Where is the memorable dating spot?

Going on a special day Have you decided where to go on a date spot?

2 people of the anniversary you want in the Tokyo metropolitan area to go to and birthdays recommended carefully selected spot introduce to ^^

1. Roppongi Roppongi Observatory

Speaking of date is a night view ! extraordinary romantic scenery is in the big city!

Tokyo superb view is not to be missed's Roppongi Hills! It is the extraordinary date spot where you can see the cityscape of Tokyo and you can see Tokyo Tower ♡

View from the garden terrace scenery is also superb view ! Fuji can be seen when the weather is nice. Roppongi Hills has many chairs that can take a break, so when you see the night view it stands but as soon as you get tired you can rest so that the heel is safe.

Of course it does not move hard, so skirts do not matter at all.
There are also movie theaters nearby, so you can rest your feet with a movie or eat and drink at a relaxing time on a heel ♡

Roppongi Hills Observatory
【business hours】
• Weekdays and holidays 10: 00 ~ 23: 00 (last entry 22:30)
• Friday, Sunday and holidays 10: 00-25: 00 (last entry 24: 00) / Sky deck 11: 00-20: 00 (last entry 19: 30)
Hibiya Line "Roppongi station " Directly
4 minutes on by walk from the Oedo Line "Roppongi station "
10 minutes on by walk from "Nogisaka station " Chiyoda Line
[ entrance fee gold]
Child: 600 yen

If you dinner at Roppongi ...!

2. Toshiman garden hot water

Cute dating clothes and a swimwear gap aim! Love rub dates with him at the interior hot spring that can go all the way ♡

It is about 3 minutes on by walk from Toshimaen station . The usual charge is 2310 yen, but the night pass after 8 o'clock is 1295 yen!
After watching a movie in a movie theater located in the immediate neighborhood, it is recommended to say late at night movies after hot spring ♡
Both movies and hot springs as well as skirts, of course there is no problem on the heels!

Hot springs are separated by gender, but the Bardsone of the hot spring pool becomes a mixed sex area by wearing swimwear. Hot sauna and jacuzzi are also in the mixed area of ​​men and women, so you can enjoy it with a couple enough ♡
Towels and other amenities can be rented, so bringing only swimsuits is OK!
He will be glad that he will wear swimsuit in winter!

We will move with the exclusive wear of rental in the hall.
There are restaurants, massage equipment, sofa sleeping room etc, so you can enjoy it all day!
There is no worry about returning because there is firmly in the make-up room! Because you can eat rice, you can enjoy it to your heart.

Barde and natural hot spring Toshimaen garden of the hot water from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
Barde and natural hot spring Toshimaen garden hot water
Place: 25-1 Mukuyama 3 - chome, Nerima - ku, Tokyo
Access: About 1 minute on by walk from Toshima-en Garden (Seibu Line) station [exit]
Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 23: 00 (last reception 22:00)

I thought of a girls' trip that I can do with a snapshot.

3. Korakuen Tokyo Dome City

Amusement parks between shopping! Amusement park in downtown area where it is safe to skirt / heal from playfully

"Tokyo Dome City" in front of Korakuen station is in the downtown area and is an amusement park where you can enjoy screaming machines!
Access is also good, no entry fee is required!

There are scary machines and some 3D attraction type attractions and viewers so people who are not good at screaming systems and want to ride a roller coaster only once! What a couple super recommended ♡
Gatsuri amusement park, there is no shopping center called LaQua in the park so you can enjoy while shopping and dining skirts and heels are OK!
If you become an amusement park on the 1st, heels and skirts are painful, do not you think ?,,

There are still more recommended points!
Light up starts when it gets dark __
Because it is a very romantic atmosphere, a couple or women who are a bit tired on the 1st day can enjoy it enough evening !

Location: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo spring day chome No. 3
アクセス:電車:後楽園駅[2]から徒歩約1分 バス:都バス02乙・東京ドームシティバス停からすぐ
Hours: 11: 00 ~ next morning 9:00

There is a place I want to visit after dinner · ·!