You will want to join! Large popular Halloween events 4 election

1. 【Osaka · USJ】 Join the strongest scary horror knight ever!

At USJ in Osaka, daytime is fun, and night holds a screaming Halloween event.

While the outside is bright, you can enjoy having a cute costume!

Halloween exclusive time attractions are also available. . It's pretty scary.
When horror night is held at night , zombies will appear!

Zombie costume is quite recommended!

Doubling the fear at night . Now night would not sleep in.
Your daytime is a cute costume, night or does not fantasize about for a zombie costume?

■ USJ "Universal Surprise Halloween"
【Period】 September 11th (Fri) - November 8th (Sun) in 2015
【Horror Night Holding Period】 September and November are only held on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Friday.
October is held every day except 29th. (From 18 o'clock)

2. [Tokyo Disneyland] Make a cute Disney costumes and join!

We also hold Halloween events at Tokyo Disney Land.

The full disguiseable period of Disneyland is "10/26 (Monday) - 11/1 (Sunday)".

Let's be careful as the place to change to disguise is fixed!
As photography becomes the main, it is better to have less baggage.

standard shooting place is "Cinderella Castle"

hot spot known shooting place is "Toontown"

Princess costumes are "behind Cinderella castle"

Peter Pan costumes are "Peter Pan air travel"

You can enjoy more by shooting at the shooting spot that fits the Disney character!

■ Tokyo Disneyland "Universal Surprise Halloween"
【Period】 September 8 - November 1, 2015
【Dress period】 From 10/26 (Monday) to 11/1 (Sunday) in 2015
【Precautions of costume】

3. [Roppongi] Join the largest costume parade ROPPONGI HALLOWEEN on 25th October!

In Roppongi we will hold the biggest costume parade event!
Walk with a total length of 1.7 km dressed in Halloween parade for the first time in 2014 ♪
* In order to participate in a costume parade, you must purchase a ticket at the site beforehand!

In addition to the costume parade "6 HALLO WEEK" is held in Roppongi, you can taste Halloween feeling ♪

We can only enjoy on the 25th day costume parade and 31st in Roppongi ♡

【Date and Time】 Sunday, October 25, 2015 11: 00 ~ 18: 00
【Venue】 Roppongi area
■ Roppongi "6 HALLOWEEK"
【Date and time】 October 16 (Friday) to October 31 (Saturday) 2015 ※ Other than 18th
【Location】 Approximately 50 restaurants in Roppongi area