-cho (Nagasaki prefecture) station [exit]

3. Huis Ten Bosch

This is Nagasaki's theme park here!

When saying Nagasaki's theme park, it is in Sasebo,Huis Ten Bosch
It is a theme park where you can fully enjoy the three time rides of seeing, playing and experiencing, and you can enjoy it in a vast extent that you will not get tired of staying even for a day!
As the entrance fee will differ by attraction and time zone,Official siteLet's check.
Because the parking lot is also equipped, it is recommended for drive.

The garden is designed with six concepts, each of which is a kingdom of flowers, a kingdom of light, a kingdom of games, a kingdom of shows and music, a kingdom of health and beauty, a kingdom of robots.
From couple date to girls' trip, even with children it can be used according to a wide range of scenes so it's recommended ♪

Although it is such Huis Ten Bosch,illuminationIt is also famous as a spot!
illumination and projection mapping are held according to the season, and many people visit to see the superb view weave that light woven.

Huis Ten Bosch
Place: Huis Ten Boscho, Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture
Access: Immediately from Huis Ten Bosch station [Exit]
Opening Hours: 9: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Last entry 21:00) * Changed by day

Also check this if you are sightseeing to visit Nagasaki Prefecture!


4. Medieval seaside park of the sea

Enjoy nature on overwhelming vast grounds ♪

National park in Fukuoka city,Marine way marine park in the sea
It is a park surrounded by two seas, Hakata Bay and Genkai-Nada, boasting a vast site of 62 Tokyo Dome!
Entrance fee per person 450 yen for adults, middle- student following free and is pretty cheap.
Because parking lot is also equipped, it is recommended for drive ♪

You can touch animals in the parkAnimal forestBBQ place, You can work with nature or watch birdsEnvironmental Symbiosis ForestThere are various facilities such as!
Also, we hold various events according to the time, so you can experience various things ♪

Marine way marine park in the sea
Place: Fukuoka prefecture Fukuoka city capital Nishidosaki 18 - 25
Access: about 8 minutes on by walk from Nishitozaki station [Exit]

5. Shiraito Falls

A superb view dynamic waterfall.

sightseeing spot in Itoshima city of Fukuoka prefecture,Shiraito Falls
For from the city center in the location of an hour, a relatively hot spot has become the spot!
At the Shiraito Falls, which is also a scenic spot designated scenic spot, you can see a beautiful waterfall like yarn, as its name goes down to 24 meters.

Such Shiraito Falls,The time of summerrecommended !
summer it can be used as a summer resort, and you can also experience experiences such as river playing, sinking somen, yamame fishing.
You can grill the fish caught on the spot and eat it, so it will be a very valuable experience ♪

Shiraito Falls
Place: Shiraito, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture 460-1
アクセス:JR富士宮駅からバスで30分(路線バス白糸の滝行き「白糸の滝」下車徒歩5分) 新富士IC(新東名)から車で40分

6. Dazaifu Tenmanguugu

The shrine where that Sugawara Mamo is enshrined.

Representative sightseeing spots in Fukuoka prefecture,Dazaifu Tenmanguugu
It is a god of knowledge that is known,Sugawara MichizaneIt is famous as a shrine dedicated to.
In the exam season, a lot of worshipers will visit in order to gain the benefit.

Also, there are many things in the shrine related to Mr. Sugawara.
There is a rumor that this stroked cow gets better when you stroke a bad place in your body, so please give it to me when you visit!

Dazaifu Tenmanguugu
Place: 4-7-1, Saito, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Access: Approximately 6 minutes on by walk from Dazaifu station [exit]

7. 福岡タワー








8. 別府地獄めぐり

Let's go see Beppu's hell hot springs!

Approximately 1/10 source of Japan gathered, Oita hot spring town boasting the world's largest accumulation,Beppu Onsen

Such Beppu sightseeing spot,Going round the hellIt is not a hot spring but a spot to see and enjoy!
There are seven in total in the hell, each of which is a hot spring with completely different characteristics.
The parking lot is also available by hot spring, but it is attached.

Here one is one of 7,Sea hell
It is a hot spring made by the explosion of Tsurumidake about 1300 years ago, and the color of the beautiful Copperto Blue is characterized!
It seems cool at first glance, but in fact it is 98 degrees so let's be careful.
In addition, we utilize the heat of hot springs to cultivate Ohonibasu and lily water, and have a very beautiful scenery ♪

And here is the name of the hell that is the most likely to fit,Blood pond hell
It is the natural hot spring which Beppu boasts, which has the most history in Japan!
It is characterized by becoming red heat mud by red iron oxide and magnesium oxide generated under high temperature and high pressure in the basement and looking red.
In addition, there are hot springs with their respective sights, so please visit us ♪

Going round the hell
Place: Beppu City Oita prefecture big railway 559-1
Access: Approximately 36 minutes on by walk from Beppu University station [exit]

9. 由布院温泉



由布岳の麓にある観光ストリート、Yu no Tsubo Kaidoにはご当地グルメのお店や食べ歩きにぴったりのスイーツショップなどが立ち並んでいます。






10. 大分マリーンパレス水族館 うみたまご

No.1 sightseeing spot in Oita!

It is a popular No. 1 sightseeing spot in Oita Prefecture,Oita Marine Palace Aquarium Umitamago
The concept of the aquarium to be friendly with animals, the closeness of distance to the creatures is the secret of popular !

In this aquarium, we are also taking not only exhibitions and shows of living things, but also tours where you can see back yards!
It is recommended because you can see the back side of an aquarium that you can not usually see ♪
Also, the area opened in 2015Play"At the beach with no glass dividers you can touch living things soon!
The restaurant is also located in the hotel so you can eat.

Oita Marine Palace Aquarium Umitamago
Location: Oita-shi, Kanasaki character Uto 3078 No. 22
Access: Beppu station before Oita traffic route bus from the bus stop "Oita station ride and get off ⇒ in" Takasakiyama natural Dobutsuenmae "to the line"
Business hours: March to October AM 9: 00 - PM 6: 00 November - February AM 9: 00 - PM 5: 00

11. ハーモニーランド

I am unsure of Sanrio liking!

Theme park in Oita's Beppu,Harmonie Land
It is a theme park with the concept of that Sanrio character as a concept!
It is recommended for couple and girls' trip , as the interior is decorated to be unbearable for cute lovers.

In the park you can enjoy attractions and live shows comparable to Sanrio.
Among them, Kitty Castle is a castle whose motif is Kitty's house, ♪ I can not bear with those who like Sanrio ♪

Also in winter exclusiveilluminationWe are also hosting!
There are various illumination , which are fantastic and very beautiful, so it is recommended .

Harmonie Land
Place: Oita Prefecture Hayami-gun Hiji Town Fujiwara 5933
アクセス:杵築駅[出口]から徒歩約49分 杵築駅前から約8分バスに乗りハーモニーランド下車後徒歩約11分 暘谷駅前
Opening hours: Variable system (up to 1 hour before closing the park) ※ It is necessary to inquire on the website or phone

Oita sightseeing here if you want to see more the spot!