Saitama is recommended autumn drive dates!

Autumn is the end of summer and makes it easier to spend.
Do you want a drive date to enjoy the fall?
Saitama is recommended such a case!
Enjoy the autumn in Saitama. There are lots of drive spots and sightseeing attractions.

Please enjoy this drive date with reference to this article.

A recommended drive spot to enjoy the autumn leaves in autumn!

1. Kinchakuda Manju Shaka Park

*In 2020, it was decided to cancel the "Kinchakuda Manju Shaka Festival" to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
The following information is from last year.
Detail isOfficial sitePlease confirm.

At Hidaka City's "Drawstring Pandora Park," Higanbana is blooming in the coming season!
In the park which is crowded with Mt. Saka Festival during the Higan shiki period, the schoolyard of a nearby elementary school was a parking lot in the full bloom period.

About 5 million cluster amaryllis can be seen at “Kinchakuda Manjushahana Park”.
A cluster of amaryllis flowers blooming in red over the satoyamaDo you think it's so beautiful?

evening Some people go home and go from many, because it is not a feeling that swarmed the people up there hot spot.
evening light sparkles the cluster amaryllis ♪
This is a recommended driving spot where you can go quickly.
Parking is available for 500 yen from admission to night pm.

Drawing paddy field
Place: Saitama prefecture Hidaka-shi lake capital high-ryomon town 125-2
Access: Seibu Ikebukuro line Get off at Goryo (Koma) station 15 minutes on by walk

2. Lake Kamakita

Kamakita Lake can be reached by the foot that went to Kinchakuda.
An artificial lake that was completed in 1955 as a reservoir for agriculture.

Kamikita Lake is a lake located in Moriyama Town, Saitama Prefecture, with cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in autumn.
Along the way of the road to become a lake is very beautiful, I want you to visit us if you drive in the fall recommended spot!

Lake Kamakita itself is also very beautiful,Autumn leaves reflecting on the lake on a sunny, windless dayIs just a superb view.
There is also a rowing boat so you can get out of the car and enjoy a date.

Place: Saitama Prefecture Iruma-gun Moroyama-cho Otani Kamakita
Access: About 51 minutes on by walk from Moro station[Exit]

One of the popular sightseeing attractions in Saitama "Kawagoe"

3. Time bell

電車でも行きやすい『川越』 。
It is a full-fledged sightseeing spot that you can enjoy on a day trip from the city center.

Kawagoe is the time bell!
It is an old clock tower. Please visit scenery that matches the streets!

Time bell
Place: Saitama Kawagoe-shi Koicho 15-7
Access: Approximately 13 minutes on by walk from Honkawagoe station [east exit]

4. Confectionery Yokocho

There is a very attractive road called confectionery store Yokocho!
There are lots of nostalgic sweets, and there is no doubt that it will be exciting just by taking a walk.

Confectioner's Alley
Location: 2 Kome Motomachi, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama
Access: Approximately 15 minutes on by walk from Honkawagoe station [east exit]

5. Kitain

Tendai temple 'Kitain'
In Koedo Kawagoe Shichifukujin, Daikokuten is enshrined.

Most of the buildings are designated important cultural assets, and many treasure art treasures are valuable to the temple treasure.

The garden has a lot of greenery ♪ Calm down ♪

In the fall, scenery will spread, with beautifully beautiful autumn leaves.
wonderful adult drive spot.

Place: 1-20-1 Kosemba-cho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama
Access: Approximately 11 minutes on by walk from Honkawagoe station [east exit]

6. Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

Kawagoe has a married god "Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine".
Edge of a lover, of course, the marriage of the work and friends power spot is the famous shrine as.

Cute red snapperGood relationship Taitai lotteryIs popular couple.

power spot, so why not drop by when you come to Kawagoe?

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine
Location: 2-11-3 Miyashita cho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama
Access: Approximately 24 minutes on by walk from Honkawagoe station [east entrance]

If you go on a drive it is recommended here! Chichibu

7. Fudo Waterfall

If you go to Chichibu, there are many good drive spots so it is recommended to go by car ♪
There are scenic spots rich in nature on the drive course, so you can refresh while visiting.

The first spot of Chichibu "immovable waterfall"
You can feel the wind and splashes when you go near the waterfall!
This is a large popular sightseeing is the spot.

Immovable waterfall
Place: Ootaki Tochimoto Chichibu city Saitama prefecture

8. Mitsumine Shrine

About 15 minutes by car from Fudo Waterfall, "Mimine Shrine"
It is majestic and overwhelmed when standing in front of the gate!

It is on a strong dragon vein flowing from Mt. Fuji to Tokyo.
Among them, Mitsumine Shrine is located in the high-altitude area at an altitude of 1,102m in Mt. Mibune, and it is a long hole spot (a place where the earth is full of energy) where the strong energy of the mountains flows.
Please put the famous power spot famous place of worship in Saitama Drive plan!

When you step into the precincts, you will be surrounded by a solemn atmosphere.

Mikumi Shrine
Place: Saitama Prefecture Chichibu City Sannen 298-1

9. Canoe Village Nagatoro

If you came to Chichibu you should do it by rafting!
You can enjoy it at Chichibu's sightseeing spot, Nagatoro.
It is sure to be a fun drive to try activities in Saitama full of attractions!

Enjoying the rapids of the valley and rock formations of the natural monument, and cooperating in rowing together, you can enjoy a sense of unity and a sense of accomplishment!
You can also refresh with the delicious air of nature.

Canoe village Nagatoro
Place: Chichibu-cho Chichibu-cho, Saitama Prefecture Nagao 947-1
Access: 6 minutes on by walk from Kamonaga station

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