It seems like it came to tropical country! Oasis in the sky [Sunshine Aquarium]

Located in Sunshine City, "Oasis of the sky" is the concept. A wide variety of organisms can be seen ♪

On the first floor, we are placing a spot under the sea. There are various environments such as warm ocean, cold sea, dark deep ocean, and you can also discover that a wide variety of creatures live in any of the seas in this area.

The herd of sardines keeps swimming without stopping. The glittering appearance is so beautiful as to look it.

It is also possible to observe various mysterious creatures in the sea.

In a huge aquarium named Sunshine Lagoon, you can also see where the diver is raising bait, underwater performance time.

A corner where you can see fantastic jellyfish ♪

In 2F, you can see the waterside of various areas.

This area where you can see flying sea lions. An Ashika show with no fence is also done here.

Pretty sea lions are so fast to swim and it is very hard to keep the best shots down!

Sunshine Aquarium
【business hours]】
【Access】 JR · Tokyo Metro · Seibu Line · Tobu Line Ikebukuro station 8 minutes on by walk
entrance fee
<Adults (more than high school students)> 2,000 yen <children (small and medium student )> 1,000 yen
<Young child (over 4 years old)> 700 yen <Senior (over 65 years old> 1,700 yen

New aquarium to enjoy with sound, light and video 【Epson AQUA PARK】

This luminescence which is colorful is to come into my eyes as soon as it enters. In the new urban entertainment facility opened in the summer of 2015, interior there are small attractions such as merry-go-round as well as aquarium!

Here is the best spot to take pictures ♪ Jerry Fish Rumble is a place like space that collaborated with various kinds of jellyfish, sound and light. Sound and light seem to change with time and season. It's 9 meters wide and 35 meters deep, and it's powerful!

Various fish swim overhead in underwater tunnel ♪ I can see dwarf saw fish which is displayed only in the world.

You can also see the dolphins and sea lions ♪ chance to meet with sea lions, fur seals, penguin shows.

The dolphin show of night is truly a masterpiece! ! ! At the show of daytime and night you will be able to enjoy twice to make different directing. For people coming at couple, we will show night show moistly romantically recommended ♪

【Opening Hours】 10: 00 ~ 22: 00
【Access】 About 2 minutes on by walk from Shinagawa station (Takanawa mouth)
【Price】 <Adult (over high school student)> 2,200 yen
<Small and medium student > 1,200 yen <infants (more than 4 years old)> 700 yen

♪ I will drop off easily after the Sky Tree [Sumida Aquarium]

Sumida aquarium with a near future image. Time- exclusive events are also frequent.
(Until 12/27, Mr. Ninagawa Mika Ninagawa Mr. Sumida Aquarium "Jellyfish Kaleidoscope Tunnel" that famous creator was done.

There are so many chinanagos? ! As long as it fills the aquarium to the extent that it feels like it, it is a jinganago. Just getting out and retracting, Yuha rocking and swaying, I will be healed ^ ^

Also, the Sumida Aquarium is a penguin's highlight! Penguin lovers are the only thing I have to go. In the big aquarium in the middle of the floor you can see the penguins swimming in front of you. Illuminated by purple light, it is in a very wonderful mood.

Looking at the ice of the drink ordered at the penguin cafe, the ice floating in the shape of a pretty little penguin is floating!

Sumida Aquarium
【Opening Hours】 9: 00 ~ 21: 00
【Access】 Tobu Sky Tree Line "Tohoku Sky Tree" station Immediately / Tobu Sky Tree Line · Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line · Keisei Oshima Line · Toei Subway Asakusa Line "Oshigami (Sky Tree) in front" station Immediately
【Price】 <Adult> 2050 yen <High School Student> 1500 yen
<Medium and small student > 1000 yen <infant (3 years old)> 600 yen

Enjoy night aquarium 【Enoshima Aquarium】

In a huge aquarium it is possible to appreciate eggs of rays and sardines.

The real thing of the deep sea exploration vessel "Shinkai 2000" is exhibited, and also you can see the ancient fish of the deep sea, Mizukuri shark (Goblin Shark) and Labutca as specimens.

巨大水槽でのプロジェクションマッピングは15分毎に上映され、上映時間は各回5分ほど。 (ナイトワンダーアクアリウムは12/25まで)

Jellyfish tank is beautiful anyhow. In the night aquarium it is better to see the "universe of the moon moon", which was further upgraded. The jellyfish illuminated by light seems even more mysterious.

Shin Enashima Aquarium
[Opening Hours] 8: 00-20: 00
Odakyu Enoshima line "Katase Enoshima station " 3 minutes on by walk
Enoshima Electric Railway "Enoshima station " 10 minutes on by walk
Shonan Monorail "Shonan Enoshima station " 10 minutes on by walk
【Price】 <Adult> 2100 yen <High School Student> 1500 yen
<Small and medium student > 1000 yen <infant (3 years old)> 600 yen