plan defeat Chiba Prefecture in one day with early morning set

Outdoor love and extraordinary no doubt to those who want to taste the plan !
early morning to depart car owner!

First off to the Kamogawa, a famous shop in Kamogawa, "to round"!
I'm going to have a famous tuna rice bowl and a big prawns bowl & rice bowl! Awesome volume. Shrimp well is full of contents.

If you eat rice, fish at "Ootomi Flower Iso Fishing Center"!
You can enjoy the sea fishing turtle with an entrance fee 600 yen plus 500 yen.

A woman can catch such a big snapper!

Let's take a group photograph to memories because there are plenty of photo spots ^ ^

Let's all get excited at BBQ in the night !
Because BBQ place is also in the place which can be done interior , fishing port, near the mountain, please try looking!

Tighten the day a day while drinking, I recommended BBQ, where everyone can enjoy bustling while eating meat!

It's round.
【business hours】
10: 30 ~ 22: 00 (LO)
2,190 meters from Awa Kamogawa station
【Average budget】
[ night ] ¥ 1,000 to ¥ 1,999 [ daytime ] ¥ 1,000 to ¥ 1,999
【eating log】
Ootomi Flower Ocean Fishing Center
【business hours】
7 minutes on by walk from JR Taihama station
Adult (medium student ) ¥ 600 small student ¥ 300

Yuzu fan must-see! A plan to reproduce Yuzu's " summer color"

A little special plan for play.
It is a plan to reproduce Yuzu's masterpiece " summer color" in Yokohama which was the stage actually!

Cat in the parking lot will yawn yesterday while yawning ♪
(Yokohama station East Exit Underground Parking Lot)

Gentle streets that have not changed anything Everybody seems summer came floating and feeling ♪
(Yokohama Park)

You have a face you do not even have a single person So it's something you want to show to you ♪

Sundown at 5:30 p.m. as much as a child As the sea, the sky, the clouds and we even dye us ♪
(Otsan Bridge Head)

Long this long downhill put you on the back of the bike ♪
(Ooka Kobanji bus stop)

Clutching a lot of brakes and slowly going down slowly ♪

A new play plan that reproduces the lyrics of famous songs that you feel!
It can also be used on a date, it is definitely a memorable content ♪

It is here when it is troubled by the story of the going out in Tokyo! plan to enjoy horse racing at Tokyo Racecourse

"Tokyo Racecourse" where you can easily come by train in about 30 minutes from Shinjuku
Even those who do not know horse races at all can enjoy it once it goes!

Tokyo racecourse is very wide and there are many B grade gourmet shops! A bowl of rice and a bowl of rice bowl and a bowl of rice bowl is 500 yen and brewumy and reasonable ♪

Tokyo racecourse is really big! The sense of freedom does not get rid of. You can get seats with free seating and the extraordinary view. You do not need to take a seat even if it is late.

It is fun to make predictions yourself and cheer for it to hit it!
I can enjoy buying a betting tick from 100 yen ^ ^

After the horse racing is about 30 minutes by car, the Keio Line Chofu by train station from by walk in Yakinikuya "yakiniku dining Meo" on the location of the 5-minute night rice.
It is also a pleasure to have someone who bought it ♪

Calvi and sagari are 700 yen and it is considerably high in cost performance , highly appreciated even in the eating log.
It is tasty melting with grease! Even if you eat a full stomach, it costs about 3000 yen per person, so it is recommended ♪

Tokyo Racecourse
Location: 1-1 Hiyoshicho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
Access: About by walk from exit station[Exit] in front of Fuchu Horse Racing Main Gate
Business hours: 9: 00-16: 00

hot spot -spotted spot! Drive sightseeing plan to eat Yamanashi, specialty boiled rice from Okutama

Okutama is a place where you can arrive in approximately two hours from the city center, and beautiful nature spreads.
Okutama Lake which is said to be a water jam in Tokyo. It is the largest in Japan as a water reservoir reservoir.

Next, "Shiraito Falls" of Kosuge village in Yamanashi Prefecture
On the way there is a road surrounded by tall trees, it is a masterpiece.

One of Yamanashi's sightseeing attractions "Shiraito Falls"
Despite the daytime on weekdays I was crowded with so many people!

After touching nature, return to Okutama and let's have a specialty boiled rice!
"Pigeon's nest potted rice pot" in Okutama

This mushrooms mushrooms set menu dish is excellent ^ ^
It is a plan that you can enjoy sightseeing in the Okutama area ♪

Pigeon of a pigeon nest
Place: Tanazawa 375, Okutama Town, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo
Access: 55 m from Hatonosu station
営業時間:10:00〜21:00 ランチ営業