Let's fly in the sky if you want to be scared!

If you want to be scared, you have to fly in the sky with "motor paraglider"!
It is a refreshing feeling that forget everything when there is something unpleasant at school or work but tired!

It is a shop called "Sky Angel" in Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture.
There is an office near the Tateyama Dori Kisarazu South Inter in about 1 hour by car from the metropolitan area.

A sunny day is the ideal if it fly ^ ^

Jump off with the instructor! By the way, when people ride changes, I will change the carabiner as if I had changed the momentum as it got off (laugh)

Ooooooooooo fly away! A word at the moment when it flew just right! While receiving the wind in the sky, the instructor will let me maneuver for a while! The ocean and the mountains overlooking from the sky are the extraordinary anyhow, you can taste the best extraordinary experience!

Climb Mt. Fuji and see the sunrise!

Fuji which can be said as a symbol of Japan.
If you look at the sunrise at the top of Mt. Fuji you will definitely feel a sunny feeling!

Climb up from night to see the sunrise.
night climbing at night view is beautiful, people are less easy to climb.

Since there are mountain huts between the seventh to eighth consecutive games, we can rest.
People with physical strength go straight to the top.

If you have a good luck, you can see the sunshine and the sea of ​​clouds from the top of the mountain!
If you avoid congestion, you can also look at the light from the mountain hut you stay and aim at the summit.

Mountain climbing is harsh but the sense of accomplishment when climbing the summit and seeing the sunrise and the scenery is not half end!
Why do not you invite your friends and go out together?

Fuji Mountain
Place: Shizuoka Prefecture (Fujinomiya City, Susono City, Fuji City, Gotemba City, Sunto-gun Oyama Town) and Yamanashi Prefecture (Fujiyoshida City, Nara Toshinori-gun Narusawa Village)
How to get there: Access to Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station, use a high-speed bus from Mt. Fujikawaguchiko station, Mt. Fuji station for a mountain climbing bus (route bus), a shuttle bus from Fuji Hokuto parking lot, Shinjuku There is a way.

Let's make noise until you feel bored with most talked sports!

most talked of sports "bubble football" is able to be found in Odaiba's diversity Tokyo in Spotcher!
You can enjoy various other sports and games ♪

You can experience it on the rooftop of spotcia.
The rules are simple, just wear this bubble and play football!

Safe as it will not hurt at all even if rolled down! Bubble can not decent football because of obstruction (laugh)

There is fun different from soccer!
It's fun to watch, so do not forget to take a movie ^ ^

Round One (Diversity Tokyo Plaza Shop)
Location: Aoyama, Koto Ward, Tokyo 1-10 Diversity Tokyo Plaza 6th Floor
Access: Approximately 5 minutes on by walk from Tokyo Teleport station [B mouth]

Really refreshing! ! Latest marine sports, get on the flying boat!

A mountain lake near Mt. Fuji can ride the marine sports "hover boat" which has been most talked about recently.
From the bus stop at a place called "Hakutakamarin" by walk since one is a minute is not Toka locker, and the luggage in the car relaxing is to convenient is ^^

In addition to hoverboats, you can also experience wakeboarding, surfing, banana boating and more.

I need a little tricks, but I can enjoy it very much if I get used to it!
There are also fly boards that fly with jet spray on the feet ♪
Whoever wants to do even a bit, please come along!

HAKUTAKA MARINE (Hakutaka marine)
Location: 865-108 in the middle of Yamanakako village, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture