1. Train Cafe

Stylish remodeling train car

First one eye, Katsutadai near station got to the store by modifying the Kuninanto Toden also the name there is a "train cafe". It seems like a train actually used in the past. retro feeling is good! It seems that cafes running plarails and other places in the shop are often, but the shop itself is not quite a train!

Exterior and interior are cute and can not be helped.
Seat is also fashionable with train wind ♪

On sunny days as windows are called trains the sunshine will also be the extraordinary atmosphere.
Although I went lunch on weekdays, I went at the same time, but it seemed to be calm and not crowded.
By the way, the train is on the railroad, so the wind blows and it shakes like a real train.

By the way, outside terrace seats are also available for pets ♪
It is also cool to have a season coming in the future, so it's also a good idea to take a breath at the terrace seat.
It looks nice to come with your pet on holiday ~!

【Closed】 Train Cafe
Place: Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture Murakami 2090
Access: 7 minutes on by walk from Keisei Main Line "Katsutadai station " North Exit, 413 m from Higashi Lech Katsudadai station
Opening Hours: 11: 30-19: 00 Lunches Open, Sundays Open

2. Education

If there was a cafe in the Edo period ..., old folk house cafe

"え ど も ん ず" is in Kanaya, Futtsu-shi, Chiba Prefecture.
Those who go to sightseeing in Boso Peninsula are located just next to National Route 127.
However, Chiba prefecture people do not notice easily unless they are locals.

That is supposed to be, as it is the exterior of the house of the principal building, I'm making it a cafe only inside!

I already have something in my unfamiliar atmosphere just by listening to people I like.
Actually there is no sense of cafe at all in appearance. When you enter inside, antiques and art objects are collected from everything from the corridor. Interior of an old private house and coffee barrel matches too much!

It cooks with a coffee maker with an antique feel.

Only a cup of about 800 yen coffee system menu! After that we had a set of grilled and blended with Baumkuchen.
The business day is from about daytime to sunset, it is about feeling, I am committed to doing only money Fri Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (?)
Anyway, it is packed with points that are intrusive.
As the name suggests, when there is a coffee shop in the Edo period, it is probably like this ....
A cafe as if the delusion called reality became reality.
It is worth a visit.

Cafe Egomon
Location: 2185-2 Kanaya, Futtsu-shi, Chiba Prefecture Common palace hall
アクセス:電車 JR内房線 浜金谷駅 徒歩 3分車 富津金谷インター 3分フェリー 東京湾フェリー 金谷港 泳いで3分 浜金谷駅から131m
営業時間:12:00〜18:00 日曜営業

3. Town cafe

I can play golf too! What? Cafe in plantation

This is "Tamon Cafe" to introduce this time.

This is a famous roll cabbage gratin.
It looks delicious from the appearance, is not it?

Recently it has begun to be picked up in TV programs, etc. It is becoming popular all over the country. This time I ordered roll cabbage, but there are abundant menus such as fried chicken set meals and ramen.
By the way, "White Gow Ramen" is also a specialty and dairy farming

And this cafe, you can play golf on the premises!
It is unique in this area with many golf courses.
The short course of 8H is 1,000 yen, so it's very exciting because it's all you can do around the day. Clubs and balls can be rented for free so it's okay with the empty-handed .

Town cafe
Place: Sobkei, Sodegaura, Chiba Prefecture 1838 Saito Farm
アクセス:館山道 姉ヶ崎袖ヶ浦ICより車5分東京ドイツ村より、車5分八幡カントリークラブ隣 馬立駅から3,383m
営業時間:11:30〜18:00(11月〜3月) 11:30〜19:30(4月〜10月) ランチ営業、日曜営業


I only see the sea and the sky. superb view on the cliff Location cafe

It was in the mountains of Isumi city that I blew down the coastline. Where is Isumi city? I think that most people are in the middle of Chiba prefecture, it is located in the outside bunko. It is close to Ichinomiya famous for surfing.

In this neighborhood, private houses are also American style, there are many houses with wood deck, terrace and garage, and there is somewhere a foreign country atmosphere.

On the open land there is a chair-like building on the beach, chairs on the bench.
scenery is really wonderful and you can overlook the Pacific Ocean. The entrance is difficult to understand, but if you enter the front door of the house in front, it is OK!

In the shop, antiques and miscellaneous goods are still lined up.

If there is something I want, purchase is also OK.

The table seat and the scenery seat by the window are basic, but the sofa seat has only one seat!

scenery is also very good from inside the shop!

popular menu is Ginger Latte. It is a rich ginger and sweetness.

In the meal system, quiche plate, sandwiches, hamburger steaks are popular .

Place: Izumi Izumi Cape Machi, Chiba ken 2404-21
アクセス:お車でお越しの場合は、128号線を茂原・一ノ宮方面から南下した場合、太東漁港交差点先のセブンイレブンを少し進んだ辺りに電話ボックスがあります。その道を左折頂いて海沿いを走りながらトンネルを抜けた先の二股を更に海沿いに左折頂いて500m程度はしって頂いた処に当店ございます。 太東駅から2,810m
営業時間:[日・月・金・土] CAFE 12:00〜17時 スイーツ&ドリンクのみの営業を行なっております。 現在、ランチ・お食事のご提供はしておりません。 日曜営業